Shandong introduced the country’s first human resources service industry development plan

Shandong introduced the country’s first human resources service industry development plan

According to reports, "Planning" is used as a special plan for the development of the country’s first provincial-level human resources service industry. It is divided into three major parts, eleven chapters, which clarifies the overalls of the development plan of human resources service in our province during the 14th Five-Year Plan. Requirements, major tasks and security measures, is of great significance for promoting high quality development of human resources services in our province. In planning and compilation, adhere to scientific, forward-looking, innovative phase unity, in-depth industrial park, human resource service agency to carry out investigation and research, and listen to advice on employee, industry associations, invite China Personnel Science Research Institute, Labor Security Research Institute Experts such as Renmin University of China and other experts, fully soliciting the Human Resources and Social Security Departments, relevant human resources service agencies and industry associations, provincial human resources service industrial parks, and development and reform, finance, etc. recommendations, guarantee "Planning" is higher, the direction is more accurate, and the measures are more effective. "Plan" pointed out that by 2035, the effective protection of public services, the gradual expansion of operating services, and the growth rate of industrial scale is located in the forefront of the country, and the development benefits are steadily improved.

Strive to 2025, the province’s human resource service industry has reached 200 billion yuan, and the number of institutions exceeded 10,000, the development advantage of basic business has expanded, and the high-end business has breakthrough development, and the human resource service industry has a comprehensive upgrade. Adhere to the problem-oriented, target orientation, resulting orientation, and strengthen overall design, comprehensive reform and innovation.

"Plan" proposes the development of national and regional strategy, promoting industrial innovation, promoting platform carrier development, accelerating the cultivation of backbone enterprises, and focus on improving the quality of employees, paying attention to the industry to open, improve human resources public service system, improve market supervision system, etc. 8 28 items in a part. At the same time, concrete protection measures are put forward from the strengthening of organizational leadership, optimizing policy support, planning assessment, and increase publicity. The preparation of "planning" is an important step in promoting high quality development of human resources services. Next, Shandong will give full play to the "planning" leading role, anchoring target tasks, optimizing policy support, strengthening implementation, and implementing tracking assessment and dynamic management, and promoting the implementation of "planning" target tasks and specific initiatives Falling, fully enabled the new journey of the development of the human resources service industry during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, providing strong support for high quality development in the province. (Zhang Zhaoyou Zhang Chunxiao) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

The bottom of the heart, the pen is soft – and the painter Wang Huai is enjoyed

The bottom of the heart, the pen is soft – and the painter Wang Huai is enjoyed

Wang Huai, half-born, his story began from Dongsan Road, Changchun.

In the history of Lao Changchun, the prosperity of Dong Sanma Road can be traced back to the beginning of the first century, which is both economic centers and cultural aggregation.

Wang Huai, just here, planting the seeds of painting.

The work of his representative, "Jingyu Laces, the hard work" won the second American exhibition award, which opened his new vision of Han ink career. After retiring, he participated in a variety of art majors, and the year entered Changchun City Painting and Painting Institute as a professional painter.

Wang Huai is currently a national first-class artist, member of the Chinese Artists Association, enjoy special allowance of the State Council, Jilin Provincial Association, Jilin Provincial Museum Painting and Painting Institute Art Research Art Center special experts, Academician, Jilin Provincial Political Consultative Conference, School of Political Science and Technology, Changchun CPPCC Popularity, deputy dean, Changchun City Painting and Calligraphy Medicine, Changchun City highlighted the experts, Changchun Deyi Shuangxin literary staff.

