Shanxi people visit Shanxi, the head ticket is free!

Shanxi people visit Shanxi, the head ticket is free!

People’s Network Taiyuan March 25th (Li Meet) "Shanxi people travel Shanxi, the head ticket is free!" On March 25th, the Shanxi Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall held a press conference, deputy director Li Gui introduced, to activate as early as possible The province’s tourism market, release consumption potential, and the Provincial Wenke Hall decided to carry out three months of "Shanxi Tour Shanxi" activities within the province.

Ticket reduction activities are initiated by the Shanxi Tourism Association, and the province’s interior Scenic Spot is aimed at the public ticket to reduce the people’s policy.

Tickets are reduced from April 1 to June 30th, 2020 (some of which have some scenic spot exemptions from April 1st to April 30th).

So far, there are 80 tourist scenic spots in the province voluntarily participate. Wang Gang, secretary-general of the Shanxi Provincial Tourism Association, will launch three types of tickets to reduce Huimin policy. The first category is from April 1st to June 30th. Tickets for Tourists in Shanxi, the second category is April 1 On the 30th day of June 30, the tickets for Shanxi tourists, the third category is from April 1st to April 30th, the tickets for the half-price concessions of Shanxi tourists, all three types of Huimin policies are all in Shanxi Province Tourism Scenic Area. Voluntary signing.

There are 33 tourist scenic spots in the head tickets, and there are 47 tourist scenic spots in the head tickets.

