Free directional cultivation of cultural relics, the general talent is worthy of praise

Free directional cultivation of cultural relics, the general talent is worthy of praise

  Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and other five departments issued the "Implementation Measures for the Training for Free Orientation of Cultural Relics".

It is pointed out that in 5 years, Shanxi will use targeted enrollment, free training, and directional distribution to transport 600 general talents in the cultural relics of the grassroots level below the county, and directly prepare for the career after joining the job. As an ancient civilization with a history of 5000 years, there are many Chinese cultural relics, but there are scarcity of related talents in the protection of cultural relics. Especially in grassroots cultural units, the problem of talent shortage is even more prominent.

This not only seriously affects the development of cultural protection, but some cultural relics have even suffered irreversible damage due to the lack of cultural protection talents. As a province of cultural relics, Shanxi, 53,875 non -moving cultural relics, of which 531 key cultural relics protection units are ranked first in the country. The pressure of cultural security talents is obviously huge. Talent, and the reason for the direction of the grass -roots literary units.

  Archeology and cultural relics have always belonged to unpopular disciplines and occupations in traditional cognition. Studying and practitioners must not only bear loneliness, but also make preparations for poor life at the material level. This is very similar to the situation of grass -roots rural teachers, and the policy of free orientation of cultural relics in Shanxi this time, the directional training of the long -term implementation of grass -roots rural teachers, is also the same.

  By exempting tuition fees, accommodation fees, teaching materials fees, internship fees, and distribution of living subsidies, and supplemented by supporting supporting policies, they can attract a number of outstanding young people to participate in the cultural security field in the field of cultural security in the case of the majority of candidates who apply for civil and warranty. Learning, this is the urgency of the scarcity of the talents of the foundation of the foundation, or it can have an immediate effect.

For other provinces with similar problems, you may also refer to the initiative of Shanxi. In addition to free orientation training, we must also establish a long -term stable talent team for grass -roots literary units to avoid the loss of talents attracted through the early "welfare".

  On the one hand, in order to increase the attractiveness of the relevant positions in the cultural units, especially the grass -roots areas, no longer allows young people to feel that choosing this profession is equivalent to entering the "Leng Yimen" and sitting on the "cold bench". Cultural relics are priceless. Talents engaged in cultural relics discovery, protection, and use should also be worthy of "priceless" treatment. Only by treating people and retaining people can make talents be recruited more. On the other hand, it is necessary to increase the propaganda of occupations such as cultural relics and make more young people fall in love with traditional culture and cultural relics. For example, you can use the online platform that young people love to launch historical and cultural programs, which is probably a better "enrollment advertisement" than targeted training policies.

  The cultivation of cultural protection talents is not a matter of overnight, but also requires relevant supporting work. For talent training, according to the needs of the grass -roots units to personalized customized courses, in terms of talent use, they must provide them with good room for growth and rise, so that people can do their best and attract more outstanding students to choose to become a directional cultural relics all the full cultural relics all the full cultural relics. Division of talents, the road of directional training mode will naturally go wider and wider. Make full use of free orientation to cultivate the time of the talent model of cultural relics, and continue to make efforts in the aspects of treatment and increase publicity. Step.


5 cars, innocent "lying guns", men’s wine, scratched roadside vehicles

  Partially drawn injured vehicles. Yubei police for the map of Hua Long Net – New Chongqing Client Recently, in Yubei District, Chongqing, a man trailed along the street, causing 5 cars to be damaged, afterwards Northern police arrested. On the morning of November 11, the Huang Mud Police Station of the Public Security 上海工作室品茶论坛 Bureau of Yubei District received a number of people reported 上海杨浦区会所 in the jurisdiction, saying that their car was scratched with a sharp buffer.

After the on-site investigation, the police found that the surface of the hood surface of the five cars has varying degrees, and individuals were scratched by one meter.

  The Huang Mudu police station found in the investigation, 22 o’clock on November 10th, a man is squatting along the street, scratching the hood of multiple cars when passing through the vehicle in the hand, then The man went into a car repair shop and did not go out. The police immediately went to the car shock, only used the suspect in work, Wang. According to the suspect Wang, the company got a dinner on the evening, drinking with colleagues with colleagues, and people have been drunk, and they didn’t 上海逍遥网论坛 expect that they had passed the key to the key. The car, I also feel very embarrassed to scratch the behavior of others.

After the police mediation, Wang took the initiative to apologize to the five owners involved in the vehicle, and reached a compensation agreement, and then the police also conducted a legal education for Wang. (Reporter Yin Jianhong).