Its work has exhibited and collects in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, and the United States. Many works have been included in many domestic and foreign large-scale albums and art books. In the year, Wang Huai’s many years inquiry has opened a fruitful fruit "Wanghuai Field Exhibition" opened at the Jilin Provincial Museum. Among them, "Lin Haiqingquan" "Guan Dong Xue" "Listen" "Chang Bai Xue Yun" "Early Spring Rain" "Linjiang Morning" and other works and the artistic features of the North School Concentration and South Pai Qingxi An interpretation of traditional mountain water paintings of "Thousands of Silent, Picture". At the same time, he also became the second painter collected by the provincial museum in Jilin Province, and its painting was permanently collected by the Jilin Provincial Museum, and the Changdam’s work "Huangshan Range" has attracted attention. In the "Huangshan Range", the mountains are rich, the stone is cold, the painter will make the northern style and then in the painting of the words, the words, the words, the gods.

For this work, Wang Huai is very deep. The so-called "lending is sent", this is based on a long-established national awareness and aesthetic tradition, enhances the aesthetic connotation and art depth of Wang Huai.

Qingdao pushes new ranks: Operation with "one network" is more convenient

Qingdao pushes new ranks: Operation with "one network" is more convenient

  On November 17th, the YANGao City Administration Administration issued the "Notice on Further Initial Stimulation of Market Subjectivity Deepening Individual Industrial and Commercial House", further deepening the reform of commercial system, and better play an individual industrial and commercial households in prosperity Important role in promoting innovation, promoting innovative entrepreneurship.

  Vigorously implement the "one network" service model.

First, deepen individual industrial and commercial households to open "one network office".

Referring to the enterprise, the individual industrial and commercial household registration, the seal is engraved, applied to the invoice, "four insurance and one gold" insured registration, bank account opening and other links into Qingdao Enterprises to start integration platform, realize a "one link, one network Do it on the spot. "

The second is to implement an individual industrial and commercial household registration "intelligent office".

The launch of the "Qingdao Citizen Center" micro-service number and "Qingdao Citizen Center" applet and "Qingdao Civic Center" approved "Pocket Office" service.

Promote intelligent declarations, in accordance with individual industrial and commercial registration services reported by standard registration rules, the system automatically reviews. The third is to improve individual industrial and commercial households to cancel the "simple office".

Individual industrial and commercial households set up after the "two certificates integration" reforms of the business license and the tax registration certificate, and the registration is registered through simple procedures, and there is no need to submit the commitment book. After submitting a simple logout application, the registration department applied to the relevant information push taxation and other departments, taxation departments such as individual industrial and commercial accounts, and other departments, etc. within 10 days, within 1 working day.

For the taxation, there is no objection, you can apply for simple logout registration.

  Further reduces individual industrial and commercial household access costs.

First, the implementation of the individual industrial and commercial households "once." Deepening the online convergence service, implement individual industrial and commercial industrial households, change, log out of the full process simple registration mode, declare on the spot, on the spot, realize the "one window, one collection", compression registration, compression registration.

Second, individual industrial and commercial households registered "one time they don’t run."

Strengthen individual registration prior counseling and intelligent customer service service, implement the registration service forward movement, and fill in "zero threshold".

Encourage business licenses through full electronic, business license postal delivery and self-service printing, and implement "no see". The third is that individual industrial and commercial households registered "zero fees".

The new individual industrial and commercial households will be issued free of charge.

Encourage conditional district (city) to issue a seal for individual industrial and commercial households. Constantly innovate individual business household life cycle services. Innovation launches an individual industrial and commercial personnel as a "three link" service model.

Take the service individual business household life cycle, to achieve the joint operation, joint changes, jointly cancel the "three joint" package integration services, enhance the convenience of the masses to work; comprehensive deep license separation reform.

Full implementation of the "license separation" reform, through direct cancellation of approval, approval and refessation, implement four ways of informed commitment, optimize approval services, and further enhance the approval efficiency, promote "post-photo reduction", and focus on solving individual industrial and commercial households " The issue of the printed "; encourages individual industrial and commercial transformation and upgrading. Individual industrial and commercial industrial households are transformed into enterprises, and within the scope of laws and regulations, applicants can choose from the enterprise type after transition.