In addition, in order to ensure that Huimin policy can be implemented in place, all participated in tourism scenic spots have signed commitments with Shanxi Provincial Tourism Association. With the continuous improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation in the province, Shanxi Wenbao Enterprises gradually complex, and the Shanxi Wenkeroom has divided the provincial cultural tourism market into three stages. The first stage is to carry out "Shanxi people" Tour Shanxi "activities, through short video promotion activities, send" I have a date "public welfare SMS, plan" I love my home "travel family blessing activities, activate the provincial visor market; the second stage is to carry out" Shanxi Good scenery "activities, activate the surrounding provinces; the third stage is to carry out the" three major brand theme promotion "activities to fully expand domestic and foreign markets. Li Gui said that it hopes to pass the event, call on more the people in the province to do a good job in personal protection, go out of the home, walk into the scenic spot, come to talk about it. 1: April 1st to June 30th Participate in the list of tourist attractions (33) 1. Huangcheng Xiangfu (5A) 2. Donghu Vinegar Park Tourist Area (4A) 3. Wang Mingling Scenic Area (4a) 4. 山 青莲 寺 (4A) 5. 河 生 生 (4A) 6. 氏 民 居 (4A) 7. Lishanyuan Ecological Agricultural Culture Tourism Zone (4A) 8. Yangcheng Tianguan Wangfu Scenic (4A) 9. Zezhou Dayang Ancient Town Scenic Area (4A) 10. Gaoping Yan Diwaling View Area (4A) 11. Yanhu Scenic Area (4A) 12. Huachen Agricultural Garden (3A) 13. Guanxiang Lane Folk Town (3A) 14. 沁 水 湘 峪 三 都 古城 (3A) 15. Yangcheng Sun Wenlong Memorial Hall (3A) 16. Gaoping Long Ping Ancient battlefield Grains Mountain Scenic Area (3A) 17. Gaoping Shek Head Mountain Yan Emperor Culture Scenic Area (3A) 18 Yangcheng County Hall Temple (3A) 19. Yangcheng County Guo Yugo Ancient City (3A) 20. Zezhou County Springs (3A) 21. Gaoping Qingyun Temple (3A) 22. 聚寿 山 (3a) 23. Can Hanshan (3A) 24. 小 山 (3A) 25. Heyang Shanggu Guzhen (3A) 26. 户 古镇 (3A) 27. 砥洎 城 (3A) 28. Zhongzhuang Human Li Fu (3A) 29. Impression Fengling Scenic Area (3A) 30. Lingchuan Phoenix Happy Valley (2A) 31. Fuyuan Chang Old Gao Vinegar 32. 碛口 Scenic Area 33. Salt Pool Temple 2: April 1st to June 30th Participation Tickets, half-price, tourist scenic spot list (23) 1. Pingyao Ancient City (5A) 2. Mianchang (5A) (Qingming Holiday, May 1 Holiday, Dragon Boat Festival holiday) (May 1 small holiday is not executed half price) 4. Qiao Family Hospital 5. Taishan Sliding World Scenic Spot (4A) 6. Liu Wei Junmong Dock (4A) 7. Zilin Vinegar Cultural Industrial Park Scenic Spots (4A) 8. Mengshan Scenic Area (4A) 9. Qing Xu Baoyuan Old Vinegar Scenic Area (4A) 10. Wangjiayuan Tourist Scenic Area (4A) 11. Zhang Wai Gujiao Scenic Area (4A) 12. Red Cliff Canyon (4A) 13. Gypsum Mountain ( 4A) 14. 金山 scenic spot (4A) (40 yuan in circus _ people, circus normal performance at 130 yuan / person) 15. Jiajiazhuang Cultural Ecotourist Zone (4A) 16. 酒 文化 scenic spot (4A) 17 Guandi Temple Tourist Area (4A) 18. Yongle Palace Tourist Area (4A) 19. Hongdong Guangsheng Temple Scenic Area (4A) 20. Shengtianhu Scenic Area (4A) 21. Lingshi County Wangjia Manor (3A) 22.榆 后 古村 (3A) 23. Mingle Manor (3A) 3: April 1st to April 30th Participate in the list of half-price tourist attractions (24) 1. Daxi tree find root ancestors Garden scenic spot (5A) 2. 口 水水 旅游游 区 (4A) 3. 庙 – Huamou Tourist Area (4A) 4. Town Ning Yunqi Mountain Scenic Area (4A) 5. Ancient County Peony Cultural Tourism Area (4A) 6.隰 隰 小 西 天 (4A) 7. 临 汾 公 公 (4A) 8. Pu County Dongyue Temple Scenic Area (4A) 9. Houma Peng Zhen Memorial Hall (4A) 10. Jin Guo Museum Pavilion Scenic Area (4A) 11. Linyi Zushan Scenic Area (4A) 12. Qu Wahido Garden Scenic Area (4A) 13. Spring and Autumn Jin Guo City Scenic Area (3A) 14. Ji County Cair City Tourism Scenic Area (3A) 15. Quwo County Shiqiao Fort Red Culture Scenic Area (3A) 16. Qu Wah County Poetry Shanshui Scenic Area (3A) 17. Quwo County Grinding Leisure Agricultural Tourism Park (3A) 18. Quofi County Chaoyang Scenic Area (3A) 19. Wings Folyper Mountain Scenic Area (3A) 20. Wings Ancient City Scenic Area (3A) 21. Hongdong Red Army Eight Road Army Memorial (3A) 22. Shanxi Everbright Industrial Tourism Demonstration Park (3A) 23. Hongdong Ming Dynasty Prison (2A) 24. Quwo County Lotus Moon Scenic Area (2A) (Editor: Lei Hao, Chang Huizhong).

The four sessions of the 12th meeting of the Guangxi CPPCC

The four sessions of the 12th meeting of the Guangxi CPPCC

Closed meeting scene. Zhang Yunhe Photo Conference adopted a resolution of the 200th meeting of the 12th Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee on the General Committee of the Standing Committee; adopted the proposal committee of the 12th Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee on the 12th meeting of the 12th meeting of the Political Consultative Conference Report; through the 2021 consultation plan of the Autonomous Region CPPCC; through the fourteenth meeting of the 12th Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Committee.

According to the National Committee of the Autonomous Region Calcoral Association, the best meeting of the Standing Conference, "Du Wei, Chen Hongning, Huang Xiaochuan, Qiu Yishi, and Peng Zhengjiang 5 committee members have received the best meeting of this conference. Sun Dawei said at the closing ceremony, this meeting was held at the opening of "14th Five-Year Plan", opened a new journey, and creating a new situation.

