Qinzhou Prison: "Four Trouble" promotes party history learning education

Qinzhou Prison: "Four Trouble" promotes party history learning education

Relive into the party oath ceremony.

Qinzhou prison is mapped to "red video" and add political literacy.

Actively expand the means of education, with the help of "learning power" platform "Party history" column to study party history "micro-class" learning, in WeChat group, the internal network column push "party history story" "red map" "literature documentary" and other red Classic movie audio, strive to make the whole staff to cover, ensure the online learning effect, point, line, and face to stimulate education vitality, from the source to cultivate love party patriotism party history, promote the party history education. Tell the deeds, release the charm of the party. Give full play to the poset of youth party members, innovate learning models, carry out the "Party Shi Shu", "Party Shu", "Party History", and uses the work of the work, there is always the same time, and there is a small story, and share the sense of knowledge. Carefully recorded video micro-lecture column "Xiao Qin said" "Xiao Qin said" and combined with the advanced character of the anti-"epidemic", and explored the spirit of the Communist Party for the spirit of selflessness and fearlessness, broaden the party history education Textbooks, stimulate the enthusiasm of the police staff.

Learn to learn, set off a tide of learning.

Promote "Online + Line" "Inheritance + Innovation" "Match + Battle" learning normalization Read ", pay attention to exchange discussions, sublimate theoretical learning to the ideological collision. Establish a online small program platform to carry out the "100-year-old party history", so that the knowledge of the party history is everywhere, truly integrate the police employee life. Hosting the party history knowledge theory competition competition, party history learning should be tested, etc., and constantly enhance party history. Encourage police employees to write experiences and participate in the party history "learning, ratio, fight" submission to further consolidate the learning effect of party history. (李育)) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Huang Yumi).