Shenzhen’s first batch of 10 "food growth" pilot schools

Shenzhen’s first batch of 10 "food growth" pilot schools

Original title: The first batch of 10 "food growth" pilot schools in our city on November 23, the award ceremony of Shenzhen Sports Pilot School was held in the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Health and Health and Health Participation. The event has been comprehensively summarized in the development of Youth Campus, and the first batch of plaques were issued for the first batch of birth in Shenzhen.

  As an advocate and initiator of the "food prevention" project of the country’s first young campus, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration has conducted many explorations in systematically developing youth campus.

Under the joint efforts of the Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Health and Health Committee and the school, 2021 feeding projects have made great progress, including the establishment of 1 Shenzhen food standard system and curriculum system, preparing the birth standards 5, authoritative food education textbooks, 24 teaching PPT courseware and course video; successively entering more than 1,000 schools in the city, 40 practice activities, 40 practice activities, benefits more than 110,000 students At the same time, a team of more than 400 volunteer lecturers and more than 50 campuse lecturers were established through training; in 2021, Shenzhen’s "food education" project was awarded the 18th Shenzhen Caring Action "Ten The honor of the Creative Project, has achieved good social response.

  At the end of the event, it was held for the "Fulong Primary School, Fuqiang Primary School, Sungang Primary School, etc., held the school’s card" food growth "pilot school.

The pilot school will actively participate in the "food prevention" theme class, practice activities, teacher training, etc. in the next year, play the role of radiation to protect the healthy growth of the children. In the next stage, Shenzhen will continue to promote the "food prevention" project of the campus to the depth development, expand the formation of food science and publicity and education brands that form food safety, eating habits, nutrition and health, food culture, etc., to improve the city’s children’s youth Food safety nutrition health knowledge level and comprehensive literacy, comprehensively enhance the coverage and influence of Shenzhen ‘s "food growth". Shenzhen’s first "food education" pilot school list Fu Qiang primary school bamboo shoot primary school Yantian District Foreign Language Patency Nanshan Experiment Education Group Nanta Primary School Anle Primary School Yucheng Foreign Language Primary School Know Experimental Primary School Pingshan District Jingyuan Foreign Language School Shenzhen Guangming District Experimental School Peng Zhongxin Primary School (Reporter Yi Dong correspondent Shijievi) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhuang) Sharing makes more people to see.

The Office of the Central Committee of the Central Committee issued the "Cadre Personnel Archives Work Ordinance"

The Office of the Central Committee of the Central Committee issued the "Cadre Personnel Archives Work Ordinance"

Recently, the Office of the CPC Central Committee issued the "Cadre Personnel Archives Work Ordinance" and issued a notice requesting various departments to take care of the implementation. Notice indicates that the "Regulations" fully implements the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking and the party’s 19th National Spirit of Xi Jinping, and implement the spirit of the national organization work conference, adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, and adhere to the party to manage the party and strictly The party, adhere to the management cadres, summarizing the new experience of the Party’s 18th National Congress, the new experience, the institutional mechanism, content construction, daily management of cadres’ personnel file work, and use audit, discipline supervision, etc. Improved norms is the basics of the work of various cadres’ files at all levels in the next day.

Notice, party committees (party groups) and their organizational personnel must firmly establish political awareness, overall situation, core awareness, consciousness, in-depth learning and propaganda and implementation of the Regulations, improve political stations, and effectively put cadres’ personnel files as a new era The party’s important ruling resources. We must focus on improving management system, improving working system, refining working standards, innovation work, and comprehensively enhances the quality of cadres ‘personnel file work, continuously promoting the scientificization, institutionalization, standardization of the work of cadres’ files, and serves the construction of the majority of cadres and services. The new great project, serving the new era of Chinese characteristic socialism great cause.

(Xinhua News Agency Beijing November 28th).