During the meeting, the leaders of the Autonomous Region Party Secretary Lu Xin and Autonomous Region Chairman Lan Tianli attended the opening meeting and closing meeting of the General Assembly, participating in the joint discussion, and listened to the General Assembly, and met the members to develop a large plan. The majority of CPPCC members have fulfilled and discuss various reports in high political responsibility and discuss various reports, in-depth negotiations, actively consulvers, and fully highlight the CPPCC members to perform their duties, and work hard, and vividly show the people’s Political Consultative Conference. Unite joint, negotiate the vitality of democracy.

Sun Dawei pointed out that in the past three years, the Guangxi Political Consultative Conference made a new time, showing new weather, showing new as a new part of the CPPC, democratic, innovative development, vivid and lively well. The leadership of the new CPPCC will be based on the solid foundation of the leadership of the previous CPPCC, I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, grateful for your strength, and the courage, forge ahead, take action, effectively, continue to unite, continue to put me The people of the People’s Political Consultative Conference pushed forward.

Sun Dawei emphasized that he stood in the historical intersection point of the "two hundred years" struggle, all levels of the CPPCC in the whole district, and the participants and the majority of CPPCC members should adhere to the guidance of the socialist thinking of Xi Jinping’s new era. Unity is surrounded by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, under the strong leadership of the party committee of the Autonomous Region, highlights, and has a good character, highlighting the characteristics.

It is necessary to pay more attention to consolidating the joint ideological and political foundation, and the new mission is to pay more attention to the role of specializing in consultative institutions. Enhance new energy; pay more attention to strengthening improvement work style, showing new images, striving to create a new situation in the new era of our people’s CPPCC, in order to achieve the development of "14th Five-Year Plan", celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China with excellent results ! The General Assembly closed in the majestic national song. (Editor: Li Minjun, Chen Luo).

Reviewing Winter Olympics Japanese Legends Ski Championship to Beijing Winter Olympics

Reviewing Winter Olympics Japanese Legends Ski Championship to Beijing Winter Olympics

Original title: Approaching Winter Olympics | A Japanese Legends Ski Championship to Beijing Winter Olympics, Xinhua News Agency, Japan Sapporo, November 11 (Prince Yang Ting Yangguang) 1994 Norwegian Lile Hammer Winter Olympics Ota Yaishi leads the Japanese team to win the Nordic group champion. He is now the honorary museum of the Sapporo Olympic Museum. It includes two projects including jumping skiing and cross-country skiing, the museum is below the 1972 Sapphor Winter Olympics Constructed, Ashi Ya Si started from 2017.

When he was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency reporter: "This year’s Tokyo Olympics has encountered a lot of difficulties, Beijing must face a lot of challenges, but as an Olympic player, I am very grateful to Beijing Winter Olympics, thank Beijing The Holiday Olympics is held. "56-year-old Ashi Ya Di has a high expectation on the performance of Japanese athletes in the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and he specially mentioned three people: feather string, Xiaolin Lingqi, Favili Xiaocou.

The feather is the two winter Olympics, the world is well known; the 24-year-old Xiaolin has recently jumped in the skiing competition in the skiing competition in recent years; the Dawei is the students of Agi, the past two Winter Olympics, he is in the North Europe. Drop. "Xiaolin Lingqi also took the champion in the game, his state was very good, I think he will definitely win the gold medal in Beijing. I hope that the feathers will win the trend of the Olympic Games in Beijing. I personally support him.

In the northern Europe, I have been engaged in the Nordic, I hope that my student ferry will be able to win the cards in the 3rd Winter Olympics.

"In order to prepare for the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972, Japan took the skiing of the Tilter as a breakthrough, and they won the top three of this project at the Sapporo Winter Olympics, and the gold medal is fortunate to become the first winter in Japan. Olympic champion. These three people have collected in the museum. But Japanese athletes have won the second gold medal, and the project of the gold medal, winning the gold medal. Group competition.

In the 1992 Winter Olympics, Ashi Ya Di is the captain of the two teams of Northern Europe. It is also a largest number of people in the team. He is full of winning the Olympic gold medal. But in the Olympic Personal Project Competition, he ranked 30th and lost the qualifications of participating in group competition.

Finally, three teammates have won the group champion on behalf of the Japanese team.

