Serving Shanxi Transitional Development Taiyuan University of Technology and Luliang City strengthens cooperation

Serving Shanxi Transitional Development Taiyuan University of Technology and Luliang City strengthens cooperation

  Original title: Serving Shanxi Transition Development Taiyuan University of Technology and Luliang City strengthens cooperation on January 18th, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology news, the school has signed the school market strategic cooperation agreement, in the next ten years, Lu Liang City will pass a variety of ways It is not less than 100 million yuan per year, which is used in Taiyuan University of Technology combined with the scientific and technological innovation and talent training cooperation projects carried out in the major needs of Luliang.

  Taiyuan University of Science and Technology has a deep partnership with Luliang City. All relevant colleges, disciplines and Luliang City have been closely cooperative. In order to further integrate resources, strengthen the stability and continuity of cooperation, the two sides have repeatedly in-depth Communication, forming all-round, high-level strategic cooperation between the two sides of the school.

According to the agreement, the two sides will integrate resources, build platforms, and focus on "six new" breakthroughs. Fully build a first-class innovative ecology, jointly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, realize the improvement of enterprise research and development, promote innovative platform construction and industrial commonality R & D, strengthen the construction of talent team and the construction of the wiskin, and work together to promote the development of Luliang high-quality high-speed transformation and Taiyuan University of Science and Technology "double-first-class" construction, to serve the new vitality and vitality of Shanxi transformation and development. On the Signation Day, the Luliang Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiyuan University of Technology was unveiled. The research institute will serve as the basic platform of the two parties of the school, implement the "1 + N" operating mechanism of several special cooperation platforms, which is responsible for the implementation of the relevant matters to implement both parties to cooperate, and further promotion of resources and demand. Seamless docking between schools, to promote the superior cooperation between the school’s strengths and the enterprises and institutions, local governments, etc.

  It is understood that in recent years, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology has always used the transformation of Shanxi industry as an fundamental task, tightly "help school ‘double-first-class’ construction, service local economy transformation" two main lines, active and provincial state-owned enterprises, private enterprises A series of docking activities, and reach a consensus on the school-enterprise cooperation, "Research Institute + Pilot Project" model is reached, and actively play the bridge and linkage.

Especially since August 20020, the school has signed cooperation agreements with 10 provincial state-owned enterprises, 4 military and engineer companies and people from the military enterprises, 6 private enterprises, etc., in energy development, coal mine intelligent equipment, new materials, Big data, etc., research and development cooperation, the top leading technical problems are currently the most urgent need, with a number of county-level government agencies, 17 enterprises, and 9 universities inside and outside the province, further expand cooperation The field and platform, all – round service Shanxi transformation development. (Reporter Zhang Xiaoli correspondent Ding Wenting).

The annual "handling industry" industry has achieved remarkable

The annual "handling industry" industry has achieved remarkable

Original title: Public fund’s annual "handling operation" industry differentiates significantly entered the annual report of annual report, the fund company "make money capabilities" of the participation of listed companies also revealed. As of the reporter, including the disclosure of the financial data of nearly 10 fund companies such as Huaxia Fund, Southern Fund, China Merchants Fund, Huatai Berry Fund.

In view, the "secondary difference" of the public fundraising industry has become more significant in the fund’s year. The annual report released by Huatai Securities On the 23rd showed that its share% of the South Fund and 49% of Huatai Bo Rui Fund achieved business income billions of business in 2020, compared with 100 million yuan in 2019, respectively. An increase of 45% and 49%; achieving net profit billions and billions of dollars, a year-on-year increase of 65% and 44%. China CITIC Securities Shareholding% of China Fund also earned "Pot Many" in 2020.

The annual report of CITIC Securities shows that Huaxia fund achieves business income billion yuan in 2020, an increase of 39% from 2019; achieving net profit billion, a year-on-year increase of 33%. The Bank’s China Merchants Fund has also achieved management scale and net profit double growth in the past year. It achieved net profit billion yuan in 2020, a year-on-year growth.

