Small grapes "string" sweet new life

Small grapes "string" sweet new life

  In the Golden Autumn Festival, Zhangjia, Yuejun Community, Yuel, Ordos City, Zhangjia, Xinde Community, Zhoujia brother picking the grapes, attracting many tourists to pick. I saw a box of grapes to sell a good price, my pockets were also drumped, Zhou Huahu and Zhou You Rong brothers have a happy smile.

This string of grapes is "shake money trees" on the road, and "string" has played their happy new life.

  Enter Zhangjia Dang Dang Community, two sides of the road, the green trees are shaded. Along the road, I came to Zhoujia Brothers Picking Park – Huaji Grape Picking Park. The fruit is growing in the vineyard, a row of green grapes neatly arranges, a string of crystal clear grapes hanging on the vine, the giant peak, rose, gold finger, no verbuminous grape variety, red, green, black It is very eye-catching and coveted.

Zhou Huahu is busy picking, sorting, selection, packaging, packing.

In the garden, there are still many tourists picking under the grape rack, and everyone has passed a grape icing. "I am the old customer of his family, the grapes of his house are delicious.

I heard that the grapes were familiar, I came over to buy some to taste the family.

Just tasted, frustrated and delicious, sweet and delicious, and rose fragrance, good taste. "Ms. Guo said.

  Speaking of grapes, Zhou Huahu’s wife Cao Haixiang told reporters, which has been benefited from the street introduction of grape planting projects. In 2001, the village has built a greenhouse in the village to plant vegetables. Later, in order to lead the folks to get rich, Friendship Street will issue 100 grape seedlings for each household farmers, since then, Zhou Huahu and your brother Zhou have a grape from planting vegetables.

Today, the vineyards of Zhoujia brothers have expanded more than 2,000 plants from 200 plants. There are 8 greenhouses of greenhouses, planting varieties, 2000 kg per green, 30 yuan per kilogram, each greenhouse pure income Can reach 40,000 yuan. "Since I have a grape, my life is guaranteed, and our days are better than one day, which is much better than working.

"Looking at the fruits of the string of the string of granules, Zhoujia brothers like a heart. With the vineyard, Zhou Jia brothers turned from a wage ear to" new farmers ". At first, facing a blank grape cultivation technology, brothers The two can only explore advance in learning and practice. From planting to cultivation, from management to technology, from varieties to find the market, in addition to the guidance of agricultural technicians, there is also the brothers.

"In the grape planting, management is very important. From blossoming to the results, the lottery composer is the most critical.

During this period, fertilizer and pests and disease prevention are important. The newly cultivated rose in the green shed, the giant peak, the non-nuclear white high-quality grape is the breeding variety, the newly cultivated grapes can be hanging three years, and most of the 1,000 grapes cultivated this year have been hanging fruit. Zhou Youlong talked about planting experience, introduced to the reporter, "We plant green ecological grapes, use the greenhouse to cultivate, through rolling and alleviation, etc., increase the grape quality, increase grapes. These years, I have been cultivated from the selection of grapes in the selection of grapes.

"Today, a string of grapes make Zhou Huanhu, Zhou You Rong ended" Golden Food Bowl ".

The brothers’ vineyards not only attract visitors to visit, taste, experience pick, but also achieve the transformation and upgrading of the vineyard from sightseeing to experience tour, so that the grape economy has lived a rural economy and also drives the revitalization of the country. (Reporter Wang Yucai correspondent Zhang Xianli) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.