Individual industrial and commercial industrial households applied for translation, handled in accordance with the new program. Do not change the establishment of the residence (business place), there is no need to repeat the use of proof materials to submit the enterprise site (business place). Focus on the registration and standardization of individual industrial and commercial registration registration.

Comprehensive implementation of standardized registration registration.

According to the State Market Supervision State Administration "Business Scope Specification", "the business scope registration is carried out, providing the individual operators with business scope express query and selection services; launching individual industrial and commercial registration" index "leadership services.

Establish a name industry index relationship, according to industry terms in the declaration name, actively push the industry-related business scope and industry, reducing the difficulty of reporting; simplifying the registration of individual industrial and commercial households.

E-commerce operators apply for individual industrial households, allowing them to register online business places as business places. Continuously improve individual industrial and commercial registration registration services.

Individual industrial and commercial households registered "a clearance". Registration window or telephone consultation answer question, should be cleared in one; due to complexity or applicant, it is unclear, it cannot be replied on the spot, the contact information of the service object should be recorded, and the question of the question of it will reply, and the one-time explanation is clear Individual industrial and commercial households registered "a paper clear".

Printing and distribution of "Zero Consultation" Vernacular Edition Individual Industry and Commerce Registration clearly, the application materials for individual industrial and commercial households, the process, etc. to conduct "white words", ensure that the requirements are specifically clear, precautions are clearly standardized, and the applicant, approval People "two-way identity standard"; individual industrial and commercial households registered "one stop leader". Registration departments of individual industrial and commercial households in various districts should set up registration guides, provide services such as business consulting, service boot, form filler.

Conditional areas can be set up, configure multimedia Q & A equipment or touch screen consultation facilities, which is convenient for the masses to handle business. (Yu Bo) (End).

Taiyuan Jinxi Town: An orderly restoration of the production life

Taiyuan Jinxi Town: An orderly restoration of the production life

  Original title: Jinxi Town: In order to restore the production and life of the promotion of the Jinyuan District news, in the past few days, continue to rain and raises the flood dangerous disaster, the Jinxi Town small station, the small station community has a large area. In this flood prevention and disaster relief, fire, armed police, district emergency rescue team, Jinci Town Organ Cada, Blue Sky Rescue Team, etc., have been fighting for five days and night. At present, the road area of ??small station Yingcun has been clear, and it is gradually resumed normal production order.

  In order to help the small station camp village resume production and life order as soon as possible, on the morning of October 8, more than 100 volunteers organized by the new era civilization practice in Jinxi Town helped to guide traffic, clean up the sludge, and residual branches, helping households to clean up garbage, distribute Production of living materials, help specialty groups, carry out psychological counseling, and appease the mood of the masses.

  Although the water is already clear, the Jinci Town staff staff are still in place 24 hours, ensuring that the information in flood season is timely and accurate, and the emergency measures are powerful, beware of secondary disasters. Next, Jinxi Town will fully promote post-disaster anti-pretactive work, all cadres stick to post, strictly monitor, ensure the safety of the people’s lives and property, and ensure the maintenance of the whole town. (Reporter Pat Jingjing).

Tianjin citizen has a scientific quality proportion of scientific qualities in the country to walk into thousands of households

Tianjin citizen has a scientific quality proportion of scientific qualities in the country to walk into thousands of households

Original title: All domain science walks into thousands of households "everyone says that the air in the empty bottle can knock down a cup?" The tutor of the Tianjin Science and Technology Museum pushed the 6 plastic cups into a pyramid and took out an empty mineral The water bottle is exciting: "Now this bottle is completely deformed, I am going to be ready to launch." Said, the teacher screwed the bottle cover toward the top plastic cup, and a gas stream "shot down".

  This is a small experiment of the "Science and Technology Exploration Camp" project of Tianjin Science and Technology Museum – "Air Cannon".

How is the student’s breeds after the "double reduction" policy? Tianjin Science and Technology Museum created the "Science and Technology Exploration Camp" project for primary and secondary school students.