As of the end of 2020, the total assets of China Merchants Fund billion, net assets billion, and the total scale of the total number of business business (including subsidiaries), a year-on-year increase of approximately 24%.

  Relative to large fund companies, small and medium-sized funds have poor performance, especially some small fund companies do not seem to enjoy the hot dividend of the 2020 year fund, and the income is still in a loss.

For example, Nanhua Fund’s Nanta Fund realized business income million, lost 10,000 yuan, lasting money in 2019, the loss is further expanded. China-Party Fund, China Hairy Fund, 2020, also lost 10,000 yuan.

The industry pointed out that most of the "explosive model" fund products frequently have focused on large fund companies last year, compared to the strong investigation of head companies, marketing comprehensive strength, SMEs faced in the competition for differentiation The pressure is also getting bigger and bigger. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).

Under "Double Reduction", Erdos City is multi-measures to enhance the quality of classroom teaching – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Under "Double Reduction", Erdos City is multi-measures to enhance the quality of classroom teaching – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Xinhuanet "Double Reduction" policy is implemented, and the classroom teaching has put forward higher requirements to the classroom 40 minutes to quality.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Erdos City positively responded, demanding that various primary and secondary schools pushed the "double reduction" work, and more research in the improvement and efficiency of classroom teaching, and strengthen quality education through the introduction of Chinese and teach digital courses. Resource system construction.

In 2020, the Ministry of Education was rated as a national "teaching reform, the new teaching and learning model" of teaching reform, integration information technology.

  In April 2021, in order to further improve the quality of classroom teaching, improve the teaching of teachers’ information teaching, and Erdos City launched a pilot work of digital textbooks in the city, and launched a solid foundation for promoting "double mining" work. Red Qinghe Primary School is a small village in the grassroots of Irkin Hollow, Ordos City. It is close to Ykinolo Aletenda, and most of the 134 students are old as left-behind, single-prince, reorganized family children, learning interest. Not strong; most of the school teachers are young teachers, teaching materials, teaching resources, and teaching links, design, and teaching links.

The students’ interest is not high and the teacher’s experience is less experience. In the process of carrying out digital textbooks, Hongqing River Primary School ushered in the opportunity of "corner overtaking". This year, Hongqing River Primary School was selected as a digital textbook application for digital textbooks, in just months, the classroom teaching has changed significantly. With the help of the text, audio, video, animation and other resources in the textbook platform in the teaching cloud, audio, video, animation and other resources, the way of guidance is rich, and the students’ interest in the classroom is concentrated, and the classroom learning is high. It is understood that the application of digital textbooks scientifically increases the classroom capacity, and the students completed the knowledge in the classroom, and the courses outside the classroom will naturally fall, and the reduction is reduced.

  Under the "double minus" policy, the classroom teaching method has changed, and teachers need more support for teaching and research. The Erdos Education is actively active, relying on the Chinese teaching cloud digital curriculum textbook cloud platform to continue to teach the teaching system, and there is a "new road" that accelerates new teaching teaching and research. Starting in 2020, Erdos has vigorously promoted the "three classroom" work, forming an expert team, with excellent case sharing, special research and practice, foreign exchange, etc., to evaluate research, high frequency, high-quality development teaching teaching and research activities, continue Play a typical teacher, a demonstration, leading, driving role of typical cases.

  In May of this year, the Erdos Electrochemical Education Hall organized the "Sino-Teaching Cloud Cup" excellent case selection activities, and synchronized the application training activities of the digital curriculum cloud platform application training activities. The two activities are held, allowing teachers to increase the initiative of information teaching, and feel the value of digital textbooks. In a month, the teacher used the number of teachings and cloud digital courses than 99% compared to the number of times before, and the number of resource views increased by 1800%; the number of preparations exceeded 200%.

