The Turkish Parliament approved will be extended by the Tuja army stationed in Libya.

The Turkish Parliament approved will be extended by the Tuja army stationed in Libya.

Xinhua News Agency Ankara December 24 (Reporter Zheng Siyuan Best Ocean) Turkish Government issued an official report on the 24th that the Turkish National Parliament passed a motion on the 22nd, and approved will extend the Turkish army station of Libya to extend 18 months.

The bill that Libya has a threat to Turkey and the entire region. If it is turbulent again, the interests of Turkey in Mediterranean and North Africa will be affected.

Turkey will continue to provide military training and advisory support to Libya in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of the Security and Military Cooperation with the Libyan National Unity Government.

On January 2 this year, the Turkish Parliament voted through the proposal of Bienie.According to the proposal, the Deployment period of the Turkish army at Libya is one year.On 12 December, the Turkish presidential palace submitted to the Parliament, which plans to extend the Turkish army stationary period of Libya to 18 months.

Roundup: multi-national scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy to undermine global efforts to fight the epidemic

Roundup: multi-national scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy to undermine global efforts to fight the epidemic

  Xinhua News Agency Beijing May 31 review power: multi-national scholars believe that "laboratory leak" conspiracy to undermine global efforts to fight the epidemic Xinhua News Agency reporters recently, the US government, some of the media and a handful of experts together to set off a new round crown new virus "laboratory leak" speculation conspiracy theory, also claimed that the use of so-called intelligence forces to carry out his investigation of viral origin.

Multinational experts have said the new virus crown "lab leak," said a lack of evidence to support the need to find answers to the origin of the virus in a positive atmosphere, confrontational way will undermine the global efforts to fight the epidemic.

  "Wall Street Journal" recently quoted a report called "intelligence," said the Wuhan Institute of Virology three researchers in November 2019 seriously ill in hospital, "consistent with the new crown infection and symptoms common seasonal diseases."

According to this report clamoring for China to investigate. Professor Matthias Grau Park Lecht director of the University of Hamburg, Germany Natural History Center recently in an interview with local media, said that could not be verified, "Wall Street Journal" reports in the so-called "intelligence" is real, what content or evidence. Currently discussions are based on "hearsay." Grau Park Lecht said that this argument with the current findings contradict public. China – New research on the origin crown virus World Health Organization Joint Expert Group has learned that Wuhan Institute of Virology staff did not show any infection when in November 2019, they also found no new blood crown antibodies, indicating that these workers had not infected Virus.

  New research on the origin crown virus WHO international expert group, University of Sydney, Professor Dominic Dwyer told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation interview that the US intelligence agencies so far could not get any useful information.

Dwyer said that the US President Biden said that reports he received from intelligence agencies is contradictory, "in my opinion, which show that there is no clear evidence, otherwise in the end what happened at a glance." Jeremy Farrar, director of the British Wellcome Trust, said in a statement a few days ago, the answer to the new crown of viral origin and can only find a reliable scientific evidence, there have been too much speculation and no data or evidence to support the theory.

  Many scholars believe that the politicization of science will not help efforts to find out the real origin of the new virus crown, scientists from various countries will undermine cooperation on traceability research. Eco-American Health Alliance China and Southeast Asia science and policy adviser, an epidemiologist Hume Field, a written interview with Xinhua News Agency in an interview with reporters, said the politicization of science "will only arouse suspicion and mistrust, fundamentally undermine the fight against the new crown virus, a global effort to defeat this epidemic needed. " Executive Director of the WHO emergency health projects Michael Ryan a few days ago at a press conference he stressed that the current traceability throughout the process has been political poison, "the WHO put the current situation, we are trying to carry out scientific work is very unfair," "we demand that science and politics are separated (traceability in the study), so we need to find answers in the appropriate positive atmosphere."

  British "Nature" magazine website recently published report quoted the Scripps Research Institute virologist Christian Anderson’s words, there is no strong evidence to support the new crown virus "laboratory leak," he said he worried that "hostile "requires investigation of Wuhan Institute of Virology of behavior would be counterproductive, because it sounds like some kind of allegations. The article also quoted the US Center for Global Development think tank in global health expert Amanda Glassman as saying, "We need to consider the greater good, and allow us to focus on the above incentives toward the front line in the desired direction," "take confrontational way will only make things worse. " (Write Reporter: Zhang Ying; participation Reporter: Zhang Yirong, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Jiawei, Hao Yalin, Jingjing, Liu Song) (Editor: Liu Jie Yan, Liu Ye Ting) Share allow more people to see.