"The project combines the integrated education concept of the project, and uses the form of ‘1 day, 1 period, and cultivates students’ exploration methods and innovation to create thinking, stimulating adolescents’ interest in science, and establishing scientific exploration spirit. "Hao Zhiqi, Minister of the Planning Development Department of Tianjin Science and Technology Museum told reporters. "The whole field action, all region coverage, full media communication, and all the people participate in sharing."

In recent years, Tianjin has created the "Domain Science" model in Tianjin, and persisted "from the child, grabbed from teenagers", and launched more people, especially those who are happy.

Schools, society, family "is screwing into a rope" and cultivates future scientists. How to classify garbage, how to deal with it? Into the Tianjin Garbage Classification Treatment Display Training Center, and the relevant scientific knowledge is presented in front of people in people’s eyes with easy and lively and easy-to-understand interaction. The garbage disposal plant built with Lego toys, the vivid image restored the process of garbage from entering the factory to the treasure; "Talk" the garbage can resolve the spam, the audience can try to correct the wrong garbage to correctly classify Will you learn from a small game. "Our center is open to society in the whole year.

Through comprehensive use of multimedia, exhibition board, sand table, facility simulation and other facilities, fully display the full-chain management process of domestic waste, the audience can be interested in learning garbage classification tips, so that the garbage classification is deeply rooted.

Yang Changzhou, director of the display training center, told reporters. Tianjin garbage classification display training center is one of the scientific bases sought after by the people. In Tianjin, there is such a popular city-level science-level science-level science There are 160 bases, and 31 national science education bases, in the city "flowering everywhere".

  Focusing on "clothing and housing, industry and education" and other people’s livelihood, the whole domain science is playing the role of "moisturizing and silent", so that the whole society is overall by "I want my science" to "I want to science" deep transformation. Citizen’s scientific qualities have been greatly improved, and the city’s citizens have a scientific quality reaches% in 2020, ranking third in the country, and improving a percentage point every year since the implementation of the national science, and the growth rate is obviously accelerated. How can I eat to guarantee the balance of nutrition? In front of the self-service nutrition, the children slide the screen, dragging your favorite food into the plate, check whether the food is reasonable, and harvest the correct dietary recommendations provided by the system. Beichen District Rong Yayuan Community has established the first community science and technology museum in the city. Here, children can feel the magical and charm of science, and they can understand technology knowledge in the community.

  "Let the whole domain science into thousands of households, is one of Tianjin’s continuous improvement of citizens’ scientific quality.

"Vice President of the City Association said, at present, the city has passed the" Party Building + Science + Innovation Entrepreneurship Services "model, promoting sciences to integrate 5145 grassroots party service centers, 1778 new era civilization practice centers (, station) Construction.

The pioneering power of Tianjin, the pioneering power of the whole country, continues to develop, 2952 scientific and technological volunteers, Wanhong science and technology volunteers, sinking first-line normalization to carry out science and technology volunteer services, and opened the "last kilometer" of science services.

(Reporter Zhang Wei) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

Sichuan: Provincial Digital Transformation Promotion Center created work start

Sichuan: Provincial Digital Transformation Promotion Center created work start

Original title: Promoting the digital transformation of SMEs ● First batch of regional, industry, and enterprise-type three types of digital transformation promotion centers ● It is designed to help SMEs improve transformation capabilities, reduce transformation costs, and shorten the transition cycle to speed up the enterprise The cloud uses the number of pace, promoting the digital transformation of SMEs in the province, recently, the provincial development reform committee printed "Sichuan Digital Transformation and Promotion Center Construction Implementation Plan", and organizes the provincial digital transformation and promotion center creation work. The first batch of three-class intersection, construction area, industry, and enterprise-type three-type digital transformation promotion center, aim to help SMEs improve transformation capabilities, reduce transformation costs, shorten the transformation cycle, and will not turn, can not turn, Difficult to turn.