Taking the competition to study the county women’s party history knowledge contest

Taking the competition to study the county women’s party history knowledge contest

Recently, Zhongyang County held a "Women’s Heart to the Party Struggling New Journey" Women’s Federation Party History Learning Knowledge Competition Finals, aims to review the party’s glorious history, express the generals of the county women’s party cadre and the women’s love party.

President of the Township Women’s Federation, the person in charge of the WWW, and some of the excellent women’s representatives participated in the event. Finals surrounded by party history knowledge, integral knowledge, interactivity, the content of the topic covers the process of struggle of the Communist Party of China, the party’s theoretical results, party building knowledge, etc., the competition is divided into "personal must answer" group The question of "Respected Question" "Risk Question" four big links. With the proficiency of party history knowledge, each participating team is full, you chase me, calm answer, tension "fractional battle", fully demonstrating the rich knowledge reserves of the contestants, tacit teamwork and good Spiritual style. This event is not only a born party history knowledge competition, and is also a very vivid party history education class. Since the event, the party members and staff cadres have been attached to and widely participated in the county government. It has created a strong party history to learn the atmosphere, and fully played the role of "the history as the training, the people", and innovated the form of learning. Effectively reached the "School History, Sense of Party, Listen to the Party".

The Zhongyang County Women’s Federation will take this event as an opportunity to effectively transform the achievements of learning achievements into the powerful power of the Women’s Federation, and struggle to promote the innovation and development of women in the new era of women, and promote women’s careers. (Cao Haiben Zhu Hongkai) (Editor: Duan Siqi, Zhang Linhan).

Tibet Natural Science Museum "Three District" Science and Technology Talent Service Team went to Changdu to carry out activities

Tibet Natural Science Museum "Three District" Science and Technology Talent Service Team went to Changdu to carry out activities

People’s Daily November 16th (Li Haixia), recently, the Science and Technology Department of Tibet Autonomous Region integrates advantageous resources, combined with the Party School of Tibet Autonomous Region (Administrative College) in Changdu Jiangda County First Junior High School, Niang Xixiang People’s Government and Niang Xixiang The central elementary school launched the "three districts" science and technology talent service activities. During the event, 2 researchers of Tibet Natural Science Museum in Tibet Autonomous Region, Tibet Natural Science Museum and the "Three District" Science and Technology Talents Service Team and Tibet Autonomous Region Party School (Administrative College), Tibet Autonomous Region, Party School (Administrative College) , Launched a giftball propaganda, scientific performance show (elephant toothpaste, magical liquid nitrogen, structural strength, cola fountain, gas ball, obedient water, etc.), science lecture class (birth and evolution of life, Bird’s identification and protection and biodiversity know insects), VR virtual experience class and other activities.

At the same time, the "Three District" Science and Technology Talents Service Team of Tibet Natural Science Museum and the first primary middle school teachers in Jiangda County have carried out a discussion on how popular sciences have held education. In the event, Tibet Natural Science Museum "Three District" Science and Technology Talent Service Team played its own advantage, popularizing natural science knowledge and daily scientific principles to grassroots teachers and students.

Through the live experiment performance with the students, the atmosphere was warm. Ze Reurism, Vice President of Jiangda County First Junior Middle School, said: "The science activities like this are the first time in Jiangda County, the children’s interest is very large, not only popularize scientific knowledge, but also broaden their eyes.

As a teacher, we also benefit from a lot, and I hope that you often come to our school to carry out activities. "The development of this event not only improves the child believes in science, loves science, learning science, and uses scientific ability. It has placed the role of point, but also laid the foundation for their future science concept. At the same time, it is also subtle The grassroots level has advanced "Science and Technology is the first productivity" idea, motivate youth scientific research personnel and scientific workers to go deep into the grassroots, serving grassroots, promoting popularization of scientific knowledge, and realizing scientific research achievements.

