Read the future of Hangzhou urban and rural construction in the data

Read the future of Hangzhou urban and rural construction in the data

  Hangzhou urban and rural construction has entered a new stage. On September 23, the reporter learned from the "14th Five-Year Plan" Press Conference in Hangzhou Urban and Rural Construction. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou will build infrastructure, urban organic update, reshaping features, energy saving and consumption consumption, The modern transformation, "new urban construction" and the reform and innovation are the focus, and the level of urban and rural construction will be further improved. The urban comprehensive bearing capacity is further improved, and the urban quality is further improved. The urban governance level is further improved. A series of data will outline the future of Hangzhou urban function optimization in the next five years. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou will build 650 kilometers from the new road, to "145", the fast road network is 555 kilometers. The Ten City District will add 400,000 berths, basically realize the parking space; the level of water supply facilities meet the domestic advanced level, the basic construction of advanced and efficient urban sewage governance systems; forming "vertical layering, horizontally, longitudinal integration "The international high level of underground city, the per capita area of ??the underground space is not less than 10 square meters, and the country-to-earth stereo development demonstration zone.

  The urban and rural hungry environment will also be further improved, so that the people ‘s sense of gain is more happy.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Hangzhou will completed the renovation of the old community renovation tasks before the end of 2000, and transformed 900 old communities, and strive to achieve existing transition households in 2024. In addition, Hangzhou will also complete all the remediation of river in the city during this period. To 2025, the city’s urban construction area has reached km / square kilometers, more than 80% of the city’s construction area for 5 minutes to reach green. Tao network.

  Not only that, in the construction of urban and rural integration development, the pace of promoting rural residence will also accelerate.

  By 2025, Hangzhou will strive to build more than 80 beautiful town models, add 54 provincial-level beautiful and livable demonstration villages; to 2025, basic form a relatively complete rural sewage treatment facility layout system, ensuring the city’s rural life sewage Treatment Basic Realization Discharge, All Districts, County (City) Administrative Village Basically Realize Rural Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facilities Standardization Operation and Maintenance , Create a "overall beauty, Zhejiang temperament" Hangzhou model. "We will also focus on forming a complete ‘New Urban Construction’ Standard System and Policy System to reform Innovation to restrict high-quality development, high-efficiency can govern, high-quality institutional mechanism barriers, and promote urban development and construction management effective transformation and upgrading.

The person in charge of the Municipal Construction Committee said that he will create a high-quality development of the urban construction model of the city model of the city’s urban example. In this century, the unique charm of the global influence in this century is a unique charm of the world.

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