His unexpectedly failed, decided to end the sports career, but at this time, his wife was pregnant. He had a pain, and he was determined to win an Olympic gold medal, as a gift for your child. It happeally at the time that the International Olympic Committee adjusted the Winter Olympics, in order to avoid crashing with the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics was held in 1994. Ota Ya Sales tasted two years, wearing a helmet with a photo of the photo, wearing a snowboard with a son name, leading Japan Northern Europe to success.

Olympic gold medals have been so precious and dreamted, but Agis did not collect this precious gold medal.

The museum organizes primary school students in Sapporo every day. At the same time, Agi Ya Du personally climbed the high-jumping platform. While overlooking Sapporo, he also gave the children to the skiing experience and the Olympic story. He put the gold medal at any time. Arck, let each child touch it, wear it on the neck to experience it. Even when the reporter interviewed, he also took out the gold medal, personally gave everyone to take a photo on the neck. He hopes that everyone will experience the charm of the Olympics from zero distance.

"Working in the location of sports in yourself, is the happiest thing.

"He said," Let the children come to visit the facilities in the museum and experience museum, the most important thing is not to let them participate in the Olympics, but tell them, don’t give up when you encounter difficulties, no matter what kind of life Don’t give up your efforts.

"O’Ashi said, Beijing will soon be a city hosted in the summer and winter Olympic Games, and he hopes that Sapporo and Beijing will have more exchanges." Beijing Winter Olympics Committee staff came to us here, and How to use facilities and inheritance legacy after the Olympics, discuss with our researchers.

I hope that Sapporo can exchange information with Beijing, and will communicate with Beijing in the future use of Olympic Heritage.

(Editor: Xu Wenjin, Chen Jianjun).

The first fire industry vocational skill competition in Qinghai Province will be held in September

The first fire industry vocational skill competition in Qinghai Province will be held in September

  On July 14th, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Emergency Management Office, the Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department, the Provincial General Trade Union, the Qinghai Group Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, will be held in early September, the first fire industry vocational skill competition in Qinghai Province will be held in early September. Select 11 team members to participate in the National Fire Industry Vocational Skills Competition in Qinghai Province. The fire industry vocational skill competition has a fire fighting combatator, emergency rescueer, search and rescue dog training, fire equipment maintainer, fire facility operator, and 6 competition items in firefighting communications.

National comprehensive fire rescue team firefighter, government (enterprise) full-time firefighters firefighters, members of social rescue organizations registered in civil affairs departments and duty in duty in duty in fire protection facilities in fire control room, and aged 18 years old (2003 Born on January 1st), Chinese citizens who have not reached legal retirement age (as of December 31, 2021) can be registered.

  The competition is to show the new style of the new era of fire industry skills, the stage of the new image, and the full inspection of the effectiveness of the professional skill level and the skills talents.

The top 6 of the competition projects were issued awarded by the Competition Organizing Committee. The first place awarded the honorary "Golden Ghost Gun". After approved by the provincial Human Resources and Social Security, the title of "Qinghai Province Technology" is awarded. The winners of each competition project, issued national vocational qualification certificates and vocational skill level certificates according to the relevant regulations of the competition. (Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Qinzhou Prison: "Four Trouble" promotes party history learning education

Qinzhou Prison: "Four Trouble" promotes party history learning education

Relive into the party oath ceremony.

Qinzhou prison is mapped to "red video" and add political literacy.

Actively expand the means of education, with the help of "learning power" platform "Party history" column to study party history "micro-class" learning, in WeChat group, the internal network column push "party history story" "red map" "literature documentary" and other red Classic movie audio, strive to make the whole staff to cover, ensure the online learning effect, point, line, and face to stimulate education vitality, from the source to cultivate love party patriotism party history, promote the party history education. Tell the deeds, release the charm of the party. Give full play to the poset of youth party members, innovate learning models, carry out the "Party Shi Shu", "Party Shu", "Party History", and uses the work of the work, there is always the same time, and there is a small story, and share the sense of knowledge. Carefully recorded video micro-lecture column "Xiao Qin said" "Xiao Qin said" and combined with the advanced character of the anti-"epidemic", and explored the spirit of the Communist Party for the spirit of selflessness and fearlessness, broaden the party history education Textbooks, stimulate the enthusiasm of the police staff.

Learn to learn, set off a tide of learning.