It is understood that Erdos is planning to launch the "three hundred" plans – selection 100 quality incentives, select 100 excellent coaching people, build 100 famous workshops, and strive to achieve the promotion of teachers. After successfully organizing a case selection, Erdos also held online teaching and research activities, inviting teachers in excellent in excellent case selection activities to bring the same screen interactive live display class for the city; at the same time, with the assistance of the Chinese teaching cloud, Ordos City has conducted offline polishing activities based on digital courses, and 1-to-line grinding event, helping school and teachers explore new models, new strategies, new methods, and utilization of digital teaching. Digital course textbook cloud platform creates rich media teaching environment, design and designed a variety of teaching activities to create a quality demonstration. Zhao Yanjun, deputy director of the Erdos City, said that in recent years, Erdos has continually optimized the construction of the basic environment. On the basis of "Gigabit to school, 10G to the flag area", promote 10 governor to campus education urban network upgrade construction To provide support for teachers to provide support for information technology teaching, the further implementation of "double minus" is further implemented. In the future, Ordos City will continue to adhere to the "application driver, integration innovation" concept, implement the "double mining" policy, and put the national "teaching reform, the new teaching and learning model of teaching and integration information technology, the work helps push a new new The stairs, promoting the high quality balanced development of Erdos education. (Zhang ring).

Small grapes "string" sweet new life

Small grapes "string" sweet new life

  In the Golden Autumn Festival, Zhangjia, Yuejun Community, Yuel, Ordos City, Zhangjia, Xinde Community, Zhoujia brother picking the grapes, attracting many tourists to pick. I saw a box of grapes to sell a good price, my pockets were also drumped, Zhou Huahu and Zhou You Rong brothers have a happy smile.

This string of grapes is "shake money trees" on the road, and "string" has played their happy new life.

  Enter Zhangjia Dang Dang Community, two sides of the road, the green trees are shaded. Along the road, I came to Zhoujia Brothers Picking Park – Huaji Grape Picking Park. The fruit is growing in the vineyard, a row of green grapes neatly arranges, a string of crystal clear grapes hanging on the vine, the giant peak, rose, gold finger, no verbuminous grape variety, red, green, black It is very eye-catching and coveted.

Zhou Huahu is busy picking, sorting, selection, packaging, packing.

In the garden, there are still many tourists picking under the grape rack, and everyone has passed a grape icing. "I am the old customer of his family, the grapes of his house are delicious.

I heard that the grapes were familiar, I came over to buy some to taste the family.

Just tasted, frustrated and delicious, sweet and delicious, and rose fragrance, good taste. "Ms. Guo said.

  Speaking of grapes, Zhou Huahu’s wife Cao Haixiang told reporters, which has been benefited from the street introduction of grape planting projects. In 2001, the village has built a greenhouse in the village to plant vegetables. Later, in order to lead the folks to get rich, Friendship Street will issue 100 grape seedlings for each household farmers, since then, Zhou Huahu and your brother Zhou have a grape from planting vegetables.

Today, the vineyards of Zhoujia brothers have expanded more than 2,000 plants from 200 plants. There are 8 greenhouses of greenhouses, planting varieties, 2000 kg per green, 30 yuan per kilogram, each greenhouse pure income Can reach 40,000 yuan. "Since I have a grape, my life is guaranteed, and our days are better than one day, which is much better than working.

"Looking at the fruits of the string of the string of granules, Zhoujia brothers like a heart. With the vineyard, Zhou Jia brothers turned from a wage ear to" new farmers ". At first, facing a blank grape cultivation technology, brothers The two can only explore advance in learning and practice. From planting to cultivation, from management to technology, from varieties to find the market, in addition to the guidance of agricultural technicians, there is also the brothers.

"In the grape planting, management is very important. From blossoming to the results, the lottery composer is the most critical.

During this period, fertilizer and pests and disease prevention are important. The newly cultivated rose in the green shed, the giant peak, the non-nuclear white high-quality grape is the breeding variety, the newly cultivated grapes can be hanging three years, and most of the 1,000 grapes cultivated this year have been hanging fruit. Zhou Youlong talked about planting experience, introduced to the reporter, "We plant green ecological grapes, use the greenhouse to cultivate, through rolling and alleviation, etc., increase the grape quality, increase grapes. These years, I have been cultivated from the selection of grapes in the selection of grapes.

