Seriously study and implement the Central Economic Work Conference Spirit BR to create a safe and stable environment for the party’s 20th victory

Seriously study and implement the Central Economic Work Conference Spirit BR to create a safe and stable environment for the party’s 20th victory

Zhao Kezhi emphasized serious study of the 20th Victory of the Central Economic Work Conference for the Party’s 20th Victory to Create a Safety and Stable Environment Wang Xiaoyang hosted the party’s 20th victory of the Party’s 20th Victory to create safety and stable environments Wang Xiaoyang hosted the meeting and speaking: 2021- 12-1314: 05 Monday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Rule of Law Network Rule of Law Daily Many media reporters Dong Fan Super Public Security Department Party Committee and theoretical Learning Center Group Learning (Expansion) Conference held on December 11th, seriously conveyed the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference , Research and implementation of opinions. State Councilors, Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi attended the meeting and speaking. He emphasized that he must carefully study the important speech and conference spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the Central Economic Work Conference, enhance the "four awareness", strengthen "four confidence", and do two maintenance, and continuously improve political judgment , Political understanding, political implementation, and putting the 20th National Victory of the Party to create a safe and stable political social environment as the theme main line of the next year’s public security work, tight the theme main line, focus on the main business, from strict from fine It is good to prevent risk, safe, stable, and promote development of various work, and meet the party’s 20 victories in excellent results. Wang Xiaoyang, secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security, presided over the meeting and speaking.

The meeting pointed out that the successful Central Economic Work Conference was a important meeting of the Central Committee of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party. General Secretary Xi Jinping published an important speech at the meeting, profoundly summed up economic work in 2021, in-depth analysis of current economic situation, made major deployments for economic work in 2022, high political, ideological, strategic, forward-looking, guiding, For us, we will do a good next year’s economic work, and meet the party’s 20th Victory, which has indicated the forward direction and provides fundamental follows.

Li Keqiang made a specific deployment of next year’s economic work in his speech. We must conscientiously study, resolutely implement, unify thoughts and actions to the major achievements and accumulation of major achievements and accumulation of economic work this year, unified to persistence and steady, unified, high From the quality development topics, unified to coordinate development and safety, unifying the correct understanding and grasp of five major theories and practical issues, unifying and improving the party’s leadership of economic work, serious research and implementation Measures, effectively put the party’s major decision-making deployment to practice. As the core of the Party Central Committee, General Secretary Xi Jinping as the core of the Party Central Committee, the core leader of the whole party, there is Xi Jinping’s new era Chinese characteristic socialist ideological scientific guidelines, adhere to "two establishment", to achieve "two maintenance", we must defeat each The difficulties of difficulties, constantly written "two miracles" new chapters. The meeting requires that it is necessary to closely combine the practice of public security work, and have a solid implementation of the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference.

Adhere to the center, service overall situation, continue in accordance with the policy of stabilization, coordinate coordination, classification, and accurately bombing, actively cooperate with relevant departments to make risk resolution and maintenance of social stability.

Focus on promoting high quality development and service "six stable" "six guarantees" work, from law enforcement, management, service, etc. Idea initiative.

It is necessary to highlight the bottom line thinking, strengthen the research and warning, precision predictive risks of economic finance, and effectively prevent the risk of significant risks.

The overall promotion of various measures to control and control, the normalization of contradiction disputes, and promote the implementation of local management responsibility and source governance measures, and focus on solving all kinds of contradiction problems in the grassroots, resolved in the local area.

It is necessary to highlight the problem awareness, and earnestly do the current key task of Beijing Winter Olympics and "Two" Security and Treatment, conscientiously seek the working ideas of various departments, do work projects, project responsibility, and refinement of responsibility.

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