Solve the difficulty of traveling into the road, four priority to promote traffic poverty alleviation

Solve the difficulty of traveling into the road, four priority to promote traffic poverty alleviation

People’s Network Beijing December 22 (Wang Zi) 22nd, the State Council Information Office issued the "sustainable development of China’s traffic" white paper, while holding a press conference, introducing and interpret the main content of white paper. Liu Xiaoming, deputy director of the Ministry of Transport, said that the Ministry of Transport adheres to four priorities, poverty alleviation project priority, poverty alleviation fund priority, poverty alleviation work priority, poverty alleviation measures are prioritized, and the traffic poverty alleviation is promoted with super conventional initiatives.

Liu Xiaoming pointed out that the Ministry of Transport has arranged more than 10 million funds for car purchase tax, supporting road construction in poverty-stricken areas, driving the investment in the whole society, more than 10,000, new funds, new projects, new initiatives, Tilting to the deep poverty-stricken area such as "three districts three". During the "13th Five-Year Plan", a total of 247.6 billion yuan of car purchase tax was arranged, supporting the traffic construction of "three districts and three states", accounting for 30% of the same period of transportation, this is a joint effort, the poverty area "Foreign Inline, Tongcun Hui Township, Bus to Village, Safe and Convenient" is basically formed.

One is to solve the difficulty of travel.

Newly rebuilt rural roads, including 1.1 million kilometers in poor areas. The total mileage of rural roads reached 10,000 kilometers. The poverty-stricken areas have added 10,000 build villages to harden the road, achieving all of the towns and towns and construction villages.

The second is to open a large artery. The county in the poverty-stricken area basically realized the coverage of the second and above, many of the poor counties have also communicated the high-speed roads and the high-level inland channel network of the dry support. Some places have also passed the railway. There is an airport. The third is to turn the microcirculation. Realized the conditional township, all passenger cars, the postal, rural logistics service guarantees, and the network is constantly improving.

The fourth is to get rich road. The traffic has led the characteristics of the industry, and the special small town is flourishing. It has formed "Traffic + Characteristic Agriculture + E-Commerce", "Traffic + Culture + Tourism", "Transportation + Employment + Public Welfare Post" model, of course, there are some other The new model increases hematopoietic function in poverty-stricken areas.