Wuhu: The International Talent Group Innovation and Development Network Symposium was held

Wuhu: The International Talent Group Innovation and Development Network Symposium was held

  Recently, the 2022 State -owned Talent Group Innovation and Development Network Symposium was held.

As the first talent group in Anhui Province, Wuhu Talent Development Group was invited to participate in the meeting. With the continuous advancement of a new round of state -owned state -owned enterprises, the formation of development talent groups has become one of the new issues for the optimization layout of state -owned assets. The event was targeted at the heads of central enterprises, provincial, provincial, provincial cities and key cities, and human resources service companies, such as the heads of state -owned system enterprises, well -known scholars in the human resources field, and some heads of state -owned assets supervision departments. At the meeting, Wuhu Talent Development Group’s main responsible comrades made a keynote speech entitled "Vigorous Implementation of the Ziyunying Talent Program Actively Innovating the System and Mechanism of Middle Urban Talent Development Work". Since 2021, the Wuhu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have focused on the "main battlefield" of talent work, vigorously promoted the reform of the system and mechanism of the talent development system, accelerated the implementation of talent priority development of the main strategy, and introduced the "Ziyunying Talent Policy". The number of talents and quality in the city has further improved the number of talents and quality, and the indicators of talent development ranks among the forefront of the province.

In 2021, the city attracted a total of 74 high -level scientific and technological talents, 150 leaders, and 1500 high -end talents. On May 20 this year, Wuhu’s first Ziyunying Talent Day event was successfully held. During the event, the main leaders of the Municipal Party Committee issued a contract of "Ziyunying" talent, and launched specific measures for Wuhu to build a regional talent center and an innovation highland. Ziyunying Talent City Experience Course.

The event attracted more than 12 million people to watch, and 10,000 college students participated in the talent experience voucher online.


China and Yuehai police launched the second northern part of the North Bay Sea in 2021 

The reporter learned from the China Sea Police Department to deepen the relationship between China and Yuehai police, promote bilateral marine law enforcement pragmatic cooperation, jointly maintain the order of China and Vietnamese 上海水磨娱乐会所论坛 Bay, and recently, China’s sea police and Vietnam’s sea police have carried out the 嘉定品茶spa second north of the year in the year.Bay waters joint cruise.

It is understood that 上海学茶艺哪里比较好 the joint cruise is the 22nd joint cruise actions carried out in the North Bay waters since 2006.

Next, China and Yuehai Police will continue to cooperate in the framework of "China Sea Police Station and the Vietnam Sea Police Command" framework, strengthen the cooperation of marine law enforcement exchanges, and jointly safeguard the safety and stability of the northern bay.(Xinhua News Agency reporter Liu Xin).

"Expensive" "Millennium One Change": The change in the north of "Zunyi Metropolis Circle" (below)

"Expensive" "Millennium One Change": The change in the north of "Zunyi Metropolis Circle" (below)

  Recently, the "expensive" online theory interview show hosted by the Office of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Party Committee Network Security and Information Commission Office entered the Zunyi City, with the perspective of "change of urban", seeing the "four new" main attack "four The path of "".

Huang Wei, deputy secretary of Zunyi Municipal Committee, Huang Wei, Huang Yong, Vice President of Guizhou Social Sciences, was interpreted by Zunyi City, and the construction of "Zunyi Metropolitan Circle" is a traction and promoting industrial integration development, struggling to promote the province’s high quality development. " Innovation practice of dual-core driver. Workers produce workshop sorting hot pot base pack in Zunyi City, a pepper industrial park. Huang Wei introduced that Zunyi will in-depth study of General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Guizhou’s important speech spirit and provincial committee’s major decision-making deployment, focusing on "four new" main attack "four), promoting high quality development.

At present, the industrial structure of "231" is conducive to the promotion of new industrialization with green food industry, Zunyi will be based on resource endowment, play a relatively advantage, focus on the first industries with high quality tobacco and alcohol, and do a big strong basis. Material, Advanced Equipment Manufacturing, Ecological Features Food "Three Main Industries".

At the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city’s total industrial output value realized a multiplication goal, reaching about 600 billion yuan.

Zunyi must do the total economic volume, pay more attention to quality development, can provide more employment for the masses, with sustainable income. The Huayao Village in the mountains is beautiful. Huang Wei said that Zunyi’s rural revitalization, aiming at the goal of "the national forefront, western model, Guizhou first", through the implementation of specialty pastoral country integration demonstration, building a Zunyi model of rural resolution, and constructs Zunyi Rural Revitalization Standard System.

