The Han Dynasty has recorded that it has achieved the "God of Fairy" in Sichuan people in winter.

The Han Dynasty has recorded that it has achieved the "God of Fairy" in Sichuan people in winter.

Original title: The Han Dynasty has recorded that it has achieved the "God of Fairy" in Sichuan people in winter, and our holiday, oral folk "winter", the cold wave is coming. Even if you hang a bright sun, I also feel a cold wind to get into the clothes. Winter has been so causing to defend.

However, it is more likely to take a down jacket, and the Sichuan people still want to stay.

At this time, the mutton soup pot of warm heart will be warm and the stomach is pleased.

  On the day of the winter solstice, in a circle of dumplings, Jianyang Mutton Soup appeared. In fact, the winter of the Sichuanese is almost all from a bowl of mutton soup. No matter if you have arrived in Jane, you can eat "Jane Mutton Soup" around Sichuan. This is obviously the name of a local cuisine, but is referenced by most mutton soup stores in Sichuan Province to "Golden Version Signboard".

It is light, but the "kill" from the winter soup pot, let Sichuan people have less in the road to eat hot pot: Do you want to eat Jane Mutton Soup? Even in Beijing in the mutton, I can have a place in it, enough to see its delicious level.

Unlike the bottom of the mutton, the soup of Jane Mutton Soup is as good as a milk, picking a bowl, plus green onion, a bite, a warmth is instantaneous from the stomach to the whole body, even finger tip I feel stretched.

Jane’s soup is one of the features of the feature.

  The so-called "fresh" is the taste of fish and lamb. In the practice of Jane Mutton Soup, these two to fresh taste are included.

The mutton in the soup is needed to use sheep oil, onion, ginger and stir-fry; hool bones, pig bones need to wash soaked, remove blood; the squid in the pot needs to "run" once in the oil pan, then put into soup So stewed, so that it is a thick cream.

Guests have come out from the large pot, and the table is separated on the small casserole.

  The mutton of the entrance is delicate, and the coil is strong, each has a thousand autumn. But if you say that you eat lamb, the most essential is still the bowl. Salt, pepper, parsley, white corrosion, if the taste is heavy, you can also add Xiaomi.

Eat tired of Qing Dynasty lamb, you can also come to a little spicy solution.

Hot and spicy flavors, keep the warmth of the mutton soup keep longer. Drinking the original soup, eating a water lamb, is the "winter fairy moment" of the Sichuan people.

  The reason why mutton soup is so popular, and there is a reason, it and all vegetables can be matched.

As a soup pot with a winter gourmet "soul" pea tip, the mutton soup is already a big step in the hot pot.

The peas is sharp, the radish is fat and beautiful. No matter which vegetables, it has made a good aftertaste.

  Human mutton edible history can be traced back to the pre-Qin period.

"Say the words" record, "Beauty, Gan also, from the sheep from the big."

"The custom of Jieyang eats mutton, has recorded from the Han Dynasty.

"Jane Zhi Zhi" mentioned "household chicken, ten miles to heard sheep."

In 2016, Jianyang Mutton Soup officially entered the fifth batch of municipal-level non-legacy projects in Chengdu. It can be seen that in addition to the delicious taste, Jianyang mutton soup has carried out the winter customs and memories of Sichuan people. (Cover Journalist Liu Kexin) (Editor: Gao Hongxia, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing let more people see.