The 59th episode of the party history in the art works

The 59th episode of the party history in the art works

In order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, use the times with the era of the vocabulary, under the guidance of the Central Propaganda Department, Culture and Tourism Art Division, People’s Network, People’s Oriental Publishing Media Co., Ltd. jointly produced a hundred collection of short video programs History Times – Party History in Art Works. From "Shenghang" "New China Birth" to "Chunchao" "Boiling China", the program took more than 100 historical representative excellent artworks, using the beauty of the art, the spirit of the song.

Among them, this short video "blast" introduced is the same name oil painting work in Li Xiun, a famous artist. This work created in 1979, vividly shaped Deng Xiaoping’s image, reflecting his firm belief in the liberation of thought and ending ideological route.

Yin Shuangxi, a professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts: "The work depicts the poetic scene of ‘blasthant grass’, the spring of the wind, the spring, the face of Deng Xiaoping, the face image of the face, is checked very complete, black coat and Zhongshan forming a bright Contrast, reflects a concise, decisive leaders.


The State Post Bureau issued a document safeguarding the safety of the university’s admission notice

The State Post Bureau issued a document safeguarding the safety of the university’s admission notice

People’s Network Beijing July 9 (Reporter Yang Yupo) Recently, the State Post Bureau issued the "Notice on Doing a Good Job (Notification" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), requiring provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government The Postal Authority earnestly maintains the legitimate rights and interests of candidates, guarantee the safety, reliable delivery service of college admission notice, and do a good job in 2021 college admission notice delivery service.

"Notice" requires that the postal management department will guide the postal enterprise in accordance with the requirements of the "Notice of the National Post Office of the Ministry of Education on Further Doing the Notice of the 20020 Admission Notice", and strengthen the organization leadership and do a good job. Special deployment, standardize all aspects of all aspects such as receiving services, internal processing, delivery services and archival management, and ensure safe delivery, timely and accurate.

To combine local instance, it will strengthen the supervision and inspection of colleges and postal enterprises to post admission notice of colleges and colleges and postal enterprises, and found that the quality of delivery service is seriously processed according to law.

"Notice" emphasizes that the delivery service time of the university’s admission notice is long. The mass attention is high, and the postal management department at all levels should pay high attention. question. There is a major burst, and it is necessary to follow the supervisor issues in time to the education administrative department, and report to the upper level postal management department.

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Qiantang Town, Quanzhou County: "Drie gids" werkrecht bevordert de prestatiebeoordeling

Qiantang Town, Quanzhou County: "Drie gids" werkrecht bevordert de prestatiebeoordeling

In de afgelopen jaren is in Qiantang Town, Qitang Town, Quanzhou County, uitgebreid, multi-dimensionale prestatiemanagementbenadering, via de "drie-lead" -werkwijze, opgewonden, opgewonden, verbeterde effectiviteit, en bevordert wetenschappelijk, gestandaardiseerd en institutioneel prestatiebeoordeling.

Versterking van het leiderschap van de organisatie en het uitvoering van "stuurwiel". Verschillende partij- en overheidsteamvergaderingen, alle kadersconferenties, en op grote schaal verzorgde meningen van kaders en werknemers. Richten op het volledige jaar taak van werk, bepaal de prestatie-sleutelindicatoren van elke afdeling, volgens het "2021 Postverantwoordelijkheidssysteem in Pang Tang Town" om het doel taakniveau te ontbinden, de afdeling, post en het personeel, en zorg ervoor Er is een kwestie van hand op uw hand en uw schouder is verantwoordelijk. Focus op de praktijk, werk, op basis van werkprestaties, neem het volledige jaarprestatie-evaluatiesysteem op, gids kaders om de belangrijke rol van prestatiebeheer volledig te begrijpen, stevig vast te stellen een uitgebreid prestatie-bewustzijn, werkverantwoordelijkheidsbewustzijn. Let op de begeleiding van de excitatie, stappen op de prestaties "Oliepoorten".

Als een belangrijke starter die het werk bevordert, gecombineerd met de daadwerkelijke ontwikkeling van de "Tang Tang Town Performance Awards Administration Management Management Maatregelen", gericht op de taken van verschillende afdelingen, stelt u een gemeenschappelijke index- en individualiteitsindicatoren, gekwantificeerde evaluatiesystemen en rijk aan Beoordelingsdimensies.

Implementeer strikt het mechanisme "Two-Way Incentive", de geavanceerde beoordeling, een briefing of award; de beoordeling is achterlijk, en het interview of de kennisgeving wordt bekritiseerd.

Pas de resultaten van de beoordeling toe aan de selectie van mensen, evaluatie-evaluatie, onderwijs en training, om kaders aan te moedigen om het werk "comfortabele cirkel" te verbreken, door het "passieve werk" in "actief werk", in de stad gevormd meer dan leren Een goede sfeer.

Standaardiseer het toezicht en het toezicht, voer de prestaties "Acceleratie" uit.