Zunyi has promoted the new urbanization and new industrialization depth integration, providing more employment opportunities for new citizens of urban residents and easy relocation, providing more paths to happiness.

Zunyi is a breakthrough in the construction of the national cultural park in Long March, and vigorously promotes the development of tourism industrialization.

In the first three quarters of this year, Zunyi City received more than 828 million tourists, achieving a comprehensive evaluation index of nearly 84.2 billion yuan, tourism industrialization, ranking second in the province.

In response to the level of marketing supply in the tourism industry is not enough, the comprehensive benefits of tourism industry are not strong enough, Zunyi will accelerate the market reform involving state-owned enterprises, introducing quality strategic partners, live idle and inefficient project assets, Comprehensively enhance the standardization and market construction of the tourism industry. Zunyi City scenery.

  Huang Yong said that Zunyi City implemented a new concept of development and came out of a road to high quality development in line with itself. Zunyi should gather together to build the rise of the double city economy circle and Guiyang Gui’an, Anshun Metropolitan Circle.

Accelerate the development of the core drive, multi-point support, and do the big county economy. Accelerate the construction of the modern industrial system supported by the entity economy, and firmly establish market awareness, pay attention to market-oriented, optimize business environments, so that the market entity is more dynamic and motivated, inserted with high quality development. Wings.

Sange Park in Zunyi City.


Exchange intends to further tighten the city to vote bonds issued policy

Amount of reading: Exchange intends to further tighten recent city to vote bonds issuance policy, including measures to restrict its area of ??new city to vote bonds issued credit, the company the city voted bonds to borrow 上海普陀区夜生活论坛 the amount of discounts and other new-old, but bankers these policies may also feedback adjust.

Reporters learned from a number of brokerage investment bank, the recent exchange intends to further tighten the city to vote bonds issuance policy, including measures to restrict its area of ??new city to vote bonds issued credit, the company the city voted bonds to borrow the amount of discounts and other new-old, but investment bankers also fed these policies may also be adjusted. Regulators have tightened the city voted bonds trend "and the exchange of communication today (November 17), there are changes caliber.

"Many bond market participants told reporters.

There are brokerage investment banking sources said: "these policies did not see specific documents, the city voted debt financing policy has always been this way, almost all window guidance, but only to report the project, to release the record before we know can not be made.

"Shanghai, a brokerage investment banking official said, reported recently in the exchange of a few northern Jiangsu area county to vote bonds project was stopped, some of the new borrowing for the old city to vote bonds issue size is ask for a discount.

"For example, corporate bonds repay the city to vote bonds, maturity scale is 1 billion, 1 billion have been made ready, but now can only send 800 million, remaining only City Investment Company itself. Because the policy change suddenly, this bond funds may have arranged the subjects of pressure.

"The foregoing brokerage investment banking sources said.

Another brokerage investment bankers the feedback, look at the situation according to the project report, the main exchange to be divided according to the size of investment and debt ratio of local revenue of the region overall stock of the city.

The high proportion of the region can only city to vote bonds issued by the new-old, but the issue size to be discounted, some directly is not granted.

"City Investment policy this year is to save the amount of debt, control increments, the stock is now also faced with compression." A large brokerage bond financing department official said.

The parties, in a district of the county responsible for a central part of the capital city to vote bonds issuance for the first time, the original purpose is to return the interest-bearing debt, but the current limit by. There are small brokerage in Beijing debt underwriting investment bank staff told reporters that the recent tightening of the SFC and the Stock Exchange does have the city to vote bonds and real estate debt trends.

"Real estate debt has been very strict, and now the city voted bonds is close to the form of real estate debt." He said.

Why regulatory requirements for fund-raising purposes from the city to vote bonds to repay interest-bearing liabilities was changed by the new-old, the broker bond underwriting sources said, regulators intention is to limit the size of new corporate bonds, stocks bonds digestion. City Investment bonds issue size actually slowed sharply this year, regulators regulatory policy for the whole city to vote bonds tighter.

Earlier this year, exchanges and banking Dealers Association referring to the Ministry of Finance of local government debt risk classification on the city to vote bonds sub-file trial, but sub-file list is not made public, and for the different stalls of issuers, the regulation of its use of proceeds have different restrictions. Such as red shift suspend approvals, yellow file only by the new-old, green stalls without restrictions. The so-called local government debt risk level, the Ministry of Finance based on a risk assessment of the legal situation around the government debt and comprehensive debt and other debt risk will be divided into red (debt ratio greater than or equal to 300%), orange (debt equal to 200% greater than, less than 300%), yellow (debt ratio greater than or equal to 120%, less than 200%), green (less than 120% of the debt) four levels, sequentially from high to low risk. "This list is not announced, and the internal Exchange Dealers Association and is confidential, only a few people have permission to see. In general, after the project report will go to someone special than a list, if the file yellow hair debt used to supplement working capital, dealers Association, the Exchange will notify the main load-bearing, for fund-raising purposes to be modified.