"Today, a string of grapes make Zhou Huanhu, Zhou You Rong ended" Golden Food Bowl ".

The brothers’ vineyards not only attract visitors to visit, taste, experience pick, but also achieve the transformation and upgrading of the vineyard from sightseeing to experience tour, so that the grape economy has lived a rural economy and also drives the revitalization of the country. (Reporter Wang Yucai correspondent Zhang Xianli) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The Han Dynasty has recorded that it has achieved the "God of Fairy" in Sichuan people in winter.

The Han Dynasty has recorded that it has achieved the "God of Fairy" in Sichuan people in winter.

Original title: The Han Dynasty has recorded that it has achieved the "God of Fairy" in Sichuan people in winter, and our holiday, oral folk "winter", the cold wave is coming. Even if you hang a bright sun, I also feel a cold wind to get into the clothes. Winter has been so causing to defend.

However, it is more likely to take a down jacket, and the Sichuan people still want to stay.

At this time, the mutton soup pot of warm heart will be warm and the stomach is pleased.

  On the day of the winter solstice, in a circle of dumplings, Jianyang Mutton Soup appeared. In fact, the winter of the Sichuanese is almost all from a bowl of mutton soup. No matter if you have arrived in Jane, you can eat "Jane Mutton Soup" around Sichuan. This is obviously the name of a local cuisine, but is referenced by most mutton soup stores in Sichuan Province to "Golden Version Signboard".

It is light, but the "kill" from the winter soup pot, let Sichuan people have less in the road to eat hot pot: Do you want to eat Jane Mutton Soup? Even in Beijing in the mutton, I can have a place in it, enough to see its delicious level.

Unlike the bottom of the mutton, the soup of Jane Mutton Soup is as good as a milk, picking a bowl, plus green onion, a bite, a warmth is instantaneous from the stomach to the whole body, even finger tip I feel stretched.

Jane’s soup is one of the features of the feature.

  The so-called "fresh" is the taste of fish and lamb. In the practice of Jane Mutton Soup, these two to fresh taste are included.

The mutton in the soup is needed to use sheep oil, onion, ginger and stir-fry; hool bones, pig bones need to wash soaked, remove blood; the squid in the pot needs to "run" once in the oil pan, then put into soup So stewed, so that it is a thick cream.

Guests have come out from the large pot, and the table is separated on the small casserole.

  The mutton of the entrance is delicate, and the coil is strong, each has a thousand autumn. But if you say that you eat lamb, the most essential is still the bowl. Salt, pepper, parsley, white corrosion, if the taste is heavy, you can also add Xiaomi.

Eat tired of Qing Dynasty lamb, you can also come to a little spicy solution.

Hot and spicy flavors, keep the warmth of the mutton soup keep longer. Drinking the original soup, eating a water lamb, is the "winter fairy moment" of the Sichuan people.

  The reason why mutton soup is so popular, and there is a reason, it and all vegetables can be matched.

As a soup pot with a winter gourmet "soul" pea tip, the mutton soup is already a big step in the hot pot.

The peas is sharp, the radish is fat and beautiful. No matter which vegetables, it has made a good aftertaste.

  Human mutton edible history can be traced back to the pre-Qin period.

"Say the words" record, "Beauty, Gan also, from the sheep from the big."

"The custom of Jieyang eats mutton, has recorded from the Han Dynasty.

"Jane Zhi Zhi" mentioned "household chicken, ten miles to heard sheep."

