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Pabanma, 1 group of 1 group of Ji Pile Community, Losza Town, Loza County, is one of the earliest people here.

She told reporters that the previous TV is broken, it is necessary to go to the county to repair. When the weather is not good, it takes the time to take nearly one day to handle it. At the beginning of the year, my TV signal was unstable. Now they will come, they are very convenient. "Now we will go to each village inspection equipment to run, always put the people in mind, actively take the initiative to provide the services needed for the people, and will implement the people’s implementation of the civilized practice center. During the time, we have maintained nearly 500 devices. In addition, in our county, the masses can make a single service in our new era Civilization Practice Station, we will be based on the masses Demand is sent to provide a practical solution.

"Yisii Zhu said.

Exploring the happiness on the pocket platform "" We may have only two weather, snow and rain.

"The Minister of Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Propaganda, said," There are 7 townships in Luoza County. The distance between each township is not close, how to provide better and more convenient services to the 上海做油压好点的地方 masses, it is all Explore things.

At the beginning of this year, we organize volunteers to understand the people in villages, listen to the voice of the masses, and listen to the people’s appeal.

In the past six months, there have been more than 5,000 volunteer activities, and the number of participants and the number of people are reached. "I graduated here in 2011. At that time, it was Shashi 上海品茶上课群 Road. After the rain, the road was muddy, inch is difficult.

Although the village is now coming from asphalt road, it takes 4 small and long.

In order to provide the masses with more convenient ‘Order Services’, we have opened a ‘mass point’ column in the county-level public platform. The masses in need can fill in the needs order directly on the mobile phone. Our background will be based on the services required by the masses. Type DVD to various new era civilization practice stations ("). In this way, the masses only need to move their fingers, they can get help in time, not only saving their road time, but also in the rainy season, to maximize their safety. "Speaking is that the deputy director of the Loss County Propaganda Department is invested.

Open the "Mass Order" section, the reporter saw the small page of the similar questionnaire survey with the column needed to fill in the brigade in Hand Tibetans, and the masses only need to fill in their name, phone and what they need. Ren Ren Renze told reporters that next steps will record the Tibetan version of the filler, refine the category of this page, so that the needs of the masses are clearer, and timely feedback to volunteers. Innovative Cultural Services Opening the Tenshal Tasting Class With the construction of Xiaokang Village, the people of the people here also cross the fire, and the family lives in a small building. The pockets of the masses, the pockets are rich, and the demand for spiritual culture is getting higher and higher.

Working in the city of Loza County, Pu Zhuo, who never thought about it, and daughter can learn dance at home.

She told reporters that her daughter always likes to dance, send it to the city to learn to dance, and a few hundred kilometers of mountain road let her make her.

Now, there is a free dance class in the event center, the teacher is still testing, very professional.


Blowing the "wind" blowing hot ice and snow economy

  Beijing Winter Olympics is near the opening, the public is constantly rising to the ice and snow movement. Since the central office of the United Nations, "Opinions on the Development of Ice Snow Sports in 2022," Develop fast lane.

  In recent years, many ice and snow facilities have been built, and the general public has a condition to experience the fun of ice and snow, which means the arrival of huge market opportunities.

But we should also see that my country’s ice and snow projects are not only affected by seasonal restrictions, and the project homogenization is also facing problems in scale.

Therefore, it is also necessary to convert the popular enthusiasm into a lasting interest with the Beijing Winter Olympics opportunity.

  Release ice and snow economic vitality, need to break seasonal restrictions.

In the past, the influence of natural conditions, winter can be carried out, some of the high-year-old southern regions are more than ice and snow, 上海喝茶qq群 objectively limit the time and space of my country’s development of ice and snow economy. With the development of technology, we have currently have the ability to break through the season restrictions to build ice and snow projects.

Especially in the summer, ice and snow movement, in addition to let visitors experience the fun of sports, and the role of cool and cooling.

In fact, in the 1990s,上海高端外卖工作室群 some of the conditions in China have already had a true ice rink of all-year-old ice rinks and being sought after by the public.

In recent years, some high-end ice and snow experience projects in the southern cities have been completed, and once the launch has become the first choice for summer tourists.

It can be seen that as long as it is possible to provide a suitable site, the citizens’ habits and preferences can be cultivated, the advantages of ice and snow movement can release huge economic vitality.

  Developing the ice and snow economy, you need to play the regional advantage to achieve differentiation competition.

At present, most parts of the Ice and Snow Project are still staying on skiing, skating, enjoying ice sculptures, watching the ice lantern and other traditional projects. Even innovation has not been concerned with insufficient highlights.

