Serving Shanxi Transitional Development Taiyuan University of Technology and Luliang City strengthens cooperation

Serving Shanxi Transitional Development Taiyuan University of Technology and Luliang City strengthens cooperation

  Original title: Serving Shanxi Transition Development Taiyuan University of Technology and Luliang City strengthens cooperation on January 18th, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology news, the school has signed the school market strategic cooperation agreement, in the next ten years, Lu Liang City will pass a variety of ways It is not less than 100 million yuan per year, which is used in Taiyuan University of Technology combined with the scientific and technological innovation and talent training cooperation projects carried out in the major needs of Luliang.

  Taiyuan University of Science and Technology has a deep partnership with Luliang City. All relevant colleges, disciplines and Luliang City have been closely cooperative. In order to further integrate resources, strengthen the stability and continuity of cooperation, the two sides have repeatedly in-depth Communication, forming all-round, high-level strategic cooperation between the two sides of the school.

According to the agreement, the two sides will integrate resources, build platforms, and focus on "six new" breakthroughs. Fully build a first-class innovative ecology, jointly promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, realize the improvement of enterprise research and development, promote innovative platform construction and industrial commonality R & D, strengthen the construction of talent team and the construction of the wiskin, and work together to promote the development of Luliang high-quality high-speed transformation and Taiyuan University of Science and Technology "double-first-class" construction, to serve the new vitality and vitality of Shanxi transformation and development. On the Signation Day, the Luliang Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiyuan University of Technology was unveiled. The research institute will serve as the basic platform of the two parties of the school, implement the "1 + N" operating mechanism of several special cooperation platforms, which is responsible for the implementation of the relevant matters to implement both parties to cooperate, and further promotion of resources and demand. Seamless docking between schools, to promote the superior cooperation between the school’s strengths and the enterprises and institutions, local governments, etc.

  It is understood that in recent years, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology has always used the transformation of Shanxi industry as an fundamental task, tightly "help school ‘double-first-class’ construction, service local economy transformation" two main lines, active and provincial state-owned enterprises, private enterprises A series of docking activities, and reach a consensus on the school-enterprise cooperation, "Research Institute + Pilot Project" model is reached, and actively play the bridge and linkage.

Especially since August 20020, the school has signed cooperation agreements with 10 provincial state-owned enterprises, 4 military and engineer companies and people from the military enterprises, 6 private enterprises, etc., in energy development, coal mine intelligent equipment, new materials, Big data, etc., research and development cooperation, the top leading technical problems are currently the most urgent need, with a number of county-level government agencies, 17 enterprises, and 9 universities inside and outside the province, further expand cooperation The field and platform, all – round service Shanxi transformation development. (Reporter Zhang Xiaoli correspondent Ding Wenting).