Roundup: multi-national scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy to undermine global efforts to fight the epidemic

Roundup: multi-national scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy to undermine global efforts to fight the epidemic

  Xinhua News Agency Beijing May 31 review power: multi-national scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy to undermine global efforts to fight the epidemic Xinhua News Agency reporters recently, the US government, some of the media and a handful of experts together to set off a new round crown new virus "laboratory leak" speculation conspiracy theory, also claimed that the use of so-called intelligence forces to carry out his investigation of viral origin.

Multinational experts have said the new virus crown "lab leak," said a lack of evidence to support the need to find answers to the origin of the virus in a positive atmosphere, confrontational way will undermine the global efforts to fight the epidemic.

  "Wall Street Journal" recently quoted a report called "intelligence," said the Wuhan Institute of Virology three researchers in November 2019 seriously ill in hospital, "consistent with the new crown infection and symptoms common seasonal diseases."

According to this report clamoring for China to investigate. Professor Matthias Grau Park Lecht director of the University of Hamburg, Germany Natural History Center recently in an interview with local media, said that could not be verified, "Wall Street Journal" reports in the so-called "intelligence" is real, what content or evidence. Currently discussions are based on "hearsay." Grau Park Lecht said that this argument with the current findings contradict public. China – New research on the origin crown virus World Health Organization Joint Expert Group has learned that Wuhan Institute of Virology staff did not show any infection when in November 2019, they also found no new blood crown antibodies, indicating that these workers had not infected Virus.

  New research on the origin crown virus WHO international expert group, University of Sydney, Professor Dominic Dwyer told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview that the US intelligence agencies so far could not get any useful information.

Dwyer said that the US President Biden said that reports he received from intelligence agencies is contradictory, "in my opinion, which show that there is no clear evidence, otherwise in the end what happened at a glance." Jeremy Farrar, director of the British Wellcome Trust, said in a statement a few days ago, the answer to the new crown of viral origin and can only find a reliable scientific evidence, there have been too much speculation and no data or evidence to support the theory.

  Many scholars believe that the politicization of science will not help efforts to find out the real origin of the new virus crown, scientists from various countries will undermine cooperation on traceability research. Eco-American Health Alliance China and Southeast Asia science and policy adviser, an epidemiologist Hume Field, a written interview with Xinhua News Agency in an interview with reporters, said the politicization of science "will only arouse suspicion and mistrust, fundamentally undermine the fight against the new crown virus, a global effort to defeat this epidemic needed. " Executive Director of the WHO emergency health projects Michael Ryan a few days ago at a press conference he stressed that the current traceability throughout the process has been political poison, "the WHO put the current situation, we are trying to carry out scientific work is very unfair," "we demand that science and politics are separated (traceability in the study), so we need to find answers in the appropriate positive atmosphere."

  British "Nature" magazine website recently published report quoted the Scripps Research Institute virologist Christian Anderson’s words, there is no strong evidence to support the new crown virus "laboratory leak," he said he worried that "hostile "requires investigation of Wuhan Institute of Virology of behavior would be counterproductive, because it sounds like some kind of allegations. The article also quoted the US Center for Global Development think tank in global health expert Amanda Glassman as saying, "We need to consider the greater good, and allow us to focus on the above incentives toward the front line in the desired direction," "take confrontational way will only make things worse. " (Write Reporter: Zhang Ying; participation Reporter: Zhang Yirong, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Jiawei, Hao Yalin, Jingjing, Liu Song) (Editor: Liu Jie Yan, Liu Ye Ting) Share allow more people to see.