Increased science innovation support, leading the development of Tibet’s education, guaranteeing Tibet primary and secondary schools and farmers and herdsmen to receive scientific baptism, improve scientific literacy, and steadily promote the scientific business to the grassroots. In addition, Tibet Natural Resources Protection and Science Development Foundation also donated scientific and technological literary products to the first junior high school and Niang Xixiang of Jiangda County.

(Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Shanghai Pilot "Learning Methode Minu Points" Driver Minus 6 punten per jaar

Shanghai Pilot "Learning Methode Minu Points" Driver Minus 6 punten per jaar

Originele titel: Shanghai Pilot "Learning Methode Minu Points" -driver heeft 6 punten lange tijd verminderd en eindelijk geopend in Shanghai.

De in aanmerking komende bestuurder met een rijbewijs in de Police Police Police-afdeling van Shanghai, open de pagina "Traffic Management 12123", zoek de "Leerwet tot Licent" in het businesscentrum, u kunt deelnemen aan online leren en onderzoek Minus 1 Nadat het examen succesvol is, kan een jaar met 6 punten worden verminderd.

  Eerder interpreteerden Netizens dit beleid als "rijbewijs kan worden afgetrokken door 18 punten." Het Traffic Management Bureau van het Ministerie van Openbare Beveiliging zei dit, deze verklaring is onjuist.

  "Leermethode is verminderd" wordt in mindering gebracht in zijn bestaande cumulatieve scorepunten, niet bij het verwerken van verkeersovertredingen, kan niet worden verminderd door middel van het minimaliseren van de score, kan niet worden verminderd, "elke scoreperiode kan worden verminderd met 6" Het is duidelijk dat De volledige score van de scoreperiode is toegenomen tot 18 punten. Deze hervormingsmaatregelen zijn om de begeleiding van het vervoer illegaal scoresysteemonderwijs te bevorderen, de juiste stimuleringsseffecten van de wet aan te moedigen en bevordering van de bevordering van het bewustzijn van de bestrijding van veiligheid.

  "Traffic Management 12123"-app laat zien dat Shanghai de functie "Leermethode minus" heeft geopend. In januari 2020 vermindert het ministerie van Uitgegeven Ministerie van Openbare Beveiliging "het accepteren van verkeersveiligheidsveiligheidsonderwijs (proefversie)", implementeren van "leerwetgeving minus" -beleid, motorvoertuigen van motorvoertuigen kunnen examens, on-site leerexamen, verkeersveiligheid leren Public Welfare-activiteiten.

Eerder heb ik geprobeerd in sommige delen van Hunan, Gansu, Guangdong, Zhejiang.

Momenteel is Shanghai opgenomen in het pilotbereik. Het is duidelijk dat de leercursus van "Leerwetgeving wordt verminderd door de afdeling Provinciale Public Security Traffic Control, met 12 aspecten van veiligheid die gezond verstand, noodrisico-kennis, verkeersovertredingen, verkeersovertredingen omvat; de onderzoeksbank is het belangrijkste lichaam van de nationale verenigde Vraagbank, alle lokale autonome vraagbanken zijn complementair, elk examen extrahert willekeurig 20 vragen, beantwoordt 18 vragen en hoger.

  Na het accepteren van verkeersveiligheidsonderwijs, voldoet aan het stuurprogramma van de motorvoertuigen de vermindering van de scorevoorwaarden en wordt in mindering gebracht in de bestaande cumulatieve score en kan elke score worden geaccumuleerd met een maximale vermindering van 6 punten. Wie kan deelnemen aan de "Leermissies"? Volgens de relevante regels van de "leerwetgeving" uitgegeven door het ministerie van Traffic Management Board, heeft de reporter vragen en antwoorden van dit beleid. Vraag: Wat is de regel van leermethode? A: Neem deel aan online leren (3 dagen om een ??cumulatief 30 minuten te hebben) en passeer het examen, 1 punt wordt verminderd.

Neem deel aan het leren van on-site (niet minder dan 1 uur per keer) en passeer de test, 2 punten.