Promote "Online + Line" "Inheritance + Innovation" "Match + Battle" learning normalization Read ", pay attention to exchange discussions, sublimate theoretical learning to the ideological collision. Establish a online small program platform to carry out the "100-year-old party history", so that the knowledge of the party history is everywhere, truly integrate the police employee life. Hosting the party history knowledge theory competition competition, party history learning should be tested, etc., and constantly enhance party history. Encourage police employees to write experiences and participate in the party history "learning, ratio, fight" submission to further consolidate the learning effect of party history. (李育)) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Yumi).

The 6th "New Media Application Case of Political and Legal System" is selected –

The 6th "New Media Application Case of Political and Legal System" is selected –

With 5G, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc., mobile media will enter the accelerated development of new phases.

For a long time, Guangming Daily, relies on its own communication, guiding, influence, and credibility media, and actively provides a broad display platform for political affairs new media construction, continuously successfully holds new media application cases of political and legal systems."Brand activities, strive to build a communication bridge to build a communication bridge for the media and political authorities, and build a displayed window for political and legal comprehensive management.

Guangming Daily, will continue to host the selection of the 6th "New Media Application Cases of Political and Legal Systems".The event continues to use large data analysis, and bringing the netizens to the achievements of the national political and legal system in new media applications, so that the mainstream sound of the political and legitors "bravely".

Quality Science and Technology Resources Sinking Industry

Quality Science and Technology Resources Sinking Industry

  Where is the technical difficulty to find experts? What are the ways to sink the industrial line under high quality science and technology resources? On January 18th, the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology 2020 "Science China" annual work conference was held, and the "Komantu China" three-year action plan (2021-2023) "was released.

  It is understood that in order to promote the optimization of scientific and technological resources, promote scientific and technological and economic depth fusion, China Science Association launched "Komantui China" service action in 2020, selecting the first batch of 26 "Kechuang China" pilot cities (park), Inquiries, learn to send services, Science and Technology platforms, local exchange resources, helping scientific and technological workers to use the results in the most needed place in the grassroots level. Enterprises encounter technical difficulties, and Komantong liaison is helping. There are nearly 30 large and small brick tea plants in Yanglou Dong Town, Xianning City, Hubei Province.

Local companies want to make the Qing brick tea industry, upgrade the production line, but worried about where to find experts, a single business fund is limited. After understanding the situation, Xianning City Science and Chuangliao Liaison is a tea plant docile resource, relying on the Tea Society, Tea Fermentation, Machinery, Automation, and other fields of tea plant, tea production technology research, and research and development costs are shared by demand enterprises. Information asymmetry is one of the factors affecting technology and economic integration. The members of the Party Group of the China Association Party, the secretary of the Secretariat, the "Kechong China" action has been launched, and the demand for more than 3,000 SMEs have been revoked and reducing production and innovation development. The next step will be guided by the enterprise demand. Service, driving laboratory results transformation. After the start of "Kechuang China" action, some of the students who gathered outstanding talents graduated into the platform, targeting research and economic integration, and conducted research and services. For example, China Electronic Society has put forward practical recommendations for Wuxi using a new generation of information technology to entribute manufacturing; China’s Nonferrous Metal Society has carried out more than 100 companies in Anshan, Shandong Zibo, Taian and other places. … in the field of pressure vessels, welding weld requirements must reach 100%.

Jiangsu Changshu Feio Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. mainly produces pressure vessels, automated, intelligent welding robots. Knowing this situation, China Mechanical Engineering Society invited Jiangsu Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. to participate, and tripartite jointly develop automated welding production lines.

  High-quality science and technology resources are difficult to sink to the industrial line, one of the blockages of science and technology and economic integration.

