Specialty small town control quantity quality (policy interpretation)

Specialty small town control quantity quality (policy interpretation)

  The National Development and Reform Commission, Natural Resources, Ecological Ministry, etc. In terms of the development of national specialty small towns, 13 specific indicators were proposed. "Guidelines" refinement presents the construction standards of specialty small towns, standardized management measures and the red line requirements of the bottom line, aimed to promote the development of specialty towns in the road to regulate healthy development.

The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Planning Division said.

  Blind development has been reversed Zhejiang Huzhou, Deqing Geographic Information Town Collection of about 400 industries top enterprises and scientific research institutions, focusing on satellite navigation, smart travel, etc. The industry is constantly agglomerated; Sichuan Chengdu, Wenjiang "Sanqi" research and development specialty town attracted 62 medical medical medical research and development projects … Construction. "Many boutique specialty small towns have become a new platform for new places of economic high quality development, new support for urbanization construction, urban and rural integration development.

According to the person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, there are about 1,600 specializes in the provinces in the provinces. A total of approximately 4.4 million employment. However, in the process of construction and development, some areas have concept confusion, the connotation is unclear, leading the industry Weak and other problems. Shi Yulong, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the small town reform and development center, in recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission has continuously promoted the standardization of specialty small towns, proposes normative management measures to clean up false virtual "specialty town".

After correcting, the list of special small towns in various regions is initially established. At present, in 31 provinces, 19 provinces list less than 50 inventories, blind development phenomenon is reversed.

  The "Guide" clarifies a number of normative control requirements, generally adequate operational guidance, facilitating the consolidation of the results of cleanup corrections in the previous stage, and correctly guide the normative health development of specialty towns. Quantitative indicators clearly build the requirements "Guidelines", the specialty town is the emerging industrial layout form generated by the modern economy to a certain stage. It is a mini-industrial collection area of ??the planning land. Non-traditional industrial parks.

It should be insisted on less and fine, and the special direction is to establish the leading industry under the premise of the objective and actual basic conditions. feature.

  "The deviations and problems in the development of specialty small towns are mainly concentrated in two aspects. First, the space location, scope and layout are missing, and the second is the characteristics, qualitative and vitality of the industrial development, and the problem of industrial development. It is often closely related to the space problem. "Zhang Weiwen, a professor of the School of Public Administration, Zhejiang University. "Guide" mainly proposes 13 specific indicators from both aspects.

  There are mainly 5 indicators in space. That is, the size of the planned land area is not less than 1 square kilometers. There is no more than 5 square kilometers in the upper limit of planning land, and the construction land area in planning land is not less than 1/2 square kilometers, and the construction land is occupied. It is not more than 30% than in principle, and the control is controlled below 25%, and the green coverage is not less than 30%. There are main eight indicators in terms of quality. That is, the characteristic industry investment accounts for no less than 60% of the total investment. The construction of the construction land during construction is not less than 2 million yuan / mu, and the labor productivity is not less than 200,000 yuan. People, a single special small town absorbed the employment number of employment people in principle not less than 2,000 people, the construction of the tax payment is not less than 100,000 yuan / year, "three new" economic added value accounts for the proportion of total production value. Less than 20%, advanced manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, creative design, digital economy, etc. The investment intensity of the research and development funds is not less than%, and the number of cultural tourism specialty small towns receiving tourists is not less than 500,000. / Year .

  "Prospecting the land limit of the construction land land construction area in specialty small towns is the spatial basis for ensuring the industries, functions and morphology of specialty small town.

"Shi Yulong said that specializes in the miniature industry aggregation area, requires a certain construction site as a support.

The National Development and Reform Commission has shown that existing small towns, each construction area exceeds 1/2 square kilometers, and the average is about square kilometers.

  It is clear that the land limit of the construction land is also an important basis for cleaning up the false "characteristic small town". To develop, the false "specialty town" is mainly the monomer project and the administrative building town. Some places have named "specialty small towns", or named the administrative town of dozens of square kilometers. For "special small towns", they have deviated from the essence and core connotation of the specialty town. Strictly prevent real estateization tend to reflect, it is hoped that the national level is desirable to scale quantitative requirements for the proportion of residential land distribution in the construction land of the small town. Otherwise, all regions are unable to prevent the characteristics of real estateization in specialty small towns, and may have respective interpretation, standards First, the remains of the deformation. "The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Program.

  Indicators are scientific settings based on actual needs. Construction land in specialty small towns is mainly used in the development of the characteristic industry, and the residential land is mainly used to meet the needs of employment staff and occupational balance requirements.

The residential land occupation of most of the provinces in all provinces is less than 30%, and the total number of residential land occupied by the national towns in 2019 is about 38%, according to the maintenance of the native town of the town. The proportion is set to in principle no more than 30%, which is a relatively reasonable choice. "Specific small town does require a certain proportion of living space, but the proportion of residential land is too high, often crowded industrial space, affecting the superior elements of specialty small towns to attract agglomeration, carrying out the high-end industry and intensive efficient utilization space, and even leading to real estateization. The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Planning Division said that the "Guidelines" proposed the size limit of the construction land of the small town and the upper limit of the residential land proportion, which is an important measure to prevent the deformation of the specialty town. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Planning Division pointed out that 30% of the control value is the highest, not the average. Implementing the list management system According to the "Guidelines", the development of special small towns must strictly abide the bottom line of the compliance, strictly implement the permanent basic farmland, and the ecological protection red line, three control lines of urban development border; strictly guard the bottom line of the ecological and environmentally friendly, strictly prohibit illegal violations, It is strictly forbidden to dig the lake, destroy the natural ecology; strictly abide by the debt prevention and control bottom line, the county-level government statutory debt risk early warning area must not be treated by the government; Operation and maintenance process safety risk control system.

  Zhang Weiwen said that the implementation of unified management of specialty small towns is conducive to unified policies, regulating development, and prevents falling. "Guidelines" further clarifies that the small town will establish a full-life management mechanism, and there should be a list of special small towns in this province. In the case of less than $ 10,000 in the list, there is no more than 50 inventory of the provision of less than 10,000 US dollars, and it is encouraged to control within 30. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s plan, said that the national development and reform committee will continue to guide its dynamic adjustment and survival of the storm; a few provinces with a large number of small towns have been established but specialized small towns have been established. Coordination guides it to reduce the quantity, improve the quality; urge the list of issued procedures to meet the approval procedures, and determine the list as soon as possible.

If you have not included in the list of special small towns in all provinces, all units must have a "special small town" or start construction. For the false "special small town", a simple real estate development such as the wrong-named town, a small real estate development and other projects, and the virtual "special small town" that stays on the paper and has not started construction. Governments at all levels must promote immediate distonyness and remove publicity content.