"Shanghai a large brokerage bond underwriting sources said. In late April, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the listing of corporate bond issuance review guidelines. Guidelines put forward, mainly in urban construction of local state-owned enterprises (hereinafter referred to as urban construction enterprise) reporting the issuance of corporate bonds, shall comply with the relevant provisions of local government debt management, not the new local government debt to raise funds for other than the stock of debt repayment of corporate bonds, the issuer shall disclose details of the proposed repayment of the stock of debt, and promised to repay the debt does not involve stock local government implicit debt. guideline also said that urban construction enterprise total assets of less than 10 billion yuan or below the issuer rating of AA (inclusive), should combine their respective levels, business scale, profitability, balance sheet structure, cash flow assess their business situation such as solvency and prudently determine the corporate bond disclosure program, and take this time to adjust to declare the size of corporate bonds, adjusted use of proceeds for repayment of the stock of corporate bonds and other debt protection measures to strengthen the ability of the issuer.

After tightening policy, City investment company debt growth had slowed down.

Data show that as of November 17, this year the city voted bonds issue size trillion, an increase of 7%, the growth rate has 上海水磨全套qq群 slowed down significantly compared to the same period last year. At the same time, this year the city voted to terminate the audit of project bonds increased significantly.

As of November 17, 2021, a total of 303 corporate bonds this year to terminate the review project, which the city voted bonds 164 projects, involving an amount billion.

City investment rating from the body point of view, AA and AA + larger amount, respectively, million and billion.

From the logic of the current city to vote bonds regulatory policy point of view, the subsequent pressure weak area, weak qualification platform facing greater. Considering the decline in revenue from land sales, No. 15 of the city voted to tighten the flow of credit, financing of non-standard pressure drop, and then superimposed to tighten the policy 上海贵族宝贝油压 of the city to vote bonds, liquidity risk multiple platforms under the influence of weak qualification needs attract attention. Editor: Wang Jing statement: Xinhua Finance is a national financial information platform undertaken by Xinhua News Agency. In any case, the information released in this platform does not constitute an investment recommendation. Xinhua Finance Statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment recommendations.

Investors should operate accordingly, risk borne.

"Only this green" Yanqi Lake opened the park yesterday

"Only this green" Yanqi Lake opened the park yesterday

Original title: "Only this green and green" Yanqi Lake opened yesterday’s newspaper (Reporter Wu Wenjuan) Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Yanqi Lake Scenic Area that the Yanqi Lake Scenic Area opened the park yesterday morning.

Visitors can choose various ways to play with flowers, green, mountain climbing, cycling, and hiking around the lake. Entertainment facilities such as cruise, speedboats, entertainment sports cars, and rapid development are also open to tourists. At present, the ticket price of the scenic spot is 45 yuan, and the student ticket is 22 yuan. According to the relevant person in charge of Yanqi Lake, the Yanqi Lake Scenic Area has previously launched a ticket upgrade and transformation. The scenic area has been closed since January 20, 2022.

At this stage, multiple self -service ticket purchase machines were added to the east gate and north gate of the scenic area for purchase and redeeming ticket services. A total of more than 20 smart ticketing systems were added, which greatly improved the ticket purchase efficiency of tourists. The gate has been changed to all new experiences, bringing more convenient experience to tourists. At the same time, in order to ensure a safe tourist environment for tourists, we will conduct security inspection on entertainment project facilities from March 1, and comprehensively eliminate the outside environment of the scenic area, and make full preparations for the opening of the garden to welcome customers. In addition, this year’s scenic area opening activities will be wonderful, and it will take the "Han Yun’s Youth Season · Fun Yanyan Lake" as the main line.

The scenic area focuses on the two focus of Hanfu and Guo Chao culture. The theme atmosphere and the atmosphere of activity are set up to highlight the inheritance of excellent traditional culture and show deep cultural heritage, so that the majority of tourists can understand the national tide culture and experience the national tide culture in the play.

On March 19th and 20th, the "only green and green" Hanfu dance performance show will be arranged at the main entrance of the scenic spot to give tourists a national style feast.