Neem deel aan verkeersveiligheidszorgactiviteiten (elk 1 uur), 1 punt wordt verminderd. Vraag: Is het een minimum aantal deelname aan de studie? A: Er is geen limiet aan de limiet. Het bestuurder van de motorvoertuigen zal echter niet blijven deelnemen aan de leermethode nadat een scoriveau wordt verminderd nadat een scoreperiode 6 minuten bereikt.

  Q: Welke gemotoriseerde auto’s kunnen deelnemen aan de vermindering van het leren? A: Met het motorvoertuig bestuurder van de People’s Republic van de Motor Vehicle rijbewijs, geen onderscheid maken tussen het besturen van certificaten, en wordt geen onderscheid gemaakt of de bestuurder van het voertuig te gebruiken, kunt u deelnemen aan de vermindering van het leren en neem deel aan de hoogste snelheid model Overeenkomstige verkeersveiligheid wettelijke en aanverwante kennis leren, examens of de verkeersveiligheid activiteiten. Vermeldenswaard is dat er één van de volgende situaties, en het is onmogelijk om toe te passen om de score te verminderen De laatste score periode, de bestuurder motorvoertuig heeft twee of meer records;. De derde is dat de bestuurder motorvoertuig ontsnapt na de verkeersongelukken of drinkt het motorvoertuig na het drinken of het gebruik gesmeed, verandering motor nummerplaat, rijbewijs, rijbewijs, schoolbus teken of gebruik maken van andere nummer motorvoertuig platen, rijbewijzen, of het kopen punten zijn gestraft, vier is de rijbewijs motorvoertuig bestuurder binnen de stageperiode, of op motorvoertuigen het rijbewijs is te laat, of licentie het motorvoertuig bestuurder is aangehouden Gedurende de opschorting;. vijf is dat er een opgenomen verkeersovertreding in de naam van het motorvoertuig bestuurder; Zesde de motor voertuig dat niet volgens de voorschriften is ingeschreven; Z7 is dat bestuurders van motorvoertuigen deel te nemen aan de verkeersveiligheid onderwijs verkeersveiligheid overtredingen, of bestuurders van motorvoertuigen te verminderen illegaal scoren volledige onderwijs- en examenreglement learning onderwijs examens, er is een vervalsing van. Kan ik het pre-save score door te leren? Vraag: Kunt u de pre-save points te verminderen door leermethoden? A: No.

De toepassingsmethode wordt verminderd, en er moet een score tijdens de resultaten periode en er is geen sprake 3. Er is geen score tijdens de huidige score periode, en de pre opgeslagen score niet kan worden verminderd door te leren.

  Q: Elke scoren cyclus kan worden verminderd met 6 punten, is het mogelijk om de score periode tot en met 18 punten begrijpen? A: No.

"De score van het rijbewijs tot 18 punten" is een onjuiste lezing van de hervormingsmaatregelen van de "Rationaliteit van Traffic Safety Education Reduction Traffic illegale Act". Verminderde scores worden in mindering gebracht in de bestaande cumulatieve score punten van het motorvoertuig, niet in de behandeling van verkeersovertredingen, en kan de pre-afschrijving van de scores niet te verminderen door het leren van de wet, en kan niet worden verminderd met 6 per score periode. "Het is uitgegaan dat de volledige score van de score periode steeg tot 18 punten. Q: Wat zijn de manieren om de wet te leren? A: Neem deel aan de verkeersveiligheid wettelijke en aanverwante kennis online leren, examen, bij het openen van on-site leren, examen, deel te nemen aan de verkeersveiligheid wettelijke en aanverwante kennis ter plaatse leren, onderzoek, bij de opening van het verkeer veiliger openbaar welzijn activiteiten Place, deel te nemen aan de beschaafde verkeer overtuiging, verkeersveiligheid publiciteit, georganiseerd door de openbare veiligheid afdeling, enz.

