Shenzhen’s first batch of 10 "food growth" pilot schools

Shenzhen’s first batch of 10 "food growth" pilot schools

Original title: The first batch of 10 "food growth" pilot schools in our city on November 23, the award ceremony of Shenzhen Sports Pilot School was held in the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision, the Municipal Education Bureau, and the Municipal Health and Health and Health Participation. The event has been comprehensively summarized in the development of Youth Campus, and the first batch of plaques were issued for the first batch of birth in Shenzhen.

  As an advocate and initiator of the "food prevention" project of the country’s first young campus, the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration has conducted many explorations in systematically developing youth campus.

Under the joint efforts of the Market Supervision Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Health and Health Committee and the school, 2021 feeding projects have made great progress, including the establishment of 1 Shenzhen food standard system and curriculum system, preparing the birth standards 5, authoritative food education textbooks, 24 teaching PPT courseware and course video; successively entering more than 1,000 schools in the city, 40 practice activities, 40 practice activities, benefits more than 110,000 students At the same time, a team of more than 400 volunteer lecturers and more than 50 campuse lecturers were established through training; in 2021, Shenzhen’s "food education" project was awarded the 18th Shenzhen Caring Action "Ten The honor of the Creative Project, has achieved good social response.

  At the end of the event, it was held for the "Fulong Primary School, Fuqiang Primary School, Sungang Primary School, etc., held the school’s card" food growth "pilot school.

The pilot school will actively participate in the "food prevention" theme class, practice activities, teacher training, etc. in the next year, play the role of radiation to protect the healthy growth of the children. In the next stage, Shenzhen will continue to promote the "food prevention" project of the campus to the depth development, expand the formation of food science and publicity and education brands that form food safety, eating habits, nutrition and health, food culture, etc., to improve the city’s children’s youth Food safety nutrition health knowledge level and comprehensive literacy, comprehensively enhance the coverage and influence of Shenzhen ‘s "food growth". Shenzhen’s first "food education" pilot school list Fu Qiang primary school bamboo shoot primary school Yantian District Foreign Language Patency Nanshan Experiment Education Group Nanta Primary School Anle Primary School Yucheng Foreign Language Primary School Know Experimental Primary School Pingshan District Jingyuan Foreign Language School Shenzhen Guangming District Experimental School Peng Zhongxin Primary School (Reporter Yi Dong correspondent Shijievi) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhuang) Sharing makes more people to see.