At the same time, the two -day "Finding Flower God" punch -in -card campaign will also be launched at the scene and pop -up dance on the spot.

A number of Internet celebrities with the theme of Chinese characters were set up at the scene to create a strong atmosphere of the national style and national tide at the atmosphere of the national style.

During the event, there will also be four major sections of offline Hanfu performances, finding flower god interactive games, online celebrity punch points, and traditional cultural interactive experience. Among them, there are experience projects such as live printing, ancient papermaking, and group fan production. The content of rich content, attracting big friends and children who love Chinese civilization, can truly achieve the effect of teaching.

  In addition, the cute pet park in the scenic area will continue to be open, and you can contact cute pets such as alpaca, sika deer, long hair rabbit, pet donkey and other cute pets at close range to start a natural exploration journey to visit magic animals. Photography/News reporter Hao Yan (Responsible editor: Li Nanhua, Yang Di) shared to let more people see recommendation reading.


2021 Hangzhou "Exceptional Mount Handsome" (Biomedical) Science Fair held in Qiantang District

  At the Poly Confucian, the leading enterprises from the 10 bio-pharmaceutical industries from all districts and counties (cities) in Hangzhou, have cooperated with 10 universities and research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, including the Shares of Mingfeng Medical System. Ltd., Hangzhou Jienui Fei Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Lingke Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. and other money.

"’Unveiling the monks’ mechanism is really very good.

It is through it, and our success and the research institute of basic medicine and tumors in the Chinese Academy of Sciences have reached this cooperation.

I hope that it will play a greater role in the future. "The founder of Lingke Pharmaceutical, Chairman and CEO of Wan Zhaokui.

Another seven key projects launched a "reward order", including the "second-generation targeted muscle pine antagonist AOM0498" clinical research and industrialization of the 上海后花园花千坊 second-generation targeted muscle pine antagonist AOM0498 "released" . The list has been issued by about 500 million yuan. On the same day, Hangzhou Biomedical Medicine "Unveiled" Innovation Sharing Center was also formally established. The center is located on the 1st floor of Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Port Biomedic Accelerator, will give full play to the agglomeration advantage of Hangzhou Biomedical Industry, and become a bridge and link between government services to promote the listings and talent unveiling. "The center will operate in a line on the line." The center-related person in charge introduces that the online relying on the Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Port Biomedical Innovation Service Platform to release technical needs and innovative resource sharing information, and the underline will 上海贵族宝贝自荐419 carry out "unveiled" negotiations " , Demand docking, innovative salon, pharmaceutical business line, etc., realize the double line "unveiling" and resource docking.

  Qiantang grabs the new opportunities of digital reform, and the first biological medicine production is formally released in the event site. The platform is divided into two parts: governance and the server, and the digital empowering industry is integrated with talent deep. It is worth mentioning that the event site, Qiantang also started the evaluation criteria for biomedical talents, which is to refer to the in-depth implementation of the talent evaluation system to improve the talent evaluation system. The evaluation system uses the three-dimensional portraits of seven dimensions such as industrialization, marketing, and innovation. It has made more biomedical talents stand out and fully stimulate the innovative entrepreneurial vitality. The event also sets an negotiation area.

Shanghai Drug Research Institute, China Academy of Medicine, Science and Technology Institute of Chemistry and Materials Science, National Institute of Science, National Institute of Science and Technology, and Hangzhou Yuli Chi Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Project exhibit. Representatives of major universities, research institutes and financial institutions were docked with the company’s responsible persons to promote the transformation of scientific research results. It is understood that since the implementation of the "unveiling of the exclusive"

Next, Qitang will continue to firmly implement the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, and do a good job in the "unveiling of the list", better instructive innovation and create vitality, promote scientific and technological innovation, gather all kinds of talents, and strive for Zhejiang high quality for Hangzhou Development and construction of the common prosperity of the city example provides science and technology power and talent protection. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

The National Flag Guardian of the University of Macau holds a series of activities to promote the "May Fourth" spirit

The National Flag Guardian of the University of Macau holds a series of activities to promote the "May Fourth" spirit

People’s Daily Online, Macau, May 12 (Reporter Fokoki) The National Flag Fighting Fire of the Macau University of Macau recently organized a series of activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Youth League and the 103rd anniversary of the May 4th Movement, promote the spirit of the "May 4th", inherit patriotic love Australia Core value. "Entering the campus" first station exchange activity came to Jianacus Saint Heart English Middle School in Macau.