In fact, Ice and Snow is just an external scene. If the lack of content fun, it is easy to become a empty shelf.

At the same time, as the ice and snow project is promoted around the world, if the traditional ice and snow tourist attraction is not innovated, it will eventually be replaced.

Only differentiated in the same homogeneous market can survive and develop. How to make the snow scene is more rich, more full, requires managers builders to integrate more unique elements. If the traditional ice and snow areas can enhance the attraction through the injecting cultural rendering, attract tourists with the original cultural tourism, these areas of ice and snow culture are long, and other regions cannot be copied; some tourism has the conditions for tourism, guided and guaranteed safety in professionals Under the premise, more exciting high-end projects can be launched, such as skiing, mountaineering, hiking, self-driving, camping, etc., give tourists different competitive and travel experience.

  In addition, the long-term development of the ice and snow economy also needs the corresponding supporting services to increase the added value of ice and snow. Once, it is not necessary to benefit one party, and the understanding of this sentence is no longer selling several tickets, selling several bottles of water. The surroundings of the attractions are not in place, and tourists come from the surrounding city, and they can’t stay on the day, except for ticket income. Improve tourism’s contribution to the local economy, attracting tourists just the first step, let tourists live, live comfort, and then want to come again.

Ice and Snow Tourism is a carrier that only connects the ice and snow travel and other industries, forming a joint development and supporting industry to maximize the vitality of ice and snow economy.

As Europe’s Alps is known as skier paradise, the local complete supporting service system not only makes tourists to be in it, but also pulled the local economic development.

It can be seen that managers from all over the world should make a planning, providing tourism, accommodation, diet, integrity, culture, etc., minimizing the value of ice and snow tourism. The ice and snow economy is not only an ice and snow sports, not an ice and snow attraction. Developing the ice and snow economy requires constructioners with new thinking, breaking time, space and industry restrictions.

Editor in charge: Chen Nan.


Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou: Back to China’s development is "Green Leaf on 上海虹口桑拿会所 the Roots"

  China News Agency, November 30th: Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou: Back to China’s development is "Green Leaf on the root" Author’s author Men Rui "Although the birthday is growing abroad, the first language I learned is Chinese.

"The American Chinese Youth Wang Tianyou said when he was interviewed by China News Service. In Wang Tianyou’s growth environment, there are not many people who speak Chinese. It can speak a fluistic language in the mother tongue, and they have rely on Wang Tianyou’s parents." They don’t want me to lose Chinese language skills, which not only insists on exchange in Chinese, but also sent me to Huawen School to learn Chinese and Chinese culture. "" Father attaches great importance to the inheritance of Chinese culture in Chinese descendants.

上海魔都419论坛 "Wang Tianyou recalled that his childhood followed the local overseas Chinese to study martial arts, father and local overseas Chinese jointly founded the Mid-China Experimental School, he spent most of the schools in this Chinese school." School will arrange students and from China’s high-level martial arts players exchange interaction, this is a very special learning opportunity.

"Talking about learning martial arts experience, Wang Tianyou said that he has a feeling of Chinese culture by practicing China.

"Traditional Chinese Kung Fu emphasizes self-decoration, compared with the form of anti-sexual fighting forms, while maintaining morality while strengthening the body.

"Wang Tianyou introduced that although Chinese traditional martial arts belong to the small sports in foreign countries, it is still attracting some foreigners to have more in-depth interest in Chinese culture, and even more than Wanli came to China." Some foreigners learn in China. " After that, return to the United States to open a martial art, and will recruit many Chinese students.

This makes me feel the powerful vitality of Chinese culture.

"Except for learning Chinese and martial arts, Wang Tianyou’s father also encouraged him to participate in the" China Tour "activity during the summer vacation. I hope that while integrating into the real Chinese language environment, he can also feel the speed of China’s social development.

  Wang Tianyou frankly, like many foreigners who don’t understand China, he is not deeply impressed by most Chinese cities before coming to China.

"It is an exception." Wang Tianyou said that the popular Hong Kong movie has left the Hong Kong city impression of "both retaining the tradition and leading the trend".

  "Until the first time I came to Shanghai, I found Shanghai’s urban development level and Hong Kong.

"Wang Tianyou added," China’s urbanization process is a great story. 上海花千坊1314 When I introduce foreign friends, they have more than 8 million people in Quanzhou, and they have more than 8 million people. They are very surprised. "The" two-headed "habits continue to work, becoming Wang Tianyou’s opportunity to stay in China.

With more deeper understanding the Chinese social environment, he chooses to cooperate with the like-minded friends in China.