Om de volledigheid van de inspectie- en inspectieresultaten te waarborgen, wordt het op lange termijn managementmechanisme van "Regelmatige beoordelingsinspectie + leiderschapsbeheersing + trendmanagementbureau Tracking Supervision" opgericht, aandacht besteed aan procesbeheer, houden zich aan de resultaten van de dagelijkse inspectie en inspectieresultaten en jaarlijkse doelmanagementprestatie-assessment combineren en modificeren volgens de resultaten van de supervisor-feedback, verhoog de prestatie-indicatoren, waardoor de prestatiebeoordeling meer gericht is.

Geef het volledige spel aan de rol van de beoordelingsbeoordeling, let op de evaluatie van de massa’s, hecht aan het probleemgerichte, bezoek de massa’s niet regelmatig, zal de samenvatting van de informatie-analyse van het interview als richting van het toezicht en de inspectie bezoeken en onderzoek, waardoor het toezicht en inspectie en examen werken belangrijke rimpelingen. (Zhao YAQI) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Huang Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Specialty small town control quantity quality (policy interpretation)

Specialty small town control quantity quality (policy interpretation)

  The National Development and Reform Commission, Natural Resources, Ecological Ministry, etc. In terms of the development of national specialty small towns, 13 specific indicators were proposed. "Guidelines" refinement presents the construction standards of specialty small towns, standardized management measures and the red line requirements of the bottom line, aimed to promote the development of specialty towns in the road to regulate healthy development.

The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Planning Division said.

  Blind development has been reversed Zhejiang Huzhou, Deqing Geographic Information Town Collection of about 400 industries top enterprises and scientific research institutions, focusing on satellite navigation, smart travel, etc. The industry is constantly agglomerated; Sichuan Chengdu, Wenjiang "Sanqi" research and development specialty town attracted 62 medical medical medical research and development projects … Construction. "Many boutique specialty small towns have become a new platform for new places of economic high quality development, new support for urbanization construction, urban and rural integration development.

According to the person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission, there are about 1,600 specializes in the provinces in the provinces. A total of approximately 4.4 million employment. However, in the process of construction and development, some areas have concept confusion, the connotation is unclear, leading the industry Weak and other problems. Shi Yulong, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the small town reform and development center, in recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission has continuously promoted the standardization of specialty small towns, proposes normative management measures to clean up false virtual "specialty town".

After correcting, the list of special small towns in various regions is initially established. At present, in 31 provinces, 19 provinces list less than 50 inventories, blind development phenomenon is reversed.

  The "Guide" clarifies a number of normative control requirements, generally adequate operational guidance, facilitating the consolidation of the results of cleanup corrections in the previous stage, and correctly guide the normative health development of specialty towns. Quantitative indicators clearly build the requirements "Guidelines", the specialty town is the emerging industrial layout form generated by the modern economy to a certain stage. It is a mini-industrial collection area of ??the planning land. Non-traditional industrial parks.

It should be insisted on less and fine, and the special direction is to establish the leading industry under the premise of the objective and actual basic conditions. feature.

  "The deviations and problems in the development of specialty small towns are mainly concentrated in two aspects. First, the space location, scope and layout are missing, and the second is the characteristics, qualitative and vitality of the industrial development, and the problem of industrial development. It is often closely related to the space problem. "Zhang Weiwen, a professor of the School of Public Administration, Zhejiang University. "Guide" mainly proposes 13 specific indicators from both aspects.

  There are mainly 5 indicators in space. That is, the size of the planned land area is not less than 1 square kilometers. There is no more than 5 square kilometers in the upper limit of planning land, and the construction land area in planning land is not less than 1/2 square kilometers, and the construction land is occupied. It is not more than 30% than in principle, and the control is controlled below 25%, and the green coverage is not less than 30%. There are main eight indicators in terms of quality. That is, the characteristic industry investment accounts for no less than 60% of the total investment. The construction of the construction land during construction is not less than 2 million yuan / mu, and the labor productivity is not less than 200,000 yuan. People, a single special small town absorbed the employment number of employment people in principle not less than 2,000 people, the construction of the tax payment is not less than 100,000 yuan / year, "three new" economic added value accounts for the proportion of total production value. Less than 20%, advanced manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, creative design, digital economy, etc. The investment intensity of the research and development funds is not less than%, and the number of cultural tourism specialty small towns receiving tourists is not less than 500,000. / Year .

  "Prospecting the land limit of the construction land land construction area in specialty small towns is the spatial basis for ensuring the industries, functions and morphology of specialty small town.

"Shi Yulong said that specializes in the miniature industry aggregation area, requires a certain construction site as a support.

The National Development and Reform Commission has shown that existing small towns, each construction area exceeds 1/2 square kilometers, and the average is about square kilometers.