  Regional Digital Transformation Promotion Center, mainly relying on industrial cluster agglomeration, demand, demand, high-tech development zone, high-tech industrial development zone, digital industrial park and agglomeration zone, fully integrated Digital transformation service platform, service provider, talent, finance and other resources, based on market demand, providing multi-and medium-sized enterprises, transformation consulting, basic products, innovative entrepreneurship support, etc. The industry-type digital transformation promotion center is mainly due to the industrial-transformation of the industry, driving the project, and the industry related industry associations, colleges, research institutes, etc., focus on intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart city , Intelligent transportation, wisdom, intelligence, intelligent finance, etc.

  Enterprise-type digital transformation promotion center, mainly relying on digital transformation of common technologies, key technologies, and digital transformation services, providing all-round technical support for traditional industries, segmentation industries and small and medium-sized enterprises, Specialized training, diversified products, system integration solutions and other services. At present, the Provincial Development Reform Commission has issued a notice to start the declaration work. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Xinyi) (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Luo Wei).

The opening of the Hong Kong Police Xiangyuan Message Base will operate 24 hours to maintain the port order

The opening of the Hong Kong Police Xiangyuan Message Base will operate 24 hours to maintain the port order

  Xinhua News Agency, June 2 (Reporter Zhou Wen) 2nd, Hong Kong police held an opening ceremony at the action base of the Xiangyuan Border Control Station.

  Director, Director of the Hong Kong SAR Government, said that when the opening ceremony, the new port was very convenient to design the port of "human car direct" concept. In order to meet the police challenges brought by the new port, the Hong Kong police set up the Xiangyuan Action Base and the Xiangyuan Surroundage Power Station, which will operate 24 hours, maintain the port order, and be responsible for the police report center in the new port building and anti-illegal entry The operation of the car bottom monitoring system. Deng Bingqiang pointed out that the new port has been working well since the launch of the freight in August last year, and the Hong Kong police have also prepared for the opening of the passenger transport. It is expected that the passenger service can be opened as soon as possible after the new championship, so that the residents of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, continue to communicate.

  The Liantang / Xiangyuan section is the seventh land port of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, officially opened in August last year.

As one of the key projects of Guangdong and Hong Kong, the Liantang / Xiangyuan Waijiao south of the Hong Kong Fanling Highway, Xiangyuan Wheel Road and Shatou Highway, Beidian Shenzhen Luosha Highway and Eastern Transit Expressway, will Shenzhen and Hongdong, The cross-border transportation of south and south is integrated, adding new channels to the convenient circulation of production factors such as Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Danzan District, materials, funds and information.

(Editor: Liu Jie, Liu Ye Ting) Sharing let more people see.

Quanzhou County Public Security Bureau: helpt de promotie van openbare veiligheidswerkzaamheden met Performance Command

Quanzhou County Public Security Bureau: helpt de promotie van openbare veiligheidswerkzaamheden met Performance Command

Een paar dagen geleden geanalyseerde Guangxi Quanzhou County Public Security Bureau Serieus onderzoek, hechten aan de Performance Management Baton als uitgangspunt, strikte discipline, strikte toezicht, innovatieve maatregelen, sterk en ordentelijk, effectief promoten van de County Public Security Team Construction en Anti- Drug, anti-fraude, "Verbeter de nieuwe stappen in het openbare veiligheidswerk.

Verbeter team samenhangende gevechtsvermogen met prestatiebevorderingsteam Houd u aan de partijbouw + prestaties als een start, het aanbrengen van het leidende partijgebouw leidt tot het gebruik van de implementatie van het partijgebouw als het instappunt, met uitvoering als de stroom, focus het leren van strikte management, innovatiemodus Carrier, en pleit voor de Drie aspecten van typische demonstratie, en actief innoveren "Party Building +" -werkmaatregelen Het heeft de kwaliteit van het teambeheer sterk verbeterd en verdere verbetert de cohesie- en bestrijdingskracht van het team. Verantwoordelijk voor de prestaties, Compaction Public Security Work-verantwoordelijkheid.

