Various "Waste" is "warm" China’s energy-saving green guaranteed horsepower

Various "Waste" is "warm" China’s energy-saving green guaranteed horsepower

[] Do not burn coal, do not boil, do not burn, sewage, and domestic garbage can also change "waste". In Shandong Jinmao Bay Community, such a story is staged. Take the island sewage treatment plant from this kilometer, the process-processed medium water is delivered to the new energy center of China and energy saving Sea Blue Shanyuan, after the water source heat pump host, extract heat in the medium water, and then transferred to the residents of the community.

  As a central enterprise with energy-saving and environmentally friendly, China Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Energy Saving") is fully committed to picking up green energy.

Using water source heat pump technology, the heat in the river, the river, and the seawater is the heating of residents; using the recycling branches, straw abandonment to combustion power generation, the heat generated is the heating of residents; the garbage is burned, producing green electricity, High-temperature high pressure steam will be produced instead of coal-fired small boilers for industrial enterprises. Since October, China’s energy-saving horsepower has been opened, dosing and dosing, with a supply capacity of more than 23,500,000 square meters, a year-on-year growth of more than 2.4 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase. Qixia is the main origin of Yantai Apple. Every year, there will be a large number of apple branches that have been trimmed. It is unable to dispose of the biomass power generation project. It is acquired from the farmers in the hands of the farmer. It is used to combustive power generation, and then extract steam pressurization. Send it into the urban pipe network to heat it for the public.

Its subordinate biomass power generation project is responsible for the heating task of the main city of Qixia City. The current heating area is about 10,000 square meters. The number of heating houses is 10,000 households, which increases 10,000 square meters in the same period last year, and increases the number of households 516. Behind this is the high-efficiency conversion of the central enterprise focused on the renewable energy to save energy. Since this year, China’s energy saving has accumulated a cumulative heating area of ??19.38 million in regional energy supply. The total amount of hot heat in this winter is expected to reach 5.58 million o’clock, and the year-on-year energy saving rate exceeds 30%.

  Not just heating, high-temperature high-pressure steam produced by waste incineration power generation can also replace coal-fired boilers for use in industrial enterprises. China’s energy-saving surrounding Solid Waste Ecological Circulating Industry Park covers eight processing systems such as garbage power generation, kitchen, heating, and sludge, and handling the waste heat generated by domestic garbage in the guarantee of the units of the park, for 81 plate materials Enterprises, 2 heating hot water enterprises, replacing more than 130 plate companies coal-fired boiler, which can save more than 40,000 tons of coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of more than 70,000 tons.

  Data show that since the preservation, China’s energy-saving belongs have accumulated metrophotometrical measures to ensure a positive contribution to the basic life of the masses. While heating, gas supply, China’s energy saving increases green electricity supply. On November 2nd, China’s energy-saving site was successfully grid-connected. On November 15th, China’s energy-saving, Changle County, Changle County, China’s life, garbage, power generation project, successfully realized the first grid power generation … This year, China’s energy conservation Increasing 20 garbage incineration power generation projects, it is expected that there are 8 wind power projects at the end of this year to achieve full capacity grid, total 695MW.

  In order to ensure the safety and stable operation of the new shipping project, China’s energy conservation has passed the key to the "upgrading and efficiency of the help work", establishing the help mechanism of the designation of the designation point to help, the regional part of the region, through the "new and old project production value Templage ", set up specific ways such as" New Project Test Help Special Class ", so that the new shipping projects achieve smooth transition, improve equipment operation rate, and fully guarantee the unit to open, more distribution, accumulated power supply billion kWh , Increased year-on-year.

  Since the preservation, China’s energy-saving wind power, the total photovoltaic power generation has also reached a new peak, and only the average power generation of wind power has increased by 70% year-on-year.

The subordinate wind power area company is based on the situation of regional wind resources, and fully optimizes the work arrangements in time dimensions, and quickly carries out the maintenance of the power supply, quickly carrying out regular maintenance, technical transformation of power generation equipment, and strives to maintain a good operation in good operation. Wind Power Gansu Mav Mountain Second Wind Farm Project 4 months in advance to achieve full capacity grid power generation, which can transport green electricity for green electricity to the grid every year.

  The improvement of green energy supply side efficiency also depends on digital management. China’s energy-saving subdominal solar company has continuously improved the ability to clean energy by deepening intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation and upgrading, and has about 100 million degrees of power generation since October, with a daily average power generation of about 14 million degrees.

Relying on the "Energy Internet Platform" to build a medium energy-saving smart operation and maintenance system, develop energy Internet mode, build large data sharing, cooperate with linkage integration control, to achieve "本 –地 -" multi-level management model, power station operation and maintenance efficiency 50%, daily power generation increased by about 6%. Application Energy Internet Platform is accurate to ensure the effectiveness of enterprises and residents.