  It is clear that the land limit of the construction land is also an important basis for cleaning up the false "characteristic small town". To develop, the false "specialty town" is mainly the monomer project and the administrative building town. Some places have named "specialty small towns", or named the administrative town of dozens of square kilometers. For "special small towns", they have deviated from the essence and core connotation of the specialty town. Strictly prevent real estateization tend to reflect, it is hoped that the national level is desirable to scale quantitative requirements for the proportion of residential land distribution in the construction land of the small town. Otherwise, all regions are unable to prevent the characteristics of real estateization in specialty small towns, and may have respective interpretation, standards First, the remains of the deformation. "The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Program.

  Indicators are scientific settings based on actual needs. Construction land in specialty small towns is mainly used in the development of the characteristic industry, and the residential land is mainly used to meet the needs of employment staff and occupational balance requirements.

The residential land occupation of most of the provinces in all provinces is less than 30%, and the total number of residential land occupied by the national towns in 2019 is about 38%, according to the maintenance of the native town of the town. The proportion is set to in principle no more than 30%, which is a relatively reasonable choice. "Specific small town does require a certain proportion of living space, but the proportion of residential land is too high, often crowded industrial space, affecting the superior elements of specialty small towns to attract agglomeration, carrying out the high-end industry and intensive efficient utilization space, and even leading to real estateization. The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Planning Division said that the "Guidelines" proposed the size limit of the construction land of the small town and the upper limit of the residential land proportion, which is an important measure to prevent the deformation of the specialty town. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Planning Division pointed out that 30% of the control value is the highest, not the average. Implementing the list management system According to the "Guidelines", the development of special small towns must strictly abide the bottom line of the compliance, strictly implement the permanent basic farmland, and the ecological protection red line, three control lines of urban development border; strictly guard the bottom line of the ecological and environmentally friendly, strictly prohibit illegal violations, It is strictly forbidden to dig the lake, destroy the natural ecology; strictly abide by the debt prevention and control bottom line, the county-level government statutory debt risk early warning area must not be treated by the government; Operation and maintenance process safety risk control system.

  Zhang Weiwen said that the implementation of unified management of specialty small towns is conducive to unified policies, regulating development, and prevents falling. "Guidelines" further clarifies that the small town will establish a full-life management mechanism, and there should be a list of special small towns in this province. In the case of less than $ 10,000 in the list, there is no more than 50 inventory of the provision of less than 10,000 US dollars, and it is encouraged to control within 30. The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission’s plan, said that the national development and reform committee will continue to guide its dynamic adjustment and survival of the storm; a few provinces with a large number of small towns have been established but specialized small towns have been established. Coordination guides it to reduce the quantity, improve the quality; urge the list of issued procedures to meet the approval procedures, and determine the list as soon as possible.

If you have not included in the list of special small towns in all provinces, all units must have a "special small town" or start construction. For the false "special small town", a simple real estate development such as the wrong-named town, a small real estate development and other projects, and the virtual "special small town" that stays on the paper and has not started construction. Governments at all levels must promote immediate distonyness and remove publicity content.

The total number of senior high school entrance examination has increased to 70 points on-site exam sets 22 options

The total number of senior high school entrance examination has increased to 70 points on-site exam sets 22 options

Original title: in the examination sports scores increased 70 points reporter Li Wei Niu Qi Yao-kun "Beijing compulsory physical education and health appraisal program" 9 officially released. According to the program, compulsory physical education and health, including the appraisal process of assessment and on-site examinations of two parts, score 70 points, included in the move out. The sub-grade transition program, and gradually open until full implementation.

Municipal Education Working Committee, the City Board of Education spokesman Li Yi said that the reform program through the whole process of compulsory education, emphasizing the eligibility, selection of weakening; strengthen the process, to encourage the taking part. Site examinations of 30 points Class 4 22 motion classification limit is selected with the previous test in the same sport, on-site examinations still faces ninth-grade students still score 30 points.

Examinations for the municipal examination, carried out by the organization in charge of the district.

Exam time is from April to May. The content of the examination have a greater adjustment to take selected classification limit the way, students have more options, including the quality of the project and athletic ability project, a total of four categories of 22 set content of the examination, each candidate for each type of test a total test 4.

  The first class quality of the project as a compulsory item 1, examine students’ endurance, the contents of 1,000-meter run (male), 800 m run (female), accounting for 8 minutes.

  The second category focuses on the quality of projects 2 power, terms of speed, agility, coordination, evaluation, including a pull-up (male), Xieshen chin (female), dips (male), sit-ups (female), solid ball 1 minute rope skipping, in-situ Mogao vertical jump, standing long jump, an optionally candidates, accounting for 8 minutes.