Ik zal goed werk doen in het werk van de openbare veiligheid als een missie, een verantwoordelijkheid, het leren en trainen versterken en verder het ideologische begrip van de politie verbeteren, de vastberadenheid en het vertrouwen van het overtreden van drugs en fraude en andere illegale misdrijven versterken; de leiders van Het bureau neemt de leiding in de leiding, versterken de verantwoordelijkheid, opwinding, versterken de implementatie van de uitvoering, niet alleen denken, het is noodzakelijk om het voortouw te nemen om het goed te doen, het goed te doen, het publieke veiligheid van het hele land effectief te leiden; Om genormaliseerd toezicht uit te voeren, van strikt, dynamisch en hard werken, tijdig werk; geef het volledige spel aan synthetische gevechtsvoordelen, van anti-medicijn, strafrechtelijk onderzoek, netwerkpolitie, openbare veiligheid, enz. Graven de aanwijzingen en breiden de resultaten uit . Met prestatieniveau, volledig bevordering van de initiatieven van het volk.

Het County Bureau heeft zich altijd nageleefd aan het People-Oriented Theme of "praktische dingen voor de massa’s doen", en blijft "miljoen politieagent" uitvoeren, verslag uitbrengen aan de massa’s, stuur de wet in de school, enz., Luister naar de mensen. Inspecteren van de mensen, het oplossen van de mensen; het maximaliseren van de politie-implementatie in het sleutelgebied, sleutelgebieden van de massa-behoeften, de sleuteltijd, de auto-patrouille van de dag, blijven de "verpleegschool een park" -activiteiten ", waarlijk Laat de massa de politie voelen ARCK, vrede is in de buurt; focus op convenientinitiatieven zoals service attitude, werkproces, werkeffici?ntie, enz., en bevorderen de tevredenheid van de massa’s.

(Wen Chenghui, Wang Xue) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Huang Yumi) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Super School Militaire geneeskunde XHU TUAN: Shengan Bank of Korea

Super School Militaire geneeskunde XHU TUAN: Shengan Bank of Korea

Originele titel: Onthoud hem: Super School Militaire geneeskunde XU SHUPO Offer Nanjing Defensie Oorlog Korea Tijd op 13 december, in een gemeenschappelijk gezin in Tian’an City, Zuid-Korea, een Family Festival Ceremonie en TV in Nanjing, de 2021 Nanjing Massacre National Macout-ceremonie werd in synchronisatie gehouden. In de lage achterkant van de tv-uitzending staat de 87-jarige Xu Guangwei voor de vader van het Chinese nationale revolutionaire leger!

Aan de vooravond van "12.113" dit jaar, Chen Xia Chen Xue, die in de Nanjing Normale universiteit was, en Wang Chen Xue, die een doctoraat bestudeerde van het nieuws en de communicatie van het Mandarijn, "ik ben de afstammelingen van de anti-oorlog ", de Nanjing Defensieoorlog als een Koreaanse militaire arts in de 87e, vecht mijn grootvader Xu Tanpo in de bodem van de rivier en de Japanners en de Japanners, totdat hij wordt opgeofferd." In de vorige historische materialen van Nanjing Defense War en Nanjing Massacre, nooit opgenomen dat de Koreaanse Dialist de daden van Nanjing Hero?sch heeft gedoneerd. Op dezelfde dag kwamen de verslaggever en Chen Chen Xueyuan in contact met de familie van Zuid-Korea, en de afgelopen 80 jaar verleden is geleidelijk duidelijk.

Chen Yueqing, de vader, Chen Yueqing, vertelde verslaggevers dat de martelaren van Xu Shupo in Korea Zhongqing South Road werden geboren. Toen ze jong waren, waren ze bezig met de onafhankelijke oefening van Zuid-Korea. Mr. Jin Jiu blijft deelnemen aan de strijd tegen Japan.