  "My family is in China, I lived in the Chinese cultural environment from a small life." Wang Tianyou believed that he decided to develop in China like "green leaves on the roots". "I hope to use experience and knowledge accumulated abroad to contribute to China’s social development.

"(End) Editor: 海 闻.


Belarus and German leaders once again call on border refugees

  Xinhua News Agency Minsk November 17 (Reporter Lukin) Belarus President Lukashenko once again with German watching government Prime Minister Merkel Tong, discussing the issue of border refugees in Belarus and EU countries. 上海酒店工作室水磨 According to the news released by the President of the Bai Russian website, the leaders of the two countries discussed the current border refugee issues, and some understandings were reached on how to promote relevant issues.

  The leaders of the two countries said that refugee problems will be submitted to the Belarus – EU level, Belarus and the EU to determine relevant officials will immediately negotiate to solve existing problems.

The willingness of refugees travel to Germany will also be resolved. Merkel conveyed Lukashenko to Feng Delin, Chairman of the European Commission, about the requirements of international organizations to solve refugee problems. The two sides agreed to continue to contact to solve related problems. On the 15th of this month, Lukashenko and Merkel have called on border refugees.

  Recently, thousands of refugees tried to enter Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries from Belarus, and finally went to Western Europe, most of them came from the Middle East. Polish and other countries strengthen border management, strictly prevent illegal entry, leading to a large number of immigrants to stay border.

Poland and other countries accused Bai Russia to plan this crisis to retaliate the sanctions applied to Belarus in the European Union. 上海品茶暗号 White is said that sanctions make Belarus unable to control immigrants. (Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Guangyu) Sharing let more people see.


Exquisite Allica Costume (Figure)

In Capga Village, Pulan County, Ali, Tibet, villagers in the show (photographing July 28). Xinhua News 上海贵族宝贝工作室论坛 Agency reporter Zhan Yan photo in Pulan County, Ali, Tibet, has retained unique Tibetan costumes – Pulan costumes.

It is understood that Pulan costumes have been more than 1,000 years, the most beautiful and unique is women’s "peacock" costumes, and a set of more than 20 kg, decorated with gold, silver, wax, coral, 上海水磨裸选会所 turquoise, etc. It is called "Millennium History 上海龙凤千花1314 Irging". This is the village of Caetown, Pulan County, Pulan County, filmed on July 28. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yan photo in Caetou, Pulan County, Ali, Tibet, villagers in the show (photographing July 28). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yan photo is the villagers of Caetown, Pulan County, Pulan County, filmed on July 28. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yan photo in Caetou, Pulan County, Ali, Tibet, villagers in the show (photographing July 28). Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yan photo is the villagers of Caetown, Pulan County, Pulan County, filmed on July 28.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yan photo (Editor: Da Zhen).


Guangdong: Inoculation of vaccine abnormalities will have insurance compensation

On the 25th, the Provincial Duty Plans, the Provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance Department and the Insurance Regulatory Bureau, "Draft for the Implementation Plan for Preventing Expressive Reaction Compensation Insurance in Guangdong Province" "to the public, will be in Guangdong 上海静安水磨会所 The province, the first category of the first class and the second type of vaccination caused by the second type of vaccination that have been purchased.

The program will be implemented on January 1, 2018, valid for 3 years. How will such an insurance be insured? The opinions are clear, government and domestic vaccine production enterprises, import vaccine agency (hereinafter referred to as "vaccine 上海水磨服务体验 enterprises") jointly insured fundamental insurance. Encourage the surrounding insurance of the surrounder and the guardian (hereinafter referred to as "by a specification"), inoculation units. Basic insurance is a fundamental risk guarantee for the government’s unified purchase and vaccine enterprises.

The insurance expenses shall be borne by the financial special funds for the compensation for the compensation for the compensation of abnormal response and vaccine enterprises in Guangdong Province.

Supplementary insurance refers to the need to meet the needs of a higher risk guarantee level, which is subject to a higher risk guarantee level, and the selection, voluntary, self-funded, such as demand, voluntary and self-funded.

If there is a problem after insure, how will it be compensated? The opinion has clarified the compensation range of basic insurance, and the death case occurred within 72 hours of vaccination, clinically unable to eliminate the dissection of the vaccine and the seeds agreed by the corpse, and give 30,000 yuan of humanitarian assistance. If it is clear because of the abnormal reaction of vaccination, subsequent compensation is subsequently compensated in accordance with the prevention of abnormal reaction.

For the case of preventing the abnormal reaction cases, it will be based on the "Guangdong Province to prevent the abnormal reaction compensation method (trial)" and "Guangdong Province to prevent the Implementation Rules" (Trial) Implementation Rules ", which shall be subject to the compensation limit determined by the insurance contract. Not less than the current same type of Guangdong Province to prevent vaccination abnormal reaction compensation amount.

