Under "Double Reduction", Erdos City is multi-measures to enhance the quality of classroom teaching – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Under "Double Reduction", Erdos City is multi-measures to enhance the quality of classroom teaching – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

Source: Xinhuanet "Double Reduction" policy is implemented, and the classroom teaching has put forward higher requirements to the classroom 40 minutes to quality.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Erdos City positively responded, demanding that various primary and secondary schools pushed the "double reduction" work, and more research in the improvement and efficiency of classroom teaching, and strengthen quality education through the introduction of Chinese and teach digital courses. Resource system construction.

In 2020, the Ministry of Education was rated as a national "teaching reform, the new teaching and learning model" of teaching reform, integration information technology.

  In April 2021, in order to further improve the quality of classroom teaching, improve the teaching of teachers’ information teaching, and Erdos City launched a pilot work of digital textbooks in the city, and launched a solid foundation for promoting "double mining" work. Red Qinghe Primary School is a small village in the grassroots of Irkin Hollow, Ordos City. It is close to Ykinolo Aletenda, and most of the 134 students are old as left-behind, single-prince, reorganized family children, learning interest. Not strong; most of the school teachers are young teachers, teaching materials, teaching resources, and teaching links, design, and teaching links.

The students’ interest is not high and the teacher’s experience is less experience. In the process of carrying out digital textbooks, Hongqing River Primary School ushered in the opportunity of "corner overtaking". This year, Hongqing River Primary School was selected as a digital textbook application for digital textbooks, in just months, the classroom teaching has changed significantly. With the help of the text, audio, video, animation and other resources in the textbook platform in the teaching cloud, audio, video, animation and other resources, the way of guidance is rich, and the students’ interest in the classroom is concentrated, and the classroom learning is high. It is understood that the application of digital textbooks scientifically increases the classroom capacity, and the students completed the knowledge in the classroom, and the courses outside the classroom will naturally fall, and the reduction is reduced.

  Under the "double minus" policy, the classroom teaching method has changed, and teachers need more support for teaching and research. The Erdos Education is actively active, relying on the Chinese teaching cloud digital curriculum textbook cloud platform to continue to teach the teaching system, and there is a "new road" that accelerates new teaching teaching and research. Starting in 2020, Erdos has vigorously promoted the "three classroom" work, forming an expert team, with excellent case sharing, special research and practice, foreign exchange, etc., to evaluate research, high frequency, high-quality development teaching teaching and research activities, continue Play a typical teacher, a demonstration, leading, driving role of typical cases.

  In May of this year, the Erdos Electrochemical Education Hall organized the "Sino-Teaching Cloud Cup" excellent case selection activities, and synchronized the application training activities of the digital curriculum cloud platform application training activities. The two activities are held, allowing teachers to increase the initiative of information teaching, and feel the value of digital textbooks. In a month, the teacher used the number of teachings and cloud digital courses than 99% compared to the number of times before, and the number of resource views increased by 1800%; the number of preparations exceeded 200%.

It is understood that Erdos is planning to launch the "three hundred" plans – selection 100 quality incentives, select 100 excellent coaching people, build 100 famous workshops, and strive to achieve the promotion of teachers. After successfully organizing a case selection, Erdos also held online teaching and research activities, inviting teachers in excellent in excellent case selection activities to bring the same screen interactive live display class for the city; at the same time, with the assistance of the Chinese teaching cloud, Ordos City has conducted offline polishing activities based on digital courses, and 1-to-line grinding event, helping school and teachers explore new models, new strategies, new methods, and utilization of digital teaching. Digital course textbook cloud platform creates rich media teaching environment, design and designed a variety of teaching activities to create a quality demonstration. Zhao Yanjun, deputy director of the Erdos City, said that in recent years, Erdos has continually optimized the construction of the basic environment. On the basis of "Gigabit to school, 10G to the flag area", promote 10 governor to campus education urban network upgrade construction To provide support for teachers to provide support for information technology teaching, the further implementation of "double minus" is further implemented. In the future, Ordos City will continue to adhere to the "application driver, integration innovation" concept, implement the "double mining" policy, and put the national "teaching reform, the new teaching and learning model of teaching and integration information technology, the work helps push a new new The stairs, promoting the high quality balanced development of Erdos education. (Zhang ring).