Tijdens de aanbeveling van de Provinciale Afdeling van Jiangsu, na het afstuderen van Jinci, na het afstuderen, was hij in Jin Jiu, en hij werkte in het 19e leger, de 2e divisie en de 87e. Voordat de anti-Japanse oorlog uitbrak, heeft Xu Shupo gediend als directeur van de medische divisie van 87 leraren. Na de verloren Shanghai gingen 87 leraren naar Nanjing, verantwoordelijk voor de verdediging van de zuidoostelijke stad. Na de Nanjing die de oorlog verdedigen, worstelden het Japanse 9e divisie en de partij van het Japanse leger om de 87 divisie-verdedigers aan te vallen, de oorlog was extreem fel, en een groot aantal soldaten raakten gewond door het Japanse leger. Xu Shupo leidde andere militaire arts, verpleegkundige, en hij had de gewonde dag en nacht gered.

Jeugd anti-Japanse geschiedenis geschiedenis Hu Bo volgens de "87e divisie van de ambtenaren" "Nanjing Defense Battle – de voormalige nationale partij algemene anti-Japanse oorlogspromotie", en herstel de laatste 24 uur voor de school van Xu Shupo – 1937 12 In de middag van de 12e ontving Xu Shupo, die werd gered door de gewonde gewonde gewonden, plotseling een bevel over de onderliggende retraite van het leger. Hij kan niet verdragen om meer dan 100 acties langzaam te laten.

Op 13 december, een groep met pensioen naar de volgende Guanjiang-kant, maar hij kon geen rivier vinden. Op de middag doden het Japanse stuurman’s 45e team eerste troepen de waterkant, het kritieke moment, Xu Shupo’s of hoger is resoluut staan, hij schreeuwde: "Brothers! Spelen naar de duivel!" De Chinese soldaat leidde onder Xu Shupo. Ik lanceerde de laatste CounterAntack, het arrogante Japanse leger was tijdelijk met pensioen.

Het Japanse leger mobiliseerde onmiddellijk artillerie voor de suppressie van vuurkracht.

In het overstroomde artillerievuur, Xu Tanpo en de Chinese soldaten om ons heen opeens. Chen Yueqing, introduceerde dat Xu Shupo in de jaren dertig het leger nam om Nanjing te voorkomen, en Nanjing Girl Dai Shaojie was een vrouw, en sindsdien vestigde zich in Nanjing.

Daarom is het in de kritiek op het ‘welzijn van de anti-Japanse oorlog’, duidelijk opgenomen "Xu Shupo" en de oorsprong van "Jiang Su". De deleties en fouten van details maken de latere onderzoekers zich vergissen om te denken dat Xu Shupo Chinees is, hij staat niet bekend als de historische feiten van de Koreaanse anti-Japanse Britse integriteit.

"Van de kleine, luister ik vaak naar mijn familie om te zeggen dat de grootvader uit Zuid-Korea naar China, en aandringt op de heldhaftige anti-japanse-Japanse, en zei het tragische bloedbad van de Japanners in Nanjing." Chen Chen Xue, die werd in 1992 in Zuid-Korea geboren., Met speciale gevoelens met Nanjing.

Na het lezen van een universiteit in Seoul, Zuid-Korea kwam ze naar Nanjing en bleef Master en Dr. lezen .. "Ik ben net aangekomen in Nanjing, ik ging naar de Memorial Hall van het Nanjing-bloedbad in China en de volgende Guanjiang, begrijp de geschiedenis van het Nanjing-bloedbad, en heeft de bloedige orkaan die ik hier heb ervaren." Vanaf 2014 National Missionaris Dag begint, elke "12 · 13", de Xu Guangwei, die ver van Zuid-Korea ligt, zal het openbare festival bekijken en een thuisoffer houden, herdenken Xu Shupo Martyrs, rouwde de 300.000 slachtoffers in het Nanjing-bloedbad..

