The total number of senior high school entrance examination has increased to 70 points on-site exam sets 22 options

The total number of senior high school entrance examination has increased to 70 points on-site exam sets 22 options

Original title: in the examination sports scores increased 70 points reporter Li Wei Niu Qi Yao-kun "Beijing compulsory physical education and health appraisal program" 9 officially released. According to the program, compulsory physical education and health, including the appraisal process of assessment and on-site examinations of two parts, score 70 points, included in the move out. The sub-grade transition program, and gradually open until full implementation.

Municipal Education Working Committee, the City Board of Education spokesman Li Yi said that the reform program through the whole process of compulsory education, emphasizing the eligibility, selection of weakening; strengthen the process, to encourage the taking part. Site examinations of 30 points Class 4 22 motion classification limit is selected with the previous test in the same sport, on-site examinations still faces ninth-grade students still score 30 points.

Examinations for the municipal examination, carried out by the organization in charge of the district.

Exam time is from April to May. The content of the examination have a greater adjustment to take selected classification limit the way, students have more options, including the quality of the project and athletic ability project, a total of four categories of 22 set content of the examination, each candidate for each type of test a total test 4.

  The first class quality of the project as a compulsory item 1, examine students’ endurance, the contents of 1,000-meter run (male), 800 m run (female), accounting for 8 minutes.

  The second category focuses on the quality of projects 2 power, terms of speed, agility, coordination, evaluation, including a pull-up (male), Xieshen chin (female), dips (male), sit-ups (female), solid ball 1 minute rope skipping, in-situ Mogao vertical jump, standing long jump, an optionally candidates, accounting for 8 minutes.

  The third category focuses on exercise capacity 1 project or confrontational collective projects, in addition to the original "three ball" Football, basketball, volleyball, the new "two small ball" table tennis, badminton, optionally, a candidate, accounting for 8 point. The fourth category 2 focuses on exercise capacity personal items, including a combination of gymnastics parallel bars I (male), a combination of gymnastics parallel bars II (female), gymnastics skill set I (male), a combination of gymnastic skills II (female), fitness set of Chang Quan, fitness Nanquan routines 100 meters swimming, optionally an examinee, accounting for 6 minutes.

  "Students are able to select as to compare his own good, interesting projects, greatly increasing the chance to get better, to get out of.

"Li Yi said that the program reflects the students’ interests and respect for the right to choose autonomy, moderate classification and combinations can guide students to get collective cooperation against competition, more complete sports accomplishment of personal skills," we will be according to the specific program the implementation of dynamic research, adjustment, and constantly improve the set up of the project, to achieve a scientific and rational state.

"Process Assessment accounted for 40 points physical education and health appraisal program to test the first new sports and health knowledge increases announced process of evaluation. Evaluation subjects from the original junior high school students adjust to the fourth grade, six, eight students.

In primary and secondary schools for all students to carry out an annual basis National Student Fitness test, based on the grades four, six, eight junior high school test results are included in the test score.

  Assessment process includes assessment student’s health, physical education and health knowledge examination in two parts. Among them, physical health assessment is currently running for many years "National Student Physical Health Standard (Revised 2014)" test, including body mass index, vital capacity, 50 meters to run, sit and reach, one minute skipping 1 minute sit-ups, not students have specific segment of individual indicators and weights by the district responsible for system testing, evaluation time of year four, six, eight first semester, each evaluation score of 10 points, a total of 30 points, good reach and more than you can get out. Sports and health knowledge open-book exam, by the district in accordance with the requirements of the city’s unified organization students to participate in computer-based testing and assessment time is the second semester of eighth grade, accounted for 10 points, the aim is to enable students to understand the necessary health and safety and sports knowledge. "Increasing the accumulation process of evaluation, reflecting the small convergence, urging students to exercise from an early age." Li Yi said, due to increase scores and increase the process of assessment weight, encourage students to actively participate, will be able to participate in the score.

  Now two days of middle school students still follow the original test program of sports and health appraisal program will be divided into transition year, and gradually open. 1, granted in September 2021 promoted to the eighth grade nine student, which is now the second year, third grade students still follow the original sports in the examination policy. 1, granted in September 2021 promoted to five, six, seventh grade students, which is now the fifth grade, sixth grade, first grade junior high school students, only participated in the eighth grade assessment process of a total of 20 points, ninth grade test site 30 minutes , total score of 50 points.

1, granted in September 2021 promoted to third and fourth grade students to participate in the sixth grade, eighth grade Assessment process, a total of 30 points; 30 points in ninth grade on-site examinations, a total score of 60 points.

1, granted in September 2021 promoted to first and second year students, participated in the fourth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade Assessment process, a total of 40 points; 30 points in ninth grade on-site examinations, a total score of 70 points.

  Li Yi said, for the protection, implementation and evaluation of sports reform health assessment, the city has been selected Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Mentougou, Daxing, Huairou District 7 as a pilot area, students start monitoring the amount of exercise daily. Pilot areas will form a team of experts to take on the daily amount of exercise intelligently student data analysis, to explore the development of scientific evaluation exercise, exercise intensity and so on.

After the pilot mature, the city will further explore the single physical health assessment and monitoring of daily physical activity combined, "if the child daily physical activity, heart rate and other indicators can reach a certain score, the integration into the process of evaluation, that is to say as long as the children every day all sports, and will be able to score. "In addition, the city will to colleges and universities to solve the problem of teachers, venues, study and formulate the scene examination standards and regulations, the process of assessment management practices, establish a sports and health knowledge repository, the construction process assessment management platform, detailed study of injuries, transfer, and other specific waiver approach to special circumstances, be considered in the comprehensive examination rules, Fufen standards.

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