The guard of honor promotes the national flag culture and patriotic and loved the spirit of the national flag through the national flag cultural knowledge lectures, team introduction, and step -by -step display display.

The flag -raising bearer of Shengxin English Middle School showed neat pace and accurate flag -raising control capabilities. Students of Shengxin English Middle School said that the event allows them to understand the national flag knowledge and culture more deeply. On the basis of respecting the national flag and protecting the national flag, it enhances the sense of mission and pride of guarding the national flag. The 4th Macau University National Flag Guard Council and Ribbon Awarding Ceremony has completed the re -election and transfer of new and old players a few days ago, commending the premium guards who have performed well in the past year.

Mo Qiming, Vice President of Macau University, affirmed the important contribution of the Australian flag guard to the spread of patriotism education and national flag culture. He hoped that the team members would pass the five -star red flag’s immortal salary no matter where they were.

On May 4th, the National flag guard of the University of Macau held the ceremony of "firmly inherited and worked forward" May 4th Youth Festival. , To spread the baton of the national flag culture. (Responsible editor: Wang Yuzheng, Chang Hong) Share let more people see it.

"Ik vergeet het initiatief niet, houd rekening met de missie", laat de feestvlag fluffen in de Mengniu-zuivelindustrie

"Ik vergeet het initiatief niet, houd rekening met de missie", laat de feestvlag fluffen in de Mengniu-zuivelindustrie

General Secretary Xi Jinping Wees erop: "Ik vergeet het eerste hart niet, ik ben altijd altijd geweest, de initiality en missie van de Chinese communisten is om geluk te maken voor het Chinese volk en de Chinese natie te doen herleven.

Deze initiality en missie is om de Chinese Communisten te motiveren om de fundamentele kracht voort te zetten. "Realiseer het geluk van mensen, het land is rijk, nationale verjonging, zich houden aan het leiderschap van het feest, versterking van de constructie van de partij is een lange afstands rode lijn. De 20-jarige ontwikkelingsgeschiedenis van de Mongoolse zuivelindustrie, het feestgebouw is sterk en de ontwikkeling is snel.

Als een gemengde eigenaar is de MENGNIU-zuivel "onvergetelijk, onthoud de missie" thema-onderwijs en vereist dat elk feestlid een banner wordt, het voordeel van de partijbouw in het ontwikkelingsvoordeel van ondernemingen transformeert.

Sinds het thema-onderwijs van "Ik vergeet het eerste hart niet, onthoud de missie" Het onderwijs bevordert de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit in de onderneming.

Ik vergeet het eerste hart niet, werp een geschiedenis van de 20 jaar van de partij die sterk, de geschiedenis van de Mongolum en de geschiedenis van het feestgebouw bouwt. Het bedrijf werd opgericht in 1999. Op dit moment hebben 39 productiebases Nationwide opgericht, en 2 productie in het land. Basis, er zijn 61 productie-installaties, met een jaarlijkse productiecapaciteit van 9.51 miljoen ton, met 40.000 werknemers. In 2018 waren de totale activa 66,4 miljard yuan, en de omzet van de verkoop was bijna 69 miljard yuan en de belastbare belasting 7,4 miljard yuan.

Na 20 jaar snelle ontwikkeling is de Mengniu-zuivelfabriek gegroeid tot onze leidende melkondernemingen, met succes de zuivelindustrie in de wereld. In 2000 richtte Mengniu-zuivelfabriek de Party Branch op; in mei 2001 werd de Partijcommissie opnieuw opgebouwd. De configuratie van de partijorganisatie is geavanceerd als aanpassing van de productie- en bedrijfsstructuur van het bedrijf.

Als een grootschalige onderneming in de innerlijke Mongoli?, kijk de lay-out van het land, naar de wereld, Mengniu consolideert "drie basisprincipes", gewetensdienst "vier synchronisatie, vier coupletten", persistent "waar het bedrijf heeft ontwikkeld en waar het bedrijf heeft ontwikkeld is de organisatie van de partij. " Op dit moment heeft het MENGNIU-zuivelfeestcomité 4 secundaire partijcommissies opgericht, 7-partij totaalsteun, 85 partijtakken en 1309 communistische partijleden.

In de 20 jaar snelle ontwikkeling is het feestgebouw altijd de "hoofdmelodie" van de Mongoli-zuivel.

Doe goed in het feestgebouw, redden een rijk "rood huis" voor de Mengniu-zuivelindustrie, bracht een enorm immaterieel actief.

De Mengniu-zuivelfabriek heeft de typische trendy activiteiten gepasseerd en maakt gebruik van dingen rond mensen en infecteert werknemers.