Bunch is introduced, for this plug, from more than 100 academicians, China Science and Technology Association has built 105 "Science and Technology Workers" Science and Technology Service Group, organized Nearly 4,000 scientific and technological workers into the grassroots, providing technology services. Bunch said that the next China Science Association will focus on "Kechuang China" pilot city (park) special industry demand, through demonstration lead, promote typical models and mature experience, and help economic high quality development. "Science China" three-year action plan (2021-2023) "proposed that in 2021, it is necessary to launch 8 innovation hubs in the" Kechuang China "pilot city (park); 2022, 50 Left and right pilot cities (parks), gradually expand the scope of innovation hub; in 2023, a batch of industrial aggregation is high, industry boost, and regional representative innovation hubs. At the same time, "Kechuang China" brand will focus on key industries such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, play a role of innovation hub, and form an innovative consortium, docking cross-border scientific resources, optimizing innovation resource allocation. (Editor: Lin Lu, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Sunshine follows, micro play, habits, cleaning, when receiving fake coins …

Sunshine follows, micro play, habits, cleaning, when receiving fake coins …

  Sunshine Follow Post · Mingra Drama "Fake Coin True Love" Introduction: Timed "Fake Coin True Love" is based on true story.

Qin classmates borrowed 50 yuan to Wang classmates, and the yang wrong will give a fake curler to the king classmates. Wang Zhai did not expect this to be a counterfeit banknote, inviting Stone classmates to eat secret burgers, there is a problem with banknotes. Circulation fake currency damages the credibility of RMB reputation, disrupting the order of finance and economy, and harm society. In the face of the three classmates of counterfeit currency, they all adhere to the principle of integrity, to hold the bottom line of the integrity with practical action, practice socialist core values. Integrity is people, must be trusted to people; honesty do things, it will be as rushing. Guidance unit: Central News Network Comments Network Comments Work Office Organizer: China Internet Development Foundation Out Products 丨 Joint Products 丨 Beijing Federation School Supervision 丨 Gao Commission Director / Screenplay 丨 Liu Weiqing Camera 丨 Dong Tengfei Production 丨 恩 慧 Starring 丨 王 锦 晖, Qinman Qiqi, Shi Yuxi participated in Wang Zhanying, Liu Weiqing assisted to shoot the 丨 恩 溪 商品.

Qin Chuanghara accelerates the conversion of scientific and technological achievements in Shaanxi Province

Qin Chuanghara accelerates the conversion of scientific and technological achievements in Shaanxi Province

Original title: Qin Chuanghara accelerates the management of scientific and technological achievements in our province. It is expected that more than 30 provincial-level hatching carriers have been added annually, and strive to achieve university science and technology parks at the end of 2023, the comprehensive coverage of university and technology colleges. Model, forming "public invasive space + incubator + accelerator + industrial park" four-stage stepped incubation system this newspaper (Reporter Zhang Mei) November 16, the reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department: Qin Chuanggencheng has a new drive platform, A number of scientific and technological achievements were transformed in our province, and the income improvement in incubation of technology-based enterprises. As of the end of October, 2793 high-tech enterprises in the province passed the review, a year-on-year increase of 45% year-on-year; the total number of small and medium-sized enterprises broke through 10,000 people, and the number ranked 8 in the country; 45917 registration technical contracts, transaction billions Yuan, growing up in the same period last year; 10 listed companies in Kok & Chow, in the forefront of the West.

Construct gradient cultivation chain.

Our province issued the "Management Measures for the Cultivation of the Cultivation of Yella Enterprises in Shaanxi Province", further standardizing the cultivation, identification and management of omeiole companies, first launched the provincial-level omeiole enterprises to identify, improve the "technology-type SME + high-tech enterprises (gazelle Enterprise) + Listed Enterprise (Unicorn Enterprise) "gradient cultivation chain; release high-tech enterprise evaluation report, announcement of comprehensive capacity and single-top 100 enterprises, technology innovation comprehensive capacity ranking list, continuously strengthening the demonstration leading role of advantageous innovation enterprises. At the same time, our province optimizes the network management system of high-tech enterprises, and implements a full process paperless declaration.

To create a "double creation" upgrade version. Our province continuously optimizes innovation and entrepreneurial ecology, focusing on improving the transformation of technical achievements. It is expected that more than 30 provincial levels of incubation carriers have been added annually, and strive to achieve university science and technology parks in the comprehensive class and science and engineering colleges and universities; Competition + open demand preparation + seed Angel crowdfunding "integrated development model, forming" public invasive space + incubator + accelerator + industrial park "four-stage stepped incubation system, providing business with full life cycle incubation services. With the construction of Qin Chuanggen’s innovative driver platform, the province continuously supports various policy tools that support corporate innovation, use Qin Chuangyuan "1 + N" policy package, accurate support for a group of R & D capabilities, growth potential, Master the small and medium business in key core technology.