  Wat zijn de gevallen veroorzaakt door te leren of examen? Q: Wat zijn de belangrijkste inhoud van de studie examen? A: De inhoud van het onderzoek examen bestaat uit: verkeersovertredingen oordeel en case-analyse; verkeersongeval geval waarschuwing onderwijs; verkeersongevallen onderhandelen verwerking Walking kennis; rijweg rijden gezond verstand, slecht weer en complexe road rijden gezond verstand; beschaafd rijden gezond verstand; defensief rijden kennis; hulpdiensten kennis risico; besturen van de geestelijke gezondheidszorg kennis, en andere aanverwante kennis. Vraag: Kunt u een aanvraag voor een test na het voltooien van een studie? A: No. U moet gelden voor de test binnen 7 werkdagen vanaf de datum van voltooiing van het onderzoek. Q: Hoe lang is de lengte van het examen? Wat is het onderwerp? Wat zijn de onderwerpen? Hoe is het antwoord? A: De test is 20 minuten, en het antwoord is langer 60 seconden.

Het systeem zal willekeurig te extraheren 20 vragen van de vraag naar bank, het type onderwerp is het oordeel vraag, single-choice vragen, multiple choice vragen.

Antwoord 18 vragen en hoger is gekwalificeerd antwoord of ongecontroleerd geaccumuleerd 3 vragen, het systeem automatisch vaststelt dat het examen goedkeurende en verlaat het examen. Indien het examen niet is verstreken, kan het worden toegepast binnen 24 uur en de test wordt beperkt tot 2 maal. Q: Heeft u invloed op je studie of examen wanneer u uw mobiele telefoon of test te gebruiken? A: Ik zal be?nvloeden. Als u uw mobiele telefoon leren en examen te gebruiken, zal u van de huidige interface als gevolg van de oproep of andere reden zal het leren of examen worden onderbroken. Q: Wat is de situatie als gevolg van het leren of examen? A: Het is niet verzameld voor willekeurige gevangenneming, de gezichtsherkenning niet wordt doorgegeven, de echte persoon certificering wordt niet doorgegeven, die zich bezighouden met het leren van de verkeersveiligheid wettelijke en aanverwante kennis online, het onderzoek heeft niets te maken. V: Hoe om te gaan met de resultaten van het leerproces examen audit? A: Breng voor beoordeling binnen 24 uur na ontvangst van de resultaten van de audit.

Het verkeer afdeling openbare veiligheid moeten de datum van de 3 werkdagen te voltooien en de evaluatie resultaten op de hoogte. Q: Wat voor soort consequenties zullen worden geconfronteerd tijdens het besluitvormingsproces van het leren van methoden? A: Deze studie is verminderd en is niet effectief; binnen drie scoren cycli, zal de openbare veiligheid traffic control-afdeling niet langer accepteren de vermindering van de score van zijn studie, en zal de wettelijke verantwoordelijkheid van het betrokken personeel volgens de wet te onderzoeken.

  Q: Tijdens de verlaging van de aanvraag, de bestuurder score bereikt 12 punten, kunt u doorgaan met een aanvraag voor een vermindering van het leren? A: No. Volgens de wet Verkeersveiligheid en de uitvoeringsregelingen, is de score 12 punten bereikt in een score periode, en de traffic control-afdeling openbare veiligheid wordt vastgehouden door de licentie het motorvoertuig bestuurder. De bestuurder motorvoertuig wensen deel te nemen aan de verkeersveiligheid wetten. Leren en het aanvaarden van examens.

Als het examen is gekwalificeerd, wordt de score gewist, en de licentie het motorvoertuig bestuurder worden verstuurd waarop het examen is ongekwalificeerde, blijven deelnemen aan het leren en onderzoek. (Verantwoordelijk: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Textile industry is steadily and toward high quality development (new viewpoint)

Textile industry is steadily and toward high quality development (new viewpoint)

Growth%! In 2020, my country’s textile and garment industry has exported billions of US dollars, a year-on-year growth, and a total of 1 percentage point in the export of national goods trade.