Op dit moment heeft de Mengniu Dairy meer dan 100 "Mengniu-mensen", ‘Mengniu Workman’ gelanceerd, vele malen in Binnen Mongoli? om aandacht te schenken aan de goede lijst, China’s respectieve persoonslijst, won de erelitel van Hohhot Moral Model.

Mengniu houdt zich altijd aan de Party Building en Business Diepth of Integration, Time en Time Nogmaals het bedrijf om een ??haasje-ontwikkeling te bereiken.

Party Building Work Mengniu houdt zich altijd aan om de productie en werking te dienen zonder te vertrekken, om de bedrijfseffici?ntie te verbeteren en hun concurrentiekracht te verbeteren, waardoor de waarde van activa wordt verhoogd als bedrijfsondernemingsfeestorganisaties het startpunt en het eindpunt. Mengniu Dairy Door "Nuclear Family" Party-merk te cre?ren, markeerden Grassroots Party-gebouw in de productie en management en bevordert en bevordert de unieke voordelen van productie en management, de volledige implementatie van de verantwoordelijkheidsoppervlakte en 党员 示范岗 speel de rol van Vanguard en voorbeeld rol van party-leden en grassroots Party-organisaties, Enterprise Hervorming en Development Resultures Party Inspection Work and Combat Effectiviteit. Mengniu Dairy Leg uit 20 jaar ontwikkeling, partij die sterke, sterke ontwikkeling is. Als mixed-eigendom bedrijven, is Mengniu Party Building-voordelen in ontwikkelingsvoordelen van exploratie ook de moeite waard om te overwegen.

Onthoud onze missie, "RED-MOTOR" om de bedrijfsontwikkeling te leiden voor de verdere implementatie van de centrale implementatie, de vereisten van Cofco Party Group en Hogere Partij-organisaties, Mengniu Dairy Party Comité, wordt bewust uitgevoerd "niet vergeet het vroege hart, onthouden Onze missie, "het thema van het onderwijs, inspanningen in het versterken van theorie bewapend en hard werken, onderwijs, onderzoek, onderzoeksproblemen, implementatie van het rectificatie-thema dat door het hele proces van onderwijs, het initiatief om te handelen, de moed om te handelen, Om het thema van de effectieve werkprestaties van het onderwijs weer te geven.

Thema-educatieve activiteiten in de cursus, Mengniu Dairy Party Committee Party-leden om zelfstudie te nemen, de Partij-organisatie Theory Study Group Learning, Project-Based Learning Party Committee, Warning Education en andere meerdere leerstijlen, en verdere verbetering van het ‘vier bewustzijn’ stevig "vier vertrouwen" "twee onderhoud."

Mengniu-zuivel praat expliciet over de politiek, de algemene situatie in het ontwikkelingsproces, het concept van win-win-samenwerking, hecht aan gezonde concurrentie en ontwikkeling, handhaaft de ecologische gezondheid van de industrie.

In een gemoedstoestand meer hard werken, de constructie van China’s zuivelindustrie internationaal concurrentievermogen, Foster World Mengniu Dairy merkbewustzijn.

één punt implementatie, de implementatie van negen punten.

Werkelijke Mengniu-zuivel, Mengniu zuivelmedewerkers hielden een speciaal feestcomité door het Congres aan de Grassroots Party-leden en bedrijfsonderzoek, het verzamelen van gemeenschappelijke problemen die de ontwikkeling van ondernemingen beperken, de werkmassa’s zijn sterk warme en moeilijke problemen. Kwesties rond het onderzoek Gevonden werknemers Kwesties van de grootste zorg, inspecties gevonden problemen die terugkijken, implementeren van de inventarislijst van de rectificatie, met het daadwerkelijke bedrijf en het uitvoeren van speciale rectificatie, dalen een kleine prima, één met één rectificatie op zijn plaats.

Ondertussen, "de Social Social Security, Fund lokalisatieprobleem," "Slechte personeel helpt probleem", "Personeelszorgprobleem", "Personeelsverblijfsproblemen" weerspiegelen vier kwesties meer prominente stand enacte verandering. Zorgvuldige studie en plannen, organiseren en implementeren en implementeren.