At the same time, our province actively builds Qin Chuangyuan online service platform, Shaanxi SME R & D service platform, providing business online providing demand collection, intelligent supply and demand, subsidizing online application, service feedback evaluation, etc., guide all kinds of innovation elements to technology companies Gathering, enhance corporate technology innovation capabilities and core competitiveness.

(Editor: McGenxiong, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Taiwan military boasts the war machine military power at least the first 15 F-16V fighters in the world, on the eve of the PLA military plane day and night tour

Taiwan military boasts the war machine military power at least the first 15 F-16V fighters in the world, on the eve of the PLA military plane day and night tour

  China Taiwan Net November 18th Comprehensive Time Media reported that Taiwan Air Force held a F-16V fighter performance in the Chiayi Air Force base, hosted by Cai Yingwen. Taiwan Air Force Chief Huang Zhiwei boasted on the 17th, Taiwan has more than 300 fighters, and the military military power is covered in the top 15 in the world. However, on the eve of the National F-16V Fight Machine Receiver, according to the information released by the Taiwan army, the People’s Liberation Army sent a military aircraft day and night to cruise Taiwan Island.

  Taiwan military F-16V fighter pick-up ceremony is based on Cai Yingwen, according to reports, Taiwan Air Force costs about 110 billion yuan new Taiwanese coin, by Lockheed, USA. Martin Company and Taiwan Hanxi will upgrade the existing 141 F-16A / B fighters to F-16V fighters, and have completed 64.

Taiyi Air Force Base today held a pick-up ceremony, hosted by Cai Yingwen, and arranged in the air, single-machine performance display, etc. Taiwan Air Force Chief Brake the Fortuna Military Sports Global Ranked the top 15 legislative bodies to review the draft related draft, the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, Cai Adaptive, and Taiwan now have more than 300 fighters, how is the world ranking? Huang Zhiwei, director of the Air Force, said that in the world, in the top 15 in the world. Cai’s adaptation is further known that "the seventh place should be ranked, 8th.

"Taiwan’s military officials said that the warplane military row is in 15 globally. It is the so-called" modest claim "after the ranking of many international agencies. Cai Adaptive is also a new machine that has been signed by Taiwan and has not been trapped. The ranking is the 7th to 8th. No matter which algorithm, Taiwan is within 15 in the world. Time media said that Taiwan has a maximum of 207 F-16V fighters, according to the information provided on the day of Cai Adaptive, Taiwan Air Force F-16 fighter, 129 IDF fighters, 55 phantom fighters, a total of 325, and 66 new F-16V fighters, there are 391. The report also said that there are 141 f -16 fighter, another purchase of 66 F-16V fighters to the United States, to be fully trafficked, with a total number of 207, is the world’s most F-16V fighters.

  On the eve of the Tanjun F-16V Fight Machine, the Liberation Army military plane day and night tour, but on the eve of the Tanjun, on the eve of the F-16V fighters, according to the Dynasties of the People’s PLA, there were 2 days and nights in the day and night respectively. The People’s Liberation Army has entered the so-called "air defense identification area" in Taiwan. National Taiwan Affairs Office: The Ministry of Public Progressive Party can only "whistle", can’t grow "muscles" to buy fighters, expand the force, delusional "long muscles", and the spokesperson of the National Taiwan Affairs Office. The party and the party secretary, the high-booking of the party can only "whistle", can’t grow "muscles", replace it does not come to Taiwan and peace and stability.

They took the hard-earned money of Taiwan people, and the high price purchased the arms in the United States. After these lost sales, who made a profit, who is full of private hunar, and harm the interests, it is self-evident. Ma Xiaoguang emphasizes that we must not tolerate "Taiwan independence", never allow Taiwan to split it from China, no one should underestimate our strong determination to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, firm will, powerful! If the Democratic Entlydere Administration continues to be addicted to the dream of "leaning against the instant", "Wu Huan", and will be disaster in the disaster.

(China Taiwan Network Li Ning) [Editorial: Li Ning].