  The third category focuses on exercise capacity 1 project or confrontational collective projects, in addition to the original "three ball" Football, basketball, volleyball, the new "two small ball" table tennis, badminton, optionally, a candidate, accounting for 8 point. The fourth category 2 focuses on exercise capacity personal items, including a combination of gymnastics parallel bars I (male), a combination of gymnastics parallel bars II (female), gymnastics skill set I (male), a combination of gymnastic skills II (female), fitness set of Chang Quan, fitness Nanquan routines 100 meters swimming, optionally an examinee, accounting for 6 minutes.

  "Students are able to select as to compare his own good, interesting projects, greatly increasing the chance to get better, to get out of.

"Li Yi said that the program reflects the students’ interests and respect for the right to choose autonomy, moderate classification and combinations can guide students to get collective cooperation against competition, more complete sports accomplishment of personal skills," we will be according to the specific program the implementation of dynamic research, adjustment, and constantly improve the set up of the project, to achieve a scientific and rational state.

"Process Assessment accounted for 40 points physical education and health appraisal program to test the first new sports and health knowledge increases announced process of evaluation. Evaluation subjects from the original junior high school students adjust to the fourth grade, six, eight students.

In primary and secondary schools for all students to carry out an annual basis National Student Fitness test, based on the grades four, six, eight junior high school test results are included in the test score.

  Assessment process includes assessment student’s health, physical education and health knowledge examination in two parts. Among them, physical health assessment is currently running for many years "National Student Physical Health Standard (Revised 2014)" test, including body mass index, vital capacity, 50 meters to run, sit and reach, one minute skipping 1 minute sit-ups, not students have specific segment of individual indicators and weights by the district responsible for system testing, evaluation time of year four, six, eight first semester, each evaluation score of 10 points, a total of 30 points, good reach and more than you can get out. Sports and health knowledge open-book exam, by the district in accordance with the requirements of the city’s unified organization students to participate in computer-based testing and assessment time is the second semester of eighth grade, accounted for 10 points, the aim is to enable students to understand the necessary health and safety and sports knowledge. "Increasing the accumulation process of evaluation, reflecting the small convergence, urging students to exercise from an early age." Li Yi said, due to increase scores and increase the process of assessment weight, encourage students to actively participate, will be able to participate in the score.

  Now two days of middle school students still follow the original test program of sports and health appraisal program will be divided into transition year, and gradually open. 1, granted in September 2021 promoted to the eighth grade nine student, which is now the second year, third grade students still follow the original sports in the examination policy. 1, granted in September 2021 promoted to five, six, seventh grade students, which is now the fifth grade, sixth grade, first grade junior high school students, only participated in the eighth grade assessment process of a total of 20 points, ninth grade test site 30 minutes , total score of 50 points.

1, granted in September 2021 promoted to third and fourth grade students to participate in the sixth grade, eighth grade Assessment process, a total of 30 points; 30 points in ninth grade on-site examinations, a total score of 60 points.

1, granted in September 2021 promoted to first and second year students, participated in the fourth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade Assessment process, a total of 40 points; 30 points in ninth grade on-site examinations, a total score of 70 points.

  Li Yi said, for the protection, implementation and evaluation of sports reform health assessment, the city has been selected Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Mentougou, Daxing, Huairou District 7 as a pilot area, students start monitoring the amount of exercise daily. Pilot areas will form a team of experts to take on the daily amount of exercise intelligently student data analysis, to explore the development of scientific evaluation exercise, exercise intensity and so on.

After the pilot mature, the city will further explore the single physical health assessment and monitoring of daily physical activity combined, "if the child daily physical activity, heart rate and other indicators can reach a certain score, the integration into the process of evaluation, that is to say as long as the children every day all sports, and will be able to score. "In addition, the city will to colleges and universities to solve the problem of teachers, venues, study and formulate the scene examination standards and regulations, the process of assessment management practices, establish a sports and health knowledge repository, the construction process assessment management platform, detailed study of injuries, transfer, and other specific waiver approach to special circumstances, be considered in the comprehensive examination rules, Fufen standards.

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Rebuild the border of tourism! The 7th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Summit is open in Yixing

Rebuild the border of tourism! The 7th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Summit is open in Yixing

Modern Quick News, November 13th, from the news network, the Yangtze River Delta Investment Development Forum, the Yangtze River Delta Economic and Strong Research Association The Long Triangle Slow Life Tourism Summit and the 5th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Destination Federation Summit opened in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province.

It is understood that the Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Summit has been organized in 2012, which has played a positive role in promoting the healthy development of the long-term slow life tourism industry. Under the past, this summit is in the heart of how to promote high-quality leisure model and tourism, and the future development of this summit is a core issue of leisure and rebuilding tourism. Guide and promote the healthy development of the Yangtze River Tourism.

Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the honorary chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Literature Art Circuit, Gu Hao, Jiangsu Province Yixing Cultural and Sports Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau Party Secretary, Director Jiang Dong, Tourism Experts Xiao Qihui, Yongfu, Zhou Kai, Xu Li Xin, Zhu Yuewu, also Huang Xiaobai, Kejiang, Liuyin and other cultural circles, famous people, and publicity, tourism from the Yangtze River The unit representative, the media reporter participated in this summit. After the era of epidemic, high-quality leisure vacation ushered in the deputy editor of the news network. The famous financial writer Hu Hongwei said in the speech that the Changda City group is an important engine for China’s economic and social development. It is the leading development zone of the Yangtze River economic band. .

In recent years, the modern tourism industry in the Yangtze River Delta region has also been rapidly developed, and it has become an important carrier that drives local economy, and disseminating the influence of urban brands and reputation.

The relevant data shows that in the Yangtze River Delta area known as the Chinese tourism gold triangle, the total number of tourists in the territory has exceeded 2 billion people reception. In the era of postpartum, the leisure resort industry ushered in the air. In this large environment, we need to think and practice how to adapt to new normal, pay attention to new business, and explore new paths.

This is the core meaning of this summit.

Hu Hongwei said in an interview with a reporter.

The relevant participating experts also attached to the consultation, in recent years, with the improvement of the living standards of urban and rural residents, high-quality leisure holidays are increasingly popular.

It can be said that the era of leisure tourism has been officially arrived.

Especially in the post-epidemic era, the micro-holiday tourism representing urban leisure and rural holiday is developing rapidly, shorter, shorter travel, has become a phenomenon of consumption.

So, how to create a higher quality leisure tourist attractions and resorts, make your stay more tentacles? How to create a short, short-distance micro-holiday tour as a new type of tourism model, making it the first choice for the public to enjoy the tourism time? Around these problems, the participating experts have conducted in-depth discussion.

At this summit site, the famous rural tourism expert Dry Yongfu, senior tourism planning, marketing expert Xu Li Xin, famous tourist expert Xiao Sihui separately on rural holiday – leading the long-term slow life, and build high-frequency consumption tourism destination, slow life The topic of the analog interpretation published a keynote speech.

The famous tourist expert Xiao Qihui pointed out that people’s travel methods are quietly changing: traditional tourism activities such as accommodation, catering, scenic spots are subversion in slow life.

Senior tourism planning, marketing experts Xu Li Xin also said that tourism is transforming from the era of tourism. He believes that the ultimate goal of tourism is to return to a kind of cozy life, therefore to combine product characteristics, simply integrate science and technology, art, etc., create people’s travel destination.

Country holiday is gradually become the main way of slow life in the Yangtze River Delta, and the accommodation has become a new pet and leading rural holiday. In the famous rural tourist expert, Yongfu is in the eyes of leisurely, it is mainly through healthy and cultural and cultural, reaching the purpose of rest, relaxation, and entertainment, and rural holiday is just in line with this character. Dry Yongfu pointed out that the new situation in the triangulation of the triangulation is accelerating, which is an excellent opportunity for the development of the countryside. He proposed it at the meeting that the Yangtze River Delta region should comprehensively link the top ten village resorts of the Yangtze River Triangulation, and fully start the first-class long-term village holiday slow life tourism region international brand, got unanimous agreement and positive response to participants.

Committed to build a city, Yixing Tao-style life Growth Triangle Hot This Summit is held in Yixing City, which is a year-on-year-old landscape.

Yixing East is connected to Taihu, south to Zhejiang Changxian County, west of Yangshi City, Jiangsu, Guangde City, Anhui Province, is known as the central garden of Shanghai-Nanjing-Hangzhou.

Experts said that Yixing has an outstanding landscape endowment and convenient traffic conditions, and unique Yixing pottery life is becoming a hot choice for the current long triangle leisure tourism and integrity.

Wen Xiufang, deputy mayor of the Yixing Municipal People’s Government, introduced the speech, Yixing has the reputation of Yangyishan Shujia Jiangnan, 48 kilometers of Taihu Shoreline and Yidan Mountainous Area, a constant bamboo sea, tea, constitutes Yixing cannot be copied ecology Endowment makes Yixing become one of Jiangsu 2 ecological protection leading area, and is the first sector in Wuxi successfully created the national tourism demonstration zone.

In recent years, Yixing has continued to explore slow-life travel, leisure tourism new formats, and strive to create a higher quality leisure tourist attractions and resorts.

The construction of a group of leading tourism projects such as Yada Yang Xixi Mountain, Kiln Lake Town, Daxie Flower Bay is the best proof of leisure tourism in Yixing big knife. Wen Xiufang said that the opportunity to hold by this summit will adhere to the guidance of high quality development, vigorously promote cultural tourism construction, and integrate the growth of the Yangtze River Triangulation with a more active mentality. Summit scene, Yixing City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau Party Secretary, Director Jiang Ganda promoted local literature.