In 2016, Jianyang Mutton Soup officially entered the fifth batch of municipal-level non-legacy projects in Chengdu. It can be seen that in addition to the delicious taste, Jianyang mutton soup has carried out the winter customs and memories of Sichuan people. (Cover Journalist Liu Kexin) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Read the future of Hangzhou urban and rural construction in the data

Read the future of Hangzhou urban and rural construction in the data

  Hangzhou urban and rural construction has entered a new stage. On September 23, the reporter learned from the "14th Five-Year Plan" Press Conference in Hangzhou Urban and Rural Construction. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou will build infrastructure, urban organic update, reshaping features, energy saving and consumption consumption, The modern transformation, "new urban construction" and the reform and innovation are the focus, and the level of urban and rural construction will be further improved. The urban comprehensive bearing capacity is further improved, and the urban quality is further improved. The urban governance level is further improved. A series of data will outline the future of Hangzhou urban function optimization in the next five years. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou will build 650 kilometers from the new road, to "145", the fast road network is 555 kilometers. The Ten City District will add 400,000 berths, basically realize the parking space; the level of water supply facilities meet the domestic advanced level, the basic construction of advanced and efficient urban sewage governance systems; forming "vertical layering, horizontally, longitudinal integration "The international high level of underground city, the per capita area of ??the underground space is not less than 10 square meters, and the country-to-earth stereo development demonstration zone.

  The urban and rural hungry environment will also be further improved, so that the people ‘s sense of gain is more happy.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou will completed the renovation of the old community renovation tasks before the end of 2000, and transformed 900 old communities, and strive to achieve existing transition households in 2024. In addition, Hangzhou will also complete all the remediation of river in the city during this period. To 2025, the city’s urban construction area has reached km / square kilometers, more than 80% of the city’s construction area for 5 minutes to reach green. Tao network.

  Not only that, in the construction of urban and rural integration development, the pace of promoting rural residence will also accelerate.

  By 2025, Hangzhou will strive to build more than 80 beautiful town models, add 54 provincial-level beautiful and livable demonstration villages; to 2025, basic form a relatively complete rural sewage treatment facility layout system, ensuring the city’s rural life sewage Treatment Basic Realization Discharge, All Districts, County (City) Administrative Village Basically Realize Rural Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities Standardization Operation and Maintenance , Create a "overall beauty, Zhejiang temperament" Hangzhou model. "We will also focus on forming a complete ‘New Urban Construction’ Standard System and Policy System to reform Innovation to restrict high-quality development, high-efficiency can govern, high-quality institutional mechanism barriers, and promote urban development and construction management effective transformation and upgrading.

The person in charge of the Municipal Construction Committee said that he will create a high-quality development of the urban construction model of the city model of the city’s urban example. In this century, the unique charm of the global influence in this century is a unique charm of the world.

(Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The Basic Principles and Policies of the Central People’s Government in the "Nine- and 7"

The Basic Principles and Policies of the Central People’s Government in the "Nine- and 7"

  The Government of the People’s Republic of China has resumed the sovereignty of Hong Kong, which includes the long-term common desire of all Chinese people in Hong Kong compatriots and Taiwan compatriots.

The relationship between Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Taiwan is a special part of the relationship between the cross-strait relations.

"Jiuqi", Hong Kong’s desk, which is involved in national sovereignty and cross-strait relations, arranged by the Central People’s Government, or under the guidance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in the Central People’s Government.

Civil interactions in Hong Kong and Taiwan, the legitimate rights and interests of Hong Kong compatriots and Taiwan compatriots should be maintained to promote the common prosperity of the two places. The basic principles and policies of the "Nine- and 7", the Central People’s Government is determined by the Central People’s Government, the basic principles and policies of Hong Kong, and the existing private relationships in the two places, including economic and cultural exchanges, personnel exchange, etc., basically unchanged . Second, encouragement, welcome Taiwan residents and Taiwan capital to Hong Kong engaged in investment, trade and other industrial and commercial activities.

Taiwan residents and Taiwan’s all kinds of capital is protected by the legitimate rights and interests in Hong Kong.

  Third, according to the principle of "a China", the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the air route and sea transport route in Taiwan, according to the "regional special route".

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the sea, empty shipping transportation in Taiwan, according to the two-way reciprocal principles. Fourth, Taiwan residents can enter and exit Hong Kong regions in accordance with the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or in local situations, employment, and settle. In order to facilitate Taiwan residents to enter Hong Kong, the Central People’s Government will arrange for issues such as their documents.

