Rational management system innovation operation mechanism fully enhances the horizontal integrity diversity protection level

Rational management system innovation operation mechanism fully enhances the horizontal integrity diversity protection level

Original title: Ruraun management system innovation operation mechanism fully enhances the level of rapid integrity diversity protection levels from October 30th to 31st, Provincial Party Deputy Secretary, and Governor Huang Qiang went to the Giant Panda National Park Tangjia River Piece Area. He emphasized that we must understand in depth, resolutely implement General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the Important Speech at the Fifteenth Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Office of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, the Office of the State Council, "About further strengthening biodiversity The spirit of protection, conscientiously implement the Decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and Provincial Party Committee, with high political consciousness and strong mission, high-quality promotion of the construction of Giant Panda National Park, and actively construct the natural panda national park as the main body Protective land system, comprehensively enhance the principle, integrity, and diversity level. The Giant Panda National Park Tangjia River district is a global biodiversity protection hotspot area, known as "natural gene library". Huang Qiang walks to the field monitoring point of the red stone dam. It is seriously observed along the way to understand the wild plant habitat. Safeguards, listen to their opinions and suggestions for the construction of Giant Panda National Park, requiring strengthening giant pandas to cultivate, enhance localization supply level, doing a good job in forest pests and disease prevention, improving patrol bridges and other facilities. Quality and safety. In the White Xiong Ping Protector, Huang Qiang listened to the film area, protect the current situation, scientific research and education and protection station construction operation, etc. Give affirmation, encourage everyone to shoulder glorious mission, actively participate in the construction of giant panda national parks, and cultivate more people with international exchange and cooperation, continue to deepen international exchanges and cooperation.

He also went to the Tangjia River Natural Museum to understand the biological diversity resources and human history of the district.

  Huang Qiang emphasizes that it is necessary to learn from the advanced experience of domestic and foreign national park construction management, further strengthen the protection of giant panda wild population and its accompanying animal habitat, scientifically delineate various functional districts, and keep the development space. To seek truth from facts, classify disposal, and accelerate the promotion of small water and electricity in the park. Further rationalize management system, reduce hierarchical, implement flat management, break the "Kowloon Governing Water" situation, and effectively improve management efficiency.

It is necessary to strengthen the innovation of operational mechanisms, carry out activities such as natural education, natural recreation and ecological experience in the outside of the core protected area, establish an ecological protection performance assessment evaluation, income distribution incentives, etc., improve staff treatment, let "do good and bad The same ", effectively stimulate employee care, enhance the sense of gain, promote more talents, and take more results. It is necessary to promote the integration of parks and communities, build a win-win, facilitate the production and life of aboriginal people, and guide community residents to achieve income, develop featured in the original ecological industry to achieve income, promote people and natural harmonious development.

  Deputy Governor Cao Lijun, the Secretary-General of the Provincial Government, Hu Yun, the relevant departments of the relevant departments, etc. to participate in the survey.

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