As of now, in Yixing City has a national tourist resort, 8 4A-level scenic spots, more than 200 star rural tourism points, boutique people Xingro chess; International Ceramic Culture and Art Festival, International Vegetarian Culture Festival, China Taihu Kite Festival, National Taihu Kite Festival Successful activities such as the Power Surf Tournament, which add passion and vitality for Yixing.

According to reports, Yixing’s historical human resources is very rich, and the legendary "Liang Zhu" of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage originated from Yixing.

The event site, Yixing Xi Si Art Inheritance Development Center Youth Actor Han Zhiliang, Yang Lifang, cooperated, "Liang Zhu · Law Bridge worshiped", and the smart voice shocked the audience, so that the guests have deeply feel the infinite charm of the tin drama.

The Best of the Yangtze River Triangle, the list of the selection list announced the deputy editor of the news network, and the famous financial writer Hu Hongwei introduced the reporter, and the leisure tourism and the general tourism tourism tourism, more strong comfort and experience. In order to comply with the physical and mental needs of modern urban people, in recent years, through the Internet, big data, intelligent and other information technology, continuous improvement of service management and marketing levels, and build higher quality long-distance tourism purposes. land.

It is worth mentioning that this summit has carried out the best selection activities of the best long travel destination in the Yangtze River Triangle.

On the day of the event, the organizers released the best travel city in the Yangtze River Delta, the best travel resort in the Yangtze River Triangle, the best of the Yangtze River Triangle, the best travel hood and the Yangtze River Triangle A total of 38 units award in the Yangtze River Delta region.

Among them, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Lin’an District, Jiangsu Province, Lin’an District, etc. Yangyu Ecological Tourism Resort, Zhejiang Yiwu Fallock Tourist Resort, Jiangsu Province Fengcheng River Scenic Area, Zhejiang Huzhou Wu Xingsishan Tourism Resort, etc. Honor Award; Zhouzhuang Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Bahua Town, Jiangsu Province, Si Mingshan Town, Zhejiang Province, Huangqiao Town, Jiangsu Province, Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province, the best旅游 小 小; Zhejiang Hangzhou Village Hemrover · Everyone College, Nanjing Honeycomb Hotel, Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, Anhui Province, Anhui Province, Zhejiang Province Best Length Travel Breakfast Hotel Honor. (Xuxing examined) related recommendations.

Solve the difficulty of traveling into the road, four priority to promote traffic poverty alleviation

Solve the difficulty of traveling into the road, four priority to promote traffic poverty alleviation

People’s Network Beijing December 22 (Wang Zi) 22nd, the State Council Information Office issued the "sustainable development of China’s traffic" white paper, while holding a press conference, introducing and interpret the main content of white paper. Liu Xiaoming, deputy director of the Ministry of Transport, said that the Ministry of Transport adheres to four priorities, poverty alleviation project priority, poverty alleviation fund priority, poverty alleviation work priority, poverty alleviation measures are prioritized, and the traffic poverty alleviation is promoted with super conventional initiatives.

Liu Xiaoming pointed out that the Ministry of Transport has arranged more than 10 million funds for car purchase tax, supporting road construction in poverty-stricken areas, driving the investment in the whole society, more than 10,000, new funds, new projects, new initiatives, Tilting to the deep poverty-stricken area such as "three districts three". During the "13th Five-Year Plan", a total of 247.6 billion yuan of car purchase tax was arranged, supporting the traffic construction of "three districts and three states", accounting for 30% of the same period of transportation, this is a joint effort, the poverty area "Foreign Inline, Tongcun Hui Township, Bus to Village, Safe and Convenient" is basically formed.

One is to solve the difficulty of travel.

Newly rebuilt rural roads, including 1.1 million kilometers in poor areas. The total mileage of rural roads reached 10,000 kilometers. The poverty-stricken areas have added 10,000 build villages to harden the road, achieving all of the towns and towns and construction villages.

The second is to open a large artery. The county in the poverty-stricken area basically realized the coverage of the second and above, many of the poor counties have also communicated the high-speed roads and the high-level inland channel network of the dry support. Some places have also passed the railway. There is an airport. The third is to turn the microcirculation. Realized the conditional township, all passenger cars, the postal, rural logistics service guarantees, and the network is constantly improving.

The fourth is to get rich road. The traffic has led the characteristics of the industry, and the special small town is flourishing. It has formed "Traffic + Characteristic Agriculture + E-Commerce", "Traffic + Culture + Tourism", "Transportation + Employment + Public Welfare Post" model, of course, there are some other The new model increases hematopoietic function in poverty-stricken areas.

Various "Waste" is "warm" China’s energy-saving green guaranteed horsepower

Various "Waste" is "warm" China’s energy-saving green guaranteed horsepower

[] Do not burn coal, do not boil, do not burn, sewage, and domestic garbage can also change "waste". In Shandong Jinmao Bay Community, such a story is staged. Take the island sewage treatment plant from this kilometer, the process-processed medium water is delivered to the new energy center of China and energy saving Sea Blue Shanyuan, after the water source heat pump host, extract heat in the medium water, and then transferred to the residents of the community.

  As a central enterprise with energy-saving and environmentally friendly, China Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Energy Saving") is fully committed to picking up green energy.

Using water source heat pump technology, the heat in the river, the river, and the seawater is the heating of residents; using the recycling branches, straw abandonment to combustion power generation, the heat generated is the heating of residents; the garbage is burned, producing green electricity, High-temperature high pressure steam will be produced instead of coal-fired small boilers for industrial enterprises. Since October, China’s energy-saving horsepower has been opened, dosing and dosing, with a supply capacity of more than 23,500,000 square meters, a year-on-year growth of more than 2.4 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase. Qixia is the main origin of Yantai Apple. Every year, there will be a large number of apple branches that have been trimmed. It is unable to dispose of the biomass power generation project. It is acquired from the farmers in the hands of the farmer. It is used to combustive power generation, and then extract steam pressurization. Send it into the urban pipe network to heat it for the public.

Its subordinate biomass power generation project is responsible for the heating task of the main city of Qixia City. The current heating area is about 10,000 square meters. The number of heating houses is 10,000 households, which increases 10,000 square meters in the same period last year, and increases the number of households 516. Behind this is the high-efficiency conversion of the central enterprise focused on the renewable energy to save energy. Since this year, China’s energy saving has accumulated a cumulative heating area of ??19.38 million in regional energy supply. The total amount of hot heat in this winter is expected to reach 5.58 million o’clock, and the year-on-year energy saving rate exceeds 30%.

  Not just heating, high-temperature high-pressure steam produced by waste incineration power generation can also replace coal-fired boilers for use in industrial enterprises. China’s energy-saving surrounding Solid Waste Ecological Circulating Industry Park covers eight processing systems such as garbage power generation, kitchen, heating, and sludge, and handling the waste heat generated by domestic garbage in the guarantee of the units of the park, for 81 plate materials Enterprises, 2 heating hot water enterprises, replacing more than 130 plate companies coal-fired boiler, which can save more than 40,000 tons of coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of more than 70,000 tons.

  Data show that since the preservation, China’s energy-saving belongs have accumulated metrophotometrical measures to ensure a positive contribution to the basic life of the masses. While heating, gas supply, China’s energy saving increases green electricity supply. On November 2nd, China’s energy-saving site was successfully grid-connected. On November 15th, China’s energy-saving, Changle County, Changle County, China’s life, garbage, power generation project, successfully realized the first grid power generation … This year, China’s energy conservation Increasing 20 garbage incineration power generation projects, it is expected that there are 8 wind power projects at the end of this year to achieve full capacity grid, total 695MW.

  In order to ensure the safety and stable operation of the new shipping project, China’s energy conservation has passed the key to the "upgrading and efficiency of the help work", establishing the help mechanism of the designation of the designation point to help, the regional part of the region, through the "new and old project production value Templage ", set up specific ways such as" New Project Test Help Special Class ", so that the new shipping projects achieve smooth transition, improve equipment operation rate, and fully guarantee the unit to open, more distribution, accumulated power supply billion kWh , Increased year-on-year.

  Since the preservation, China’s energy-saving wind power, the total photovoltaic power generation has also reached a new peak, and only the average power generation of wind power has increased by 70% year-on-year.

The subordinate wind power area company is based on the situation of regional wind resources, and fully optimizes the work arrangements in time dimensions, and quickly carries out the maintenance of the power supply, quickly carrying out regular maintenance, technical transformation of power generation equipment, and strives to maintain a good operation in good operation. Wind Power Gansu Mav Mountain Second Wind Farm Project 4 months in advance to achieve full capacity grid power generation, which can transport green electricity for green electricity to the grid every year.

  The improvement of green energy supply side efficiency also depends on digital management. China’s energy-saving subdominal solar company has continuously improved the ability to clean energy by deepening intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation and upgrading, and has about 100 million degrees of power generation since October, with a daily average power generation of about 14 million degrees.

Relying on the "Energy Internet Platform" to build a medium energy-saving smart operation and maintenance system, develop energy Internet mode, build large data sharing, cooperate with linkage integration control, to achieve "本 –地 -" multi-level management model, power station operation and maintenance efficiency 50%, daily power generation increased by about 6%. Application Energy Internet Platform is accurate to ensure the effectiveness of enterprises and residents.