  V. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s education, science, technology, cultural, art, sports, professional, medical and health, labor, social welfare, social work, etc. Based on the basis, it can maintain and develop relations with private groups and organizations in Taiwan. Sixth, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Region shall be approved by the Central People’s Government, or shall be approved by the Central People’s Government, or approved by the Central People’s Government, approved by the Central People’s Government. Seven, Taiwan’s institutions and personnel can continue to stay in Hong Kong. They must strictly abide by the "Basic Law of the People’s Republic of China", and must not violate the principle of "a China", and must not engage in the stability of Hong Kong and The registration property does not match activities.

We encourage, welcome their contribution to the unity of the motherland and the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong. The basis of the above policies is the principle of "a China" and the principle of "one country, two systems".

We ask the Taiwan authorities to recognize the situation, facing the reality, take pragmatic attitude, eliminate various obstacles, do not try to engage in "two China", "one" event in Hong Kong and Taiwan relations.

We also ask Taiwan’s institutions and personnel in Hong Kong to strictly abide by the Basic Law of the People’s Republic of China, to regulate their own behavior, do not violate the principle of "a Chinese", and do not do things with changing Hong Kong’s stability.

Town Ning Window – Guizhou Channel – People’s Network

Town Ning Window – Guizhou Channel – People’s Network

& NBSP & NBSP Zhenning Buyi Miao Autonomous County, located in the Zhujiang Water Department of Southwest Guizhou Province and the Yangtze River Water System, affiliated to Anshun City.The geographic location is 105 ° 35 ‘to 106 ° 1’, and 25 ° 25 ° to 26 ° 11 in the north latitude.

East and Anshun City Xiuxi District, Ziyun Miao Biyi Autonomous County; Nanye North Panjiang and Southwest Autonomous Prefecture Wangjing, Zhenfeng two counties across the river, Xi Tong Guanling Buyi Miao Autonomous County borders;County, six branches are adjacent.

The town of the county people’s government is located.The county land area square kilometers, with a total population of 3,86,264 (2013).

Town Ning has long lived in 23 nationalities, including Han nationality, Buyi, Miao, and 仡 族.There are 4 streets, 8 towns, 3 townships, and 4 communities.& nbsp & nbsp In 2013, Town Ningb Zhenbai Miao Autonomous County completed the total output value of agricultural and forestry and animal husbandry and fishery.

Huangguoshu Waterfall in Zhenning is China’s largest waterfall and one of the famous big waterfalls in the world.

Sociale financiering heeft in november 2.61 Trillion Yuan toegevoegd – Monetaire beleidsverergering

Sociale financiering heeft in november 2.61 Trillion Yuan toegevoegd – Monetaire beleidsverergering

Onlangs hebben de financi?le gegevens van november vrijgegeven door de Bank van China van de People’s Bank of China dat de bredere valuta (M2) het jaar-op-jaar verhoogd, en de RMB-leningen stegen met RMB. In november was de schaal van sociale financiering biljoen, 478,6 miljard yuan in dezelfde periode vorig jaar, 6,24 miljard yuan in dezelfde periode in 2019. De omvang van sociale financiering is aanzienlijk hoger dan die van november financi?le gegevens.

Een groot deel is hoofdzakelijk van overheidsobligaties en directe financiering.

"De versnelling van de uitgifte van de overheidsobligatie heeft een zekere mate van sociale financieringsgroei." Wang Yunjin, Senior Researcher in Disco Research Institute. In november is het lokale speciale schuld afgegeven ritme versneld en is de nieuwe overheidsobligaties toegevoegd aan 815,8 miljard yuan, die aanzienlijk is toegenomen van 415,8 miljard yuan uit dezelfde periode vorig jaar.

Een andere factor bij de toename van sociale financieringsschaal is de directe financiering van ondernemingen. In november verbeterde de directe financiering van ondernemingen aanzienlijk. Onder hen voegde Bondfinanciering 410,4 miljard Yuan, in hoofdzaak hoger dan het niveau van 326,4 miljard yuan vorig jaar toe; de ??financiering van de voorraad steeg met 129,4 miljard yuan, hoger dan 52,3 miljard yuan vorig jaar. Uit de sociale financieringsstructuur van november is de groei van RMB-krediet echter nog steeds zwak, als gevolg van de financieringsvraag van het bedrijf zwak. Industry-experts geloven dat deze situatie naar verwachting zal verbeteren bij de vermindering van de landing.