(Reporter / Li Xiutang Intern / Liao Chenwei).


2021 China 上海龙凤阁 Textile and Equipment Hundreds of Enterprises Bagui Walks in Nanning

The conference site.

The People’s Network is taught by the People’s Network. The B8 八 桂 行 行 行 行 区 区 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 方案 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的 的One of important initiatives is an important event held in the first game of "Executive Enterprises" this year.

Through this activity, focus on the transformation and upgrading of Guangxi textile 上海浦东新区按摩 and apparel industries and high-quality development needs. Invite a group of academician experts to lay out for the development of Guangxi textile and apparel industries, attract a group of textile and clothing leaders to Guixing, launch a group of Guangxi textile and clothingKey parks, promoting a group of industrial projects to discuss cooperation, forming new models such as 上海龙凤资源汇总群 regularization mechanisms, entrusting investment and other investment cooperation, promoting Guangxi textile and apparel industries upgrade to high quality, clustering, high added value upgrade, and enhance the industry chain,The modern level of supply chain is promoted to promote the high quality development of Guangxi.

(Editor: Wang Gongxiao, Huang Yimei).


5 cars, innocent "lying guns", men’s wine, scratched roadside vehicles

  Partially drawn injured vehicles. Yubei police for the map of Hua Long Net – New Chongqing Client Recently, in Yubei District, Chongqing, a man trailed along the street, causing 5 cars to be damaged, afterwards Northern police arrested. On the morning of November 11, the Huang Mud Police Station of the Public Security 上海工作室品茶论坛 Bureau of Yubei District received a number of people reported 上海杨浦区会所 in the jurisdiction, saying that their car was scratched with a sharp buffer.

After the on-site investigation, the police found that the surface of the hood surface of the five cars has varying degrees, and individuals were scratched by one meter.

  The Huang Mudu police station found in the investigation, 22 o’clock on November 10th, a man is squatting along the street, scratching the hood of multiple cars when passing through the vehicle in the hand, then The man went into a car repair shop and did not go out. The police immediately went to the car shock, only used the suspect in work, Wang. According to the suspect Wang, the company got a dinner on the evening, drinking with colleagues with colleagues, and people have been drunk, and they didn’t 上海逍遥网论坛 expect that they had passed the key to the key. The car, I also feel very embarrassed to scratch the behavior of others.

After the police mediation, Wang took the initiative to apologize to the five owners involved in the vehicle, and reached a compensation agreement, and then the police also conducted a legal education for Wang. (Reporter Yin Jianhong).


China and Yuehai police launched the second northern part of the North Bay Sea in 2021 

The reporter learned from the China Sea Police Department to deepen the relationship between China and Yuehai police, promote bilateral marine law enforcement pragmatic cooperation, jointly maintain the order of China and Vietnamese 上海水磨娱乐会所论坛 Bay, and recently, China’s sea police and Vietnam’s sea police have carried out the 嘉定品茶spa second north of the year in the year.Bay waters joint cruise.

It is understood that 上海学茶艺哪里比较好 the joint cruise is the 22nd joint cruise actions carried out in the North Bay waters since 2006.

Next, China and Yuehai Police will continue to cooperate in the framework of "China Sea Police Station and the Vietnam Sea Police Command" framework, strengthen the cooperation of marine law enforcement exchanges, and jointly safeguard the safety and stability of the northern bay.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xin).


Exchange intends to further tighten the city to vote bonds issued policy

Amount of reading: Exchange intends to further tighten recent city to vote bonds issuance policy, including measures to restrict its area of ??new city to vote bonds issued credit, the company the city voted bonds to borrow 上海普陀区夜生活论坛 the amount of discounts and other new-old, but bankers these policies may also feedback adjust.

Reporters learned from a number of brokerage investment bank, the recent exchange intends to further tighten the city to vote bonds issuance policy, including measures to restrict its area of ??new city to vote bonds issued credit, the company the city voted bonds to borrow the amount of discounts and other new-old, but investment bankers also fed these policies may also be adjusted. Regulators have tightened the city voted bonds trend "and the exchange of communication today (November 17), there are changes caliber.

"Many bond market participants told reporters.

There are brokerage investment banking sources said: "these policies did not see specific documents, the city voted debt financing policy has always been this way, almost all window guidance, but only to report the project, to release the record before we know can not be made.

"Shanghai, a brokerage investment banking official said, reported recently in the exchange of a few northern Jiangsu area county to vote bonds project was stopped, some of the new borrowing for the old city to vote bonds issue size is ask for a discount.