Om "hoogwaardige, internationale, anti-risico" te bevorderen van de aanmoediging van partijleden en kaders algemene zaken van de openstaande kwesties in strijd met de bepalingen van de geest van de acht centrale focus van sanering aan de rectificatie van "graswortels Partijorganisaties zijn zwak en laks "en andere kwesties, Mengniu Dairy blijven bestaan ??in het leren door te doen, op school doen, de wetgevende macht enacte verandering, echt leren door te denken, Kap Unity, zodat calcium sterke botten, wortels en versterkende standaard. Op elk niveau, lagen van implementatie. Bij het doen van diepte zorgvuldige en sterker in de Party Building Mengniu Dairy Mengniu Development om een ??"rode motor" te bouwen om te bereiken had saldi van feestbouw en bedrijfsontwikkeling. Born sterker, doorzettingsvermogen om ” The World’s Runderen ‘te cre?ren,’ ‘Food to Milking First, to the melk voor de veiligheid.’ Mengniu zuivelschouder De glorieuze missie van het revitaliseren van de zuivelindustrie van het land en de zuivelindustrie om de verantwoordelijkheid voor voedselveiligheid te handhaven, het gezicht van felle marktwedstrijdomgeving, MENGNIU-zuivel, het "begin van het hart vergeet niet, onthoud onze missie sterker, "het stevige vertrouwen, de concrete actie" ‘s werelds bull "cre?ren. De zuivelindustrie van China is gezond, sterk en integraal onderdeel van de nationale industrie, de revitalisering van de zuivelindustrie van China is verheven tot een "nationale strategie". Mengniu zuivelstroom, de moed om te handelen, en actief leidde de partners van de industrieketen om de banner te dragen van het herinvakken van de zuivelindustrie, via de "136" projectlanding, dat wil zeggen, "een grote strategische lay-out, het drie grote serviceplatform, koppelen De zes initiatieven "bevorderen de structurele hervormingen van de melkvoorziening, de armoedebestrijding en de praktijkprecisie-industri?le revitalisering van plattelandsarmoede en het strategische plan en geven ondernemingen en boeren en het gezamenlijke mechanisme van Herdsen ten goede, de ontwikkeling van de zuivelindustrie. Well-off kan niet leven zonder melk van hoge kwaliteit, National Revival kan niet doen zonder hoogwaardige nationale zuivelindustrie. General Secretary Xi Jinping benadrukte dat "voedselveiligheid van de gezondheid van de mensen en het leven, moet zich houden aan de strengste normen, de strengste verordening, de meest ernstige straffen, de meest ernstige verantwoording, en effectief de wettelijke capaciteit en het niveau verbeteren." Om de algemene secretaris van de ‘vier meest serieuze’ te implementeren, Mengniu zuivel hele industrie keten met een eersteklas ervaring en wetenschappelijk managementsysteem om de kwaliteit van de productkwaliteit en veiligheid, standaardisering weide management bedekking, 4Q kwaliteits- en veiligheidsbeheersysteem voor te waarborgen Mining Lifecycle Management, intelligente chemische kwaliteitscontrole en marktcirculatie van het hele proces van kwaliteits- en veiligheidsbeheersysteem, dus de hele keten van multi-link en het effectief verbeteren van het kwaliteits- en veiligheidsbeheer, van het einde van de bron tot eindproces en vervolgens naar de Veiligheid en veiligheid van de terminal. Vanaf de voorhoede van de binnenlandse ranglijst, de top tien van de zuivel van de wereld, werd Mengniu de eerste Chinese aan buitenlandse verkoop van zuivel, melkprijzen tegelijkertijd om de hele distributieketen overzee uit te voeren. Zoals Cofco gespecialiseerde bedrijven en een leider in de Chinese zuivelindustrie, reageerde Mengniu Dairy positief op het land "langs de weg" initiatief, in de loop der jaren bleven we actief samenwerken met landen langs de zuivel en de resultaten behalen. Van Nieuw-Zeeland naar Indonesi?, Mengniu uitgebreide lay-out, het besturen van de markt, Mengniu Dairy heeft 5000 verkooppunten in het buitenland overschreden, bereikte de omzet bleef stijgen in het aandeel van China, Hong Kong, Zuidoost-Azi? en andere plaatsen.

Hoe tijden veranderen, Mengniu houdt zich altijd aan om naar het feest te luisteren, dan met de overtuigingen van de partij, en actief nieuwe manieren van partijbouwwerkzaamheden verkennen en streven naar het politieke voordeel van de partij in concurrentievoordeel voor Enterprise Development. Geconfronteerd met de toekomst zal Mengniu nog steeds in gedachten houden van het vroege hart, laat het feestvlag hoog vliegen in het bedrijf, erfgenaam "rood gen", om "’s werelds vee’ te cre?ren, geeft een onuitputtelijke motiefkracht.