Onlangs, om de ondersteuning van de Economy-economie te vergroten, heeft de Centrale Bank besloten om de wettelijke stortingreserve-tarief voor een percentage punt op 15 december te verminderen. Tegelijkertijd heeft de centrale bank ook ondersteuning voor landbouw en kleine leningen verlaagd.

Het CO2-emissie-ondersteuningstool is ook gelanceerd, ondersteunend kolenreiniging en -benutting van structurele monetaire beleidstools zoals speciaal relict.

WEN-bin, hoofdonderzoeker, China MinSheng Bank, is van mening dat dit beleid de bevordering van leningen zal vergemakkelijken om de optimalisatie van de groei en leningstructuur te stabiliseren en de steun van het hoofdorgaan van de markt te vergroten en de economische werking in redelijke tussenpozen te behouden.

Wang Yunjin is van mening dat de vermindering van goedkope fondsen naar het banksysteem naar verwachting hun diensten entiteiten zal verbeteren.

De langetermijnfinanciering van de reductiebedrijf optimaliseert de fondsstructuur van financi?le instellingen en verhoogt de kredietcapaciteit van de bank.

Wang Qing, de hoofdmacro-analist van Oosterse Jincheng, is van mening dat met de continue richting van het macro-beleid, met name de vastgoedfinancieringsomgeving, en de groeipercentage van krediet- en sociale financieringsschaal in december zal naar verwachting versnellen.

Later worden de financiering van bedrijfsfinanciering en overheidsfinanciering met dubbele wielen een belangrijke garantie voor een stabiele macro-economische bediening.

(Reporter Chen Goer Jing).

Tongminghai Bridge "bright name" is the longest cross-sea bridge in Yuexi

Tongminghai Bridge "bright name" is the longest cross-sea bridge in Yuexi

Original title: Tongminghai Bridge "bright name" "Tongminghai Bridge" has been very eye-catching. Our reporter Li Jiabin took note of November 14th, the reporter learned from the Donglei Expressway of Guangdong Traffic Group, "bright name" "bright" in the Pi Minghai Bridge in Yuexi. The "Tongminghai Bridge" five beautiful happiness has been successfully suspended at the main bridge pier. In warm sun, the five big characters installed in the center of the two main Due Tower are equipped. The reporter saw at the scene that five big words used red Wang Xizhi fonts, each word width, high meter. Standing on the shore, the two huge "A" bridge tower into the sea, towering into the cloud, with the big words of the beautiful, like the giant dragon, highlighting the magnificent building. Donglei Expressway, Tongminghai Bridge, cross the Tongminghai, connect the Leizhou Peninsula, East Island, the entire length of 5762 meters, is the longest cross-sea bridge in Yuexi, the main bridge is the double tower double rope surface, the tower is about 121 meters, It can be sailed 3,000 tons of sea wheels, just like a dragon to lying on the magnificent Tongming Bay. It is understood that Donglei Expressway is a key construction project of Guangdong Province, about 47 kilometers long, and the design speed is 100 kilometers. The Tongminghai Bridge is two-way six lanes, and other road sections are two-way four lanes. At present, the East thunder high-speed pavement engineering and electromechanical, exchange security and other subsidiary projects are struggling to score the second intense construction, and the target is fully sprint to the end of December. After the project is open, the East Island and Leizhou, the enthusiastic high-tech zone is no longer wrapped in the north route, the itinerary will be shortened from 80 minutes to 30 minutes, and the Leizhou peninsula will go to the East Island will be more convenient.

East island, the Leizhou Peninsula "Half-hour Life Circle" is about to form, which is of great significance for accelerating the planning industry and regions along the East Island. (Reporter Cao Longbin correspondent Zeng Huan) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see.