"For example, corporate bonds repay the city to vote bonds, maturity scale is 1 billion, 1 billion have been made ready, but now can only send 800 million, remaining only City Investment Company itself. Because the policy change suddenly, this bond funds may have arranged the subjects of pressure.

"The foregoing brokerage investment banking sources said.

Another brokerage investment bankers the feedback, look at the situation according to the project report, the main exchange to be divided according to the size of investment and debt ratio of local revenue of the region overall stock of the city.

The high proportion of the region can only city to vote bonds issued by the new-old, but the issue size to be discounted, some directly is not granted.

"City Investment policy this year is to save the amount of debt, control increments, the stock is now also faced with compression." A large brokerage bond financing department official said.

The parties, in a district of the county responsible for a central part of the capital city to vote bonds issuance for the first time, the original purpose is to return the interest-bearing debt, but the current limit by. There are small brokerage in Beijing debt underwriting investment bank staff told reporters that the recent tightening of the SFC and the Stock Exchange does have the city to vote bonds and real estate debt trends.

"Real estate debt has been very strict, and now the city voted bonds is close to the form of real estate debt." He said.

Why regulatory requirements for fund-raising purposes from the city to vote bonds to repay interest-bearing liabilities was changed by the new-old, the broker bond underwriting sources said, regulators intention is to limit the size of new corporate bonds, stocks bonds digestion. City Investment bonds issue size actually slowed sharply this year, regulators regulatory policy for the whole city to vote bonds tighter.

Earlier this year, exchanges and banking Dealers Association referring to the Ministry of Finance of local government debt risk classification on the city to vote bonds sub-file trial, but sub-file list is not made public, and for the different stalls of issuers, the regulation of its use of proceeds have different restrictions. Such as red shift suspend approvals, yellow file only by the new-old, green stalls without restrictions. The so-called local government debt risk level, the Ministry of Finance based on a risk assessment of the legal situation around the government debt and comprehensive debt and other debt risk will be divided into red (debt ratio greater than or equal to 300%), orange (debt equal to 200% greater than, less than 300%), yellow (debt ratio greater than or equal to 120%, less than 200%), green (less than 120% of the debt) four levels, sequentially from high to low risk. "This list is not announced, and the internal Exchange Dealers Association and is confidential, only a few people have permission to see. In general, after the project report will go to someone special than a list, if the file yellow hair debt used to supplement working capital, dealers Association, the Exchange will notify the main load-bearing, for fund-raising purposes to be modified.

"Shanghai a large brokerage bond underwriting sources said. In late April, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the listing of corporate bond issuance review guidelines. Guidelines put forward, mainly in urban construction of local state-owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as urban construction enterprise) reporting the issuance of corporate bonds, shall comply with the relevant provisions of local government debt management, not the new local government debt to raise funds for other than the stock of debt repayment of corporate bonds, the issuer shall disclose details of the proposed repayment of the stock of debt, and promised to repay the debt does not involve stock local government implicit debt. guideline also said that urban construction enterprise total assets of less than 10 billion yuan or below the issuer rating of AA (inclusive), should combine their respective levels, business scale, profitability, balance sheet structure, cash flow assess their business situation such as solvency and prudently determine the corporate bond disclosure program, and take this time to adjust to declare the size of corporate bonds, adjusted use of proceeds for repayment of the stock of corporate bonds and other debt protection measures to strengthen the ability of the issuer.

After tightening policy, City investment company debt growth had slowed down.

Data show that as of November 17, this year the city voted bonds issue size trillion, an increase of 7%, the growth rate has 上海水磨全套qq群 slowed down significantly compared to the same period last year. At the same time, this year the city voted to terminate the audit of project bonds increased significantly.

As of November 17, 2021, a total of 303 corporate bonds this year to terminate the review project, which the city voted bonds 164 projects, involving an amount billion.

City investment rating from the body point of view, AA and AA + larger amount, respectively, million and billion.

From the logic of the current city to vote bonds regulatory policy point of view, the subsequent pressure weak area, weak qualification platform facing greater. Considering the decline in revenue from land sales, No. 15 of the city voted to tighten the flow of credit, financing of non-standard pressure drop, and then superimposed to tighten the policy 上海贵族宝贝油压 of the city to vote bonds, liquidity risk multiple platforms under the influence of weak qualification needs attract attention. Editor: Wang Jing statement: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform undertaken by Xinhua News Agency. In any case, the information released in this platform does not constitute an investment recommendation. Xinhua Finance Statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment recommendations.

Investors should operate accordingly, risk borne.