Vanwege de oorzaak van de epidemie kan Chen Chen Xue niet terugkeren naar Zuid-Korea om deel te nemen aan het gezinsoffer, maar zij nam deel aan Nanjing om de verdedigers van Nanjing en de slachtoffers van het Nanjing-bloedbad te herdenken. "De grootvader werd ge?erd in Zuid-Korea, meer dan 80 jaar geleden, inclusief een groot aantal anti-Japanse privileges in Zuid-Korea en de Chinese mensen, waaronder het Chinese volk, om de Japanse Franse SISI, 80 jaar later te verslaan, zoals Zuid-Korea Anti-japanse de afstammelingen van de Britten, ik herinner me de geschiedenis, het bidden van vrede, verspreidde de echte geschiedenis van het Nanjing-bloedbad, om de kracht van de Chinese en Koreaanse vriendschap te bevorderen, die hun eigen kracht bijdoet om de mens bij te dragen fate community. "Chen Chen Xue zei. □ Onze Reporter Sun Qing Yu Feng Junna (Editor: Xiao Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

The total number of party members of the Communist Party of China exceeds 90 million

The total number of party members of the Communist Party of China exceeds 90 million

This newspaper Beijing June 30 (Reporter Sheng Ruo Wei) The latest party statistics in the Central Organization Department show that as of the end of 2018, the total number of party members of the Communist Party of China was 10,000, net increase in nets, an increase of%.

The party’s grassroots organization is more than 10,000, an increase of 10%. For 70 years in New China, the attractiveness, cohesiveness, and combat power of the Communist Party have been continuously enhanced, and always maintain strong vitality and vitality.

The number of party members continued to grow steadily. The total number of party members of the Communist Party of China exceeded 90 million, which was about 19 times higher than 10,000 in 2010 in 1949.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, about 3.9 million people have been submitted to party applications every year.

Focus on the party’s advanced nature and purity, strictly control the "entrance" of the party members, pay attention to improve the quality of development party members, strengthen the regulation of party members, and the number of party members maintain a smooth situation. The Structure of the Party Members’ Structure Constantly Optimization. Fresh blood is constantly enrichment. Among the existing party members,% is the party after the founding of New China, of which the Party members of the Party of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Party of 1978 have more than 1/3 of the total number of people. The degree of cultural is significantly improved.

The college and above, the party members have reached 10,000, accounting for%.

Female party members, minority party members have continued to improve.

Compared with the establishment of New China, the national female party members have increased by about 45 times, reaching 10,000, accounting by%; minority party members increase approximately 32 times, reaching 10,000, accounting by%, national 55 A minority has a certain number of party members, and the proportion of minority proportion of party members in the five national autonomous regions. The party’s class foundation and the masses are constantly consolidated and expanded.

Workers and farmers are still the main body of the party, accounting for the total number, and the number is 12 times the new China.

During the party membership team, the management personnel, accounting for%, professional and technical personnel, accounting for%.

In 2018, a million party members developed from the production and the first line of the work. The grassroots party organization continues to consolidate.

The number of grassroots organizations in 1949 increased from 1949 to 10,000 in 2018, an increase of nearly 23 times, comprehensively covered various fields. The construction of grassroots party organizations is fully strengthened, and the coverage rate of the organs, institutions, rural and community, and the coverage rate of public ownership enterprises is%.

The party’s organizational coverage and work coverage has been solidly promoted. The country has a party organization in the country to establish party organizations, and Wan Social Organization’s legal units established party organizations. The quality of the grassroots party organization leads the quality of the team.

In the Secretary of the Wankang Village Party Organization, the college, 45 years old and the following accounts account for%, and the leadership of the leadership is%; the generals of Wanxin Community Party Organization, the college degree, 45 years old and below Accounting for%.

The basement of the base is increased. % Of the village,% of the community party building activities have reached more than 200 square meters,%,% of the community implemented special funds for service masses. "People’s Daily" (July 01, 2019) related topics.