The stable release of export competitiveness is the depth adjustment of my country’s textile industry and enhance the epitome of development quality.

Recently, at the 15th annual meeting of the China Textile Table Forum hosted by the China Textile Industry Association, the Secretary General and Secretary General of the China Textile Industry Association said that despite the influence of the epidemic, the total amount of textile industry declined year-on-year, but Thanks to the online sales, intelligent manufacturing and stable industrial chain supply chain advantages, there is still no short-eyed performance in the textile industry – "Lift" – From the growth rate, from January to November last year, the above textile enterprise industry The increase in increased value increased in the first half of the year, and the first half of the first three quarters, and a percentage point; from profit It has also increased a percentage from the same period of the previous year.

"Warm" – Thanks to the rise of online sales, my country’s textile industry has a remarkable trend in China’s textile industry in the second half of last year.

According to the national statistical bureau data, the retail sales of the goods in the unit clothing in the national statistics is gradually narrowed from the year to November by more than 30% year-on-year. "Increasing" – Under the pulling of the anti-epidemic prevention materials such as masks, protective clothing, my country’s export competitiveness is stable, and the export scale is close to the industry’s best level in 2014.

Gao Yong introduced that from the scale, the total amount of fiber processing in my country accounts for about 50% of the world. The chemical fiber production is about 70%, and the total export is about 1/3; from the perspective of comprehensive ability, my country’s textile industry chain from the door variety , Output quality, production efficiency, autonomous process technology equipment, etc., generally reached international advanced or leading levels. The "Strategic Research of" 2035 Promotional Strong Strategy Construction "released in the Chinese Academy is shown that the textile industry has become one of the industries where my country is in advanced in the world. How does the textile industry have high quality development during the "14th Five-Year Plan"? Gao Yong said that the key is to enhance the start of scientific and technological independent innovation, the brand is still soft, the main capacity of green development, the ability to control the manufacturing system, solve the industrial chain supply chain short board.

"The textile industry should achieve the upgrade of ‘creation’ to ‘make the fine’, and finally to ‘improve’, truly achieve accurate manufacturing, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing." Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics In view of single loyalty, we should continue to promote the high-quality textile equipment of R & D intelligence, improve efficiency, performance and digital level, truly realize automatic perception, smart decision, automatic implementation, and actively develop service textile manufacturing, promote personalized custom production model. Production and manufacturing, "green", it is necessary to recycle waste products, but also to reduce production process energy saving. "In the past, the textile industry was more concerned about end pollution control, and next to promote the whole process control, it is targeted to perform precision pollution.

"Tsing Tsinghua University Environmental College said Wen Zong Guo said.

Textile products are more "excellent", strengthen the development of overall production technology, and open up the market with high-end products.

"The new materials should be fused, new technology and domestic demand upgrade trends, and develop high-end textile-forming products with high function, easy care, and antibacterial health, and continuously improve quality and technological added value, and open up new market demand. Gao Yong said.

Survey showed that nearly 80% of young people in Taiwan believed that the network overbank situation was serious

Survey showed that nearly 80% of young people in Taiwan believed that the network overbank situation was serious

Xinhua News Agency, October 21st (Reporter Xu Ruixing Chen Juxing) Taiwan Child Welfare Union announced the survey on the 21st, nearly 80% Taiwan adolescents believe that the network is serious, more than 20% of respondents said that they have suffered from online domain, 26% Teenagers who have suffered online overbear have thought about hurting themselves. According to the survey, Taiwan adolescents use the network daily time for hours, which increased significantly from last year. As you are using network time multiplying network time, the network overbaling problem is highlighted. The survey found that the most common ways of Taiwan network overbear include inexplicable or accusations of others, and receive information or messages from others to deliver fierce criticism, and is disseminuted or rumored by others.

The most frequently occurred platforms in online overbreaks are communication software, followed by social networking sites. The overbreth is mostly 80% of classmates or friends, followed by strangers, more than 20%.

Bai Lifang, executive director of Taiwan Child Welfare Alliance, pointed out that young people have high dependence on networks, easy to have social anxiety, encounter network overlooking, and it is easy to have negative emotions. According to the survey,% of the Taiwan youth suffered an angry when the network is overlink, and% feels sad and frustrating, 48% feeling anxiety.

It is worth noting that more than 80% of the interviewed teenagers feel that you can trust parents or teachers, but when you actually encounter, only% will report the teacher or parents,% people say no Will ask anyone for help, nearly 60% of people think "say it is useless", four hundred people "is afraid of the more dealtit, the worse", the worry of the teacher’s handle is even higher than the worry of retaliation or crowding.

Bai Lifang said that young people encounter increasing network overlooking, needing to cooperate with schools, parents and adolescents.

It is recommended that the school strengthens the anti-BRC policy, teachers should strengthen the tutoring skills of handling children; parents should establish and maintain their support relationships for children, become the role of children’s trust and willing to help; adolescents also control the time of using social media, Reduce the repeated contact of the network platform. (Editor: Cui transhorge, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

The party member of my side (74) was in Datong: The responsibility of a traffic law enforcement personnel

The party member of my side (74) was in Datong: The responsibility of a traffic law enforcement personnel

Today, "Party Members’ Story" Short Video Collection Activities will introduce the 74th collected works.When the Dajiang was on duty, he received a help phone. A passenger lost his child’s school bag on a taxi. He sat comfortably, asked about the ride information, through querying the monitoring video, etc.The story like this happened every day. He said, "I just made a law enforcement personnel should do." Now let us approach the Sixth Brigade of the Changchun City Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement DetachmentCaptain in the Dajiang, listening to his story … storytee: Changchun City Transportation Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Sixth Brigade Three Squadron Captain Yu Dajiang Story Tellors: Changchun City Transportation Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Detachment Sixth Brigade Song Zhurent.

Qingzhen City held a reward election of the two people’s congresses in the city and township

Qingzhen City held a reward election of the two people’s congresses in the city and township

On November 8th, Qing Town City Township Secondary People’s Capital Election Work entered the voting election stage, Fu Tao, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Director of the Mayor Wu Yongkang, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Yang Yulin, Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Party Secretary Liao Yuyang , The CPPCC Chairman Wu Zharong, with the identity of ordinary voters, respectively, to the local selection political rights, exercise democratic political rights, and elected representatives of the 7th People’s Congress of Qing Town. The four major teams related to leadership comrades participate in voting in their respective selection.

The voting scene, the staff detail the voting steps, and the methods and precautions fill in the ballot have been described in detail. After the voters carefully fill in the ballot, they will go to the voting box before the changing box, and the whole election site is in order.

On the morning of the 8th, Comrade Fu Tao came to the polling station. After completing the epidemic prevention flow of scan code, temperature measurement and registration, the voter certificate is handed over to the staff, and the ballot will be collected under the guidance of the staff. Listen carefully, Detailed to understand the status of the candidate, so I solemnly vote in accordance with the electoral process.

On the morning of the 8th, Comrade Wu Yongkang came to the Pingzi Village, the first hundred and twenty-selection area of ??Qingzhen City, and carefully understand the status of the candidate. Vote for yourself. On the 8th, there were 1224 ticket boxes in Qingzhen City. Through the difference of the difference, 243 new Municipal People’s Congress will produce 684 people in the township people.

(Yang Hongjin, Yao Jiachang, Peng Kegui, Wang Lei) Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Promoting the common prosperity of all people is a long-term task

Promoting the common prosperity of all people is a long-term task

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "We have always firmly determined the people’s position, emphasize the eradication of poverty, improve people’s livelihood, and realize common prosperity is the essential requirements of socialism. It is an important manifestation of our party and the party and government. "The" Tenth Five-Year Plan "and the 2035 long-term target program should be clearly suggested," the comprehensive development of people, and all the people have a more prominent progress ".

  How to comprehensively, accurately understand common prosperity? How can I better achieve common prosperity? From now on, this column launched a series of comments and discussed with readers. – Editor’s development of China’s development, and the common prosperity is always a warming. Built the largest social security system in the world; to make a comprehensive victory in the poverty, the current standards are all about 100 million rural poor people in the country, the Chinese miracle is shocking, not only on scale and speed, but also always adhere to the common prosperity, let The development of sunshine is moving into everyone’s life.

  Common wealth is the essential requirements of socialism and is an important feature of Chinese style modernization. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "must promote all the people’s common prospects, the foot, the earth, for a long time, and make efforts to this goal more actively.

"In the process of moving towards modernization, we have always adhered to the people-oriented thinking, always adhere to the development of the people, develop relying on the people, developing results by people, pursue" to make reform and development results more more equally, all the people " Common wealth, highlights the correct development concept, modernization. Realizing common prosperity is not only an economic issue, but also a major political issue of the relationship between the party’s ruling; not only the development goal, but also our party persisted wholeheartedly for the party’s fundamental purpose Important reflection. After the reform and opening up, our party profoundly summarizes the two historical experiences. Recognizing that poverty is not socialism, breaking the traditional system, allowing some people, part of the region first rich, promoting the liberation and developing social productivity. Party Since the 18th National Congress, the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping’s core is gradually achieved, and the people who have gradually realized all the people are more important. Take a strong measures to protect and improve people’s livelihood, win the poverty of the poverty, and build a well-off society in an all-round way, in order to promote common prosperity Created a good condition. Now, we are moving toward the second hundred years of struggle, adapted to the major contradictions of our society, better meet the growing needs of the people, must promote all the people’s common prosperity as the people’s happiness Focus, constantly consolidate the party’s long-term ruling foundation. Correctly understand the historical orientation, it is the fundamental basis for our way of setting the route policy. Considering that China is still in the primary stage of socialism, it is still developing countries, the development imbalance is not enough. Still outstanding, therefore, the promotion of all the people’s common prosperity is a long-term task. It is fully estimated to have a long-term, arduous, complexity. To see that realization of common prosperity is a process of developing forward in dynamics, impossible It is impossible to join.

Common wealth is not simultaneous, regional, urban and rural and individuals have normal differences. It cannot be required to require all regions. All people are wealthy; common wealth is not equivalent to wealth, can not require different regions, different people have reached the national consistent income And living standards.

"Wealthy" reflects efficiency, requires big cake, "common" to reflect fairness, requires 50 cakes, our pursuit of common prosperity is equity efficiency and fairness, and divide the cake in the process of continuously doing big cakes, promoting high quality development Common prosperity.

  Common wealth is the wealthy of all people, not a few people’s wealth, nor is it averaged averageism, and it is necessary to promote common prosperity in phases.

This must have a long-term vision, but also have a pragmatic action; there must be a target awareness, and there must be a process awareness; both have a common goal, there must be a personality path. The actual situation of each place is different, the development level is different, and it is necessary to consider the needs and possibilities. Because the development goals are set up due to local conditions, the policy design arrangements are made in accordance with the law of economic and social development. At the same time, it is also a realistic task to achieve common prosperity. This work cannot wait. We must consciously actively solve the problem of regional gap, urban and rural gap, income gap, promote the comprehensive development of society, promote social fairness and justice, let development results more and more equatant and all people, constantly enhance the people’s sense, happiness , Security, let the people really feel that the common prosperity is not just a slogan, but it can be seen, touched, realistic.

  For the people to make happiness, for the rejuvenation of the nation, it is the starting point and the foothold of our party leaders’ modernization. Adhere to the people-oriented thinking, promote common prosperity in high quality development, we must bring together 1.4 